Saturday, February 29, 2020

Taking Over Moms Pillows

This is what happens 
when Mom gets up....

I take over.

No photo description available.

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But boy I am comfy. 


Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ignoring, Twisted and Flipped

Above is a given if you have a cat!

Mom loves spotting Lily
in unusual sleeping positions !

Check this one out.  Its like
the back end is laying on the
side but at the waist she is
twisted up and flipped over.
Tail at the head and front
paws all tucked....
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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Monday, February 24, 2020

The Bag of Food

Mom took another load out
of the house again today.
The three of us furs are still
not sure what is going on 
but mom said it will be a nice

Anyway, mom said she had 
errands to run and the 
store was on the list of
stops she had to make.

She came in the door
with a bunch of bags,
sitting some in the floor
and some on the table by
the door. Once she got in 
and sat her purse down, she
grabbed up some bags 
and headed to the kitchen.

When she finished putting up
some stuff she came back 
into the living room and saw
this site......

No photo description available.

Yep, that silly Lily had torn 
into her bag of cat food. 

Image may contain: text

The funny thing is she has
a bowl of this same stuff
on the dryer. Mom just laughed
at her. Seems like that girl never
gets in trouble.


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sleeping on the Stack

I am not totally
sure what mom
is up too but for
a month now she
has been packing 
things in MY
boxes and taking 
them out. 
I say MY boxes cause
well, you know us cats
if a boxes comes in
the house
it becomes ours!

Anyway, mom has tons 
of these stacked
full of stuff by the
front door.
On top of some of
those boxes I found
the clothe basket 
that mom had put there,
and of course I made
it mine too.

No photo description available.

I heard mom calling 
me but that never
makes me jump and 
see what she wants so 
this time was no different. 

However, mom did 
find me when she brought
another box to the stack. 

No photo description available.

Course I was 



Saturday, February 22, 2020

Wall Eating Dog /Mom Lovin

Mom pulled this pic from FB
she said she used to know a 
dog that would do something
like this. He was a boxer and 
he had withdrawal issues.
With his withdrawal issues
he had been known to eat
through the wall board leaving
big holes! Mom said she could
see Rosco doing this.

Image may contain: outdoor

Yesterday mom laid down with me
and I got my extra special mom 
time. I love being rubbed on!

Image may contain: cat and indoor

It was really nice. 


Friday, February 21, 2020

Play Between Me and Lily

The other day Lily was laying up on the 
doggie bed and I was laying below
her. I wanted to play so I started messing
with Lily.

She came off the doggie bed and started
playing with me but I guess mom is 
right when she says Lily don't like my
growling. Cause she just got RIGHT
with me and proceeded to hold
me down.

Image may contain: cat

HAHA....She might be little
but she can hold her own. 
She lets me know when she has
had enough.

Chey Anna Bella

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Losing Weight grabbed a pic of me while
I was laying here.
She says that I have lost weight.
I know I have and I know it
is bothering mom. She spents 
time loving on me.

Image may contain: dog, table and indoor

No photo description available.

I am not in pain, I actually played
with Chey a min today. 

Thank you for you good thoughts and
vibes you send my way.


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A New Furbabe

 Hello furbabe bloggers~

Last week James and Julie from 
TN Tiny Weddings lost one of their
family. Laney. 

Beautiful, loving and sweet 
senior furbabe that J & J adopted
two years ago from the senior home
down the street from me. 

I know that Laney lived the last
couple years of her life with the
most amazing love being given 
to her.

Image may contain: dog

Not only did Laney have the love
of her two humans she had her 
adopted sister Rain (below).

Image may contain: grass, dog, outdoor and nature

Rain has suffered with 
her friend missing
and J & J knew they needed
 to help her
along with a new friend.

Well Saturday, J & J introduced 
Rain to her
new housemate, GiGi. 

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Isn't she the sweetest! She
 is four months
old and she happens to be 
related to Rain.
Rain's dad is GiGi's fur-gramps! 
So that would make Rain 
the aunt and GiGi the Rain's
niece....RIGHT? haha

Rain will take GiGi under her "paw"
and teach her how to 
be the best furbabe
for J & J. 

Great job J & J, can't 
wait to meet GiGi 
this weekend. 


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Bubba Leroy

Hey, my name is Bubba Leroy.
Ms. Pam thinks I am a handsome
Image may contain: cat and indoor

I own Ms. Pam's friends, Barbara and 
Phil Ware. Ms. Pam stopped by this 
evening to say hi to them and to see
me. I know cause she just kept talking
about how handsome I was. 

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Ms. Pam kept talking about her Lily
I sure would like to meet this Lily,
maybe one day.

Bubba Leroy

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Piled up Together

Mom says she loves it when
we all pile up on the daybed together.

Image may contain: bedroom and indoor

Lily is blurry a bit cause she was busy washing 
her face!


Friday, February 14, 2020

Loving on Mom

Mom thinks I am to young
to understand somethings.
She also thinks that I don't
know that today is 
a special day for her.
It's her Birthday.
So this morning I climbed
up on her chest and gave
her some of that love she
seems to crave.

 Image may contain: cat and indoor

After several nose butts I let
her rub my head. I really, really
LOVE that. 

I have been playing around the 
house in boxes that mom has
sitting around. Now I have to 
admit, I am not sure what is
going on with all that. 

No photo description available.

But it gives me fun places to hide
while mom searches for me as
we play hide and seek. 
Mom goes around saying, "Lily
Bit where are you",  "Wheres Lily
Bit my little shi............

Yep, she does!


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Happy Bday Dakota

Today is Dakota's bday. He turned 13.
Yesterday however I was not sure if he
would see today. 

Monday he met me at the door
when I came in from work, but
he was not jumping up and 
greeting me like normal. He also
would not eat. Yesterday was the 
same. However, I managed to get
him to eat about 6 bites later on.
Then again later about 6 more, 
then yay, once more about the same.
With getting him to eat I was able
to crush his meds in with his food.

 Image may contain: bedroom, dog and indoor

The day before I was not able to get any
in him. 

Today when I left for work he
was more alert. When I came home
he met me at the door. Still not himself
but more so then he was. 

It took three feeding times to get 
food in him today. He is eating, 
that is great but apparently the tumors
are taking up more space cause he
is not cleaning his plate like Dakota
ALWAYS has. Once that food moves
down he comes back for more in a 
couple of hours. He just finished a 
cup of food, took three tries but he did.
To keep him from just inhaling what little
he eats at a time I am actually hand feeding 

His stool is black which is telling me that
there is blood. My heart is feeling like
it is being ripped out. He is my best bud.
It was him and I for so long together. 
He has laid when me when I was sick,
he watched over me when I had surgery,
he has made me laugh, he has pissed
me off but all in all, he has been there.
When I comes time to let him go I 
will be a mess but I will do what I have
to do because I will not let him suffer. 

He has lost a lot of weight. I feel his
back bone when I rub him. I see his
Image may contain: dog

My heart breaks....


Monday, February 10, 2020

Treatment for Fleas

Yesterday I went to the barn
to see Misfire and to treat
the barn babes. 

Misfire ran down the hill when
she saw me, I was so excited.
She ran right past me right into
the stall, she thought I was there
to feed her.

Princess and Tigress came
right up to me but Shadow
on the other hand would not.

Last time I treated her for fleas
she freaked out on me so she would
not let me close to her this time. 
No joke, I stalked, ran through the
barn, around the barn, up the trailer
and into the pasture trying to 
catch her. Finally, an hour later she 
started to climb up on some tires and
as she stopped to jump, I grabbed!
The victory was mine in the end.
I held her close, petted her and loved
on her as we walked over to where
I had sat the open tube of meds and 
she never knew I even put it on her.

Image may contain: cat, plant and outdoor

The pic above she is showing me with that
look that she is over me stalking her!


Sunday, February 9, 2020

Smokie's Shame

I am not sure what I am supposed
to do here but Aunt Pam wanted me
to tell my story.

I know you know about my visit
to the vet last weekend. Well today
Aunt Pam was helping my mom
Kim take me again. I was healing 
fine but I started favoring that paw
again so back I went.

The infection is gone but to be 
on the safe side I got a shot
of meds to help with any 
infection that could be hiding.
It last for two weeks. 

Then on top of a stick thing
with numbers on it stuck up 
my....well, you probably know,
I got that shot! Thinking I was
done but NO, they did this to me.


No photo description available.


Apparently my licking the paw with 
my rough tongue was irritating that area!
Now, not only can I not lick it I have
to wear this!

Great......just great.


Friday, February 7, 2020

THE KING, Queen and The Princess

Okay, seriously mom says we
are not worth a dime!
No clue what that means but
she said at least we could
get up and help with the packing!
There again, we have no clue what
all those boxes are going out of the 
house for.....

I, Dakota AKA THE KING.....
am just laying around being,
well being the KING of course.

Image may contain: one or more people and beard

Chey seems to think that since I am 
the KING she must be the QUEEN.

Image may contain: one or more people and dog

And then Lily Bit thinks 
that she is the Princess of
all of us including mom.
Look at that LOOK she is 
giving mom.

No photo description available.

She appears to be up on her
throne! HAHA....
Where is my throne?
Hey mom, build me a throne.
Folks I have to go and have
a talk with mom...later.


Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Cat Named Feral

Hey....its me, Lily!

Mom has been coming
home all week smelling
like.....ANOTHER CAT!
And its not the barn cats.

It started Sunday. She said
she took Aunt Kim's
cat to the vet with Aunt Kim.

But why the rest of the week???
Mom is going and helping
Uncle Mark give Smokie
his meds. 

Then she showed me these
pics. What? That is yet
Mom called its name, 

Image may contain: outdoor

She said Feral would not let
her pet him.

Then I got totally confused, 
mom said these cats (3)
are named Feral too.
Wow that would get confusing
when you called Feral and they
all came!!

No photo description available.

Do you see 3 cats in that pic.
I had to look hard.
But there is a black and white one,
a really fuzzy one and a white and 
gray color. 

I am glad mom is nice to cats
but I am also glad that she can't
pet all these cause those smells
make me a little concerned, okay..


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Not Feeling Well

Mom came home today and I was
not feeling at all well.

Image may contain: dog

I had thrown up on the carpet.
Mom was not mad, she was concerned.

But this evening, I feel better.

Image may contain: dog

Mom said that my eyes
tell how I feel just like
hers does. 
Can you tell the difference?


Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty