Sunday, February 2, 2020

Hair, Smokie and Becky

Mom said this was her yesterday, 
and she did not care!!

No photo description available.

Mom left us first thing this morning 
but later then she does when she
goes to work. She told us all
good bye and to be good. Said
she was going to help Aunt Kim 
with Smokie and getting him to 
the vet.

We all wanted to run and hide
with that V word being said
but mom left with that being
said so we all felt safe.

Aunt Kim texted mom 
at five this morning and wanted
to know if Mom would help
her gather up Smokie to take
him to the vet. Mom set the
clock and went back to sleep.

Mom got over there and they
had to get him out from under
the bed. Aunt Kim sort of pushed
him out with a broom and mom
grabbed him. She wrapped him 
up and held him while Kim drove.

Here is a pic of mom sitting in 
the waiting room holding Smokie.
She said he sat in her arms like that
for an hour.
Image may contain: one or more people, cat and outdoor

See Smokie is an inside and outside
cat. Yesterday he came in and went
right under the bed. Then later he
got on the bed but Kim said he never
moved. This morning mom noticed
he was limping. Smokie had an 
abscess on his back paw between 
his toes. The vet shaved the area
and cleaned it up but she said that
it looked like something had been
chasing him and it bit him on the paw.

Anyway, he is on meds for pain and 
meds for infection. Mom said he will
be fine but this is the second time 
this has happened. Mom hopes she 
has Aunt Kim convinced that he
just needs to stay inside. 

While mom was at their house
she went looking for Becky.
Beck was in the window behind
the blinds, and looking at mom.

No photo description available.

Mom said she loves us to pieces
but she also loves her niece and 
nephew cats also. I know she has
taken Smokie, Beck and Zu
all to the vets so Kim or Mark
don't have to take off work. 

Anyway, Smokie has meds in 
him and he is doing better. 
You know, us furs need to 
hang together. I am glad 
he is better.



  1. Poor Smokie, we're glad he got some meds to help him feel better.

  2. I have a t-shirt that says boat hair, don't care. Love it.

    What a nice post about mom taking care of Aunt Kim's babies. Excellent. Your mom rocks.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a woof woof day and week. My best to your siblings and your thoughtful mom. ♥

  3. Poor Smokie! I hope he is kept inside from now on, sending purrs and prayers his way!

  4. Hope Smokie is now on the mend. Have a good week, Diane

  5. We learned a lesson about keeping kitties indoors when Jezebel contracted tapeworm. Yuck. Best wishes, Smokie, and to all you fur babies.


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