Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Life with Dakota and Lily

After Lily and I got home
in the wee wee hours
of the morning, she checked
out the house (I think she was
looking for Dakota).
This morning she was back to
herself. She has peed several times
today and I caught her drinking


Nurse from White Oaks Pet Clinic
in Fairview called to check on 
Lily today. Test results were not
in at that point and the doc was off
so he will call tomorrow.
But...I think he might have been
right and she had a small
virus cause giving her
the fluids she is herself today.

Yesterday she curled up on my
daughters end table, wanted to be
left alone and slept all day.

I think she might have been a little
depressed also.

At my brothers house she runs and 
plays. Other animals are there.
But at Amber's, she was in a 
lot smaller place and no animals.

This is her sleeping today after being
herself all day.

Love how she has the paw tucked
under the chin.

Melts your heart....don't it?

Now trying to take Dakota is another story...
he turns his head and will not
look at me!

He was happy when I picked him up
at mom's today. So excited to get home.
After the two weeks we have had 
I explained to these two that
we were home for a good while
and no more house sitting for awhile. 

My two fur babies enjoying
a night evening at home
laying near their mom..
who am I kidding, they don't 
care about that, they are near
each other.

Here again...he will not look 
at me!

But he will stick his tongue out
at me!

After this last house/kid sitting
deal Lily might not ever
jump in the bag again to

I was packing a few things and
she jumped in like she was
not being left behind. 


Dakota never gets fleas.
Summer before this last one
I found ONE on him 
during a bath.

This last month both fur babes
have had an issue. I think Dakota
got them and then Lily got them.
I treated both with a 30 day treatment.

We were done...
but then Lily got one at the vet yesterday
I think or it was a long lost egg hatched
out on her.
My daughter does not have pets
so I know it was not from there.
I have treated both of them again.
In hopes this does the job. 

Dakota had an upset tummy today.
He did not want to eat his dinner then
later I stepped in some 
up chuck, all clear like
flem. He has allergies and I 
have to give him Benadryl. 
With our life being in such an
up roar lately he has not been 
eating right. I give him can food, 
but for a filler I either put carrots,
peas or green beans in it....but
because at least once a week he 
would have an upset tummy I started
adding a tablespoon of pumpkin.
That stopped the tummy issues.
But he has not been getting that 
at mom's ...

Tomorrow that starts back. Lily even
gets some with her food. Read where
it helps with fur balls. 

Sometime ago I asked how you handled
Christmas trees with a kitten....
Well, reading up on it I found out
that you can put orange peels around
the bottom of the tree or even spray the 
tree with citrus oils. 
Cats don't like anything citrus.

On another note....at my brothers last week
Lily learned to jump on the cabinets.
Did not have my spray bottle with me.
She knows she is not supposed to cause
she has not tried it here.
She also has just started the head butting.
She is learning to enjoy being rubbed, esp
around the ears and the head and she is
becoming more loving. 

Dakota is doing well. I have had to 
remove his collar and not put
on a bandana due to his large
skin tag. Seems everything rubs it and
he has scratched it a time or two
making it bleed. 
When I picked him up at mom's and
got him home today, he ran in 
the house
looking for you know 

Dakota and Lily thank you for
dropping in on them,
they love your comments.


  1. Thank you Dakota and Lily for sharing about yourselves!

  2. I know they are both happy to have their sleep buddy back. I think moving them around causes stress. Jake has allergies to and does the upchuck thing. he get 2 spoons of pumpkin every day. I bet Dakota will be fine when he gets his pumpkin. I do hate when the phlegm comes up with the pumpkin he just ate. yuck

  3. I'm so relieved Lily feels better. Sorry about Dakota's skin tag. That stinks.

    Thanks for the laugh over my buzzard photo. I adore the fact they gather here every spring. We had what's called a kettle (their flight pattern, so named for the comparability to bubbles in boiling water) that must have soared a mile or two high and contained around a hundred of the red headed birds. Good times!

  4. So glad that all seems to be well. I do not blame Dakota for not looking at you, he has had a tough time not being at home Ha ha. Take care Diane


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