Saturday, August 25, 2018

Day Without Dakota

Once a week Dakota goes to my
mom's house and spends the night
so that he can play with her babes.

Lily misses him when he is gone.
But with cool temps she is hanging
on the deck all day. She only came
in for an hour yesterday when I went
to get Dakota.
That means from six to about six!

But she was well entertained. The birds 
are very active this time of yr. 
and she watched them 

And this is her once she was 
all worn out from her
bird watching day.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Taking care of mom....

I have been having some really
off days and 
these two are hanging right with me.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Posing Lily

No matter how she turns her head,
how she looks at you or not...
she is adorable.

Monday, August 6, 2018


Course TWO of my fave furbabes are
Dakota AKA
and Tiger Lily AKA Lily Bit.

Look at those faces!

Now I am going to share the barn 
Amazing EYES.

She is the sweetest.
Last one of the four that were
at the barn last yr at this time to trust
me. Now she is always there to greet me.

She would make a great indoor cat
and probably a good lap one.
She loves her head rubbed...and not easy.

Here is Princess' sister Tigress.
My fave.

 Tigress is a doll.
Also loves her head rubbed hard but
a tad more stand offish. 

But oh so pretty.

Of course there was a brother Socks
but we lost him a few months ago.

There is also the Tortie that was a drop
off. She is also the one
that had the skin issue from the 
fleas. I was about a week late treating
her and I noticed she had a raw spot
starting. Got her treated yesterday.

I started out calling her Brandua since that is 
the road she was dropped on but later
decided Shadow would be better.

She is so thankful for the love and attention
that when I drive up to the barn
she is the first to meet me...
MEOWING up a storm.

Now for the biggest furbabe...or hair babe?
My Misfire.
Isn't she so pretty?

She is a mess. There are two 
bigger horse I bring in on a lead line
at the end of the day.
They are MALES...enough said.
They are active and you have to be
careful of them cause of their size.

They come in first...why?
Cause they will not have it anyother
way and they are big enough that I don't
try to change their mind often.
Third to go in is Misfire. I open
the gate and tell her to go to her stall and 
in she goes.

Then I bring in Lily and Scout.
I don't have to walk them in on 
a lead line, I just grab their halter
and walk them in.
All sweet in their own way.

Hope you enjoyed the babes!

Queen of the Back of the Chair

Misty seems to think she is queen of the  back of the new chair.   Well, I have news for her... never mind, I can't get up there anyway....