Saturday, November 30, 2019

Feral Community / Becky and Zu / Barn Cats

Hi....we are just part of the 
feral cats that live at the
Montgomery's house. 

Lady drove up in the
drive way and we all 
ran this way, that way
and all around!

But when she went in
we were hoping she was
going to come back out and
feed us, so some of us waited.

No photo description available.

And she did...she came back
out with food.

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No photo description available.

Well there you have it, the 
feral cats have reported in.
I am okay with that cause
they stay out and I stay in
looking out. 
Course my Human Dad
Mark, takes me out some
times so I can just stroll
around outside. Oh, my the
way I am Becky.

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Hey folks, Zuzu blogging
now. In the pic below I 
am smelling Auntie Pam's
socks. She takes her boots
off when she comes in and 
sits by the door to talk to me.

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I am what Auntie Pam calls
a little shi_, cause when mom 
and dad are here and Auntie Pam
comes over I ignore her. But when
mom and dad are not here, I meet 
Auntie Pam at the door and roll
onto to my back so she can rub me.
I like Auntie Pam but I can't let
mom and dad see that I like Auntie
Pam....but I really do. 

Hey....Shadow, Princess and Tigress
coming to you from the barn. 
We just wanted to be part of the 
other cats blog today. 
So HI!

No photo description available.

Thanks for coming to see us,

Feral Cats
Princess and

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Barn Mom

Hey folks, that is me in the front, Princess.
This is how we greet our barn mom every
evening when she comes to the barn. We
meet her like this cause for one, we are 
happy to see her and because she will 
feed us. 

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That is Shadow right behind me.
She is older than my sister and I, she
just showed up one day and stayed. She
also likes the barn mom to come. Tagging
up the rear is my sister Tigress. She sort
of hangs back but she is also happy to 
see the barn mom. HOWEVER, I always
plan on being the first to the car door.
Barn mom opens the door and just
sort of slides out to sit on the edge
of the car so that she can say hi
and pet Shadow and me. 

Anyway, we love her visits
cause she will pet us, talk
to us, feed us, but I really wished
she would stop picking me up!


Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Arnold here coming
to  you from the barn.

No photo description available.
I am a rescue from a human
by Mr. Chris.
I am a grumpy old man.
I grunt and squeal a lot.

I used to squeal a lot when 
Ms. Pam would bring her dog
over. He loved to chase me cause
Ms. Pam said he knew I was
scared. He did not chase the other
pigs which at that time there were
five of us. We are down to three now.

You can pet me but I really
don't care if you do or don't.
Just be sure I have food and 
I am happy. As you can tell
I am OLD.
Looks like my teeth needs cleaning
in this pic but I am okay with 
that also. I smell my way around
cause if you notice, you can't see
my eyes....
Cause I am so fat that my
skin swelled up around my
eyes closing them to little
slits. Yep, I am a big boy.
Like that smarty pants Leonard
I too will sit for crackers!
Guess what, we all eat pork


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Leonard AKA Lenny

What up folks?!
I am Leonard, AKA Lenny.
I am the original pig at the
farm. Mr. Chris actually purchased
me where the others were rescued
from other humans. 

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Once upon a time I lived in a fenced
in pen. Ms. Pam was worried about
me cause I was losing weight. Mr. Chris
told Ms. Pam that he thought he needed
to call a vet. Ms. Pam told him it was 
because I stayed in the pen and did
not graze the yard and pasture like the
other pigs did. I had eaten up all
my grass in the pen and Ms. Pam was
feeding me extra. 

Ms. Pam told Mr. Chris that I needed
to get out of the pen. He told her
that I did not like being out and 
I would cry if I was taken out. 
Well Ms. Pam was not paying no
attention to that mess so one day
she came to the pen and told me
that if I was hungry I needed to 
get my butt (only that was not the 
word she used) out and graze like
the other pigs. 

I thought she was my mom then cause
I would follow her all over the farm.
She walked to the garage where Mr.
Chris was and showed him I was out
and not crying. I never went in that
pen again. I guess Ms. Pam was 
right on that one.

I like to eat crackers. If you hold
one and tell me to sit, I will back
up and sit down so you can give
me a cracker. Of course, I gained
my weight back and now I eat
everything! I love to be petted and
I am very smart. 

I love Ms. Pam. When her and Mr.
Chris broke up she said she was
kidnapping me and taking me
to her home but she did not. That
is ok, she still comes to see me and
always pets me.


Monday, November 25, 2019


Hi, I am Maybelline.
That silly human that comes to
feed us daily sings a song when
she talks to me. She sings, "Maybelline,
why can't you be true?"

I don't have a clue what she is
talking about in those words!

Anyway, I am a drop off at the 
farm. A girl human thought she had
to have me when I was a babe not 
thinking about the fact that I would
grow. Mr. Chris at the barn took 
me in when she could not keep me.
I am the only girl pig at the barn.
Very shy, and I don't like to be
touched but this human that sings
has managed to pet me a couple
of times. I don't like it.

However I have to say that when
it comes time to feed that singing
human makes sure I have a pile
all my own cause that big fat
silly pink pig pushes me away 
from most of the food....can you
tell that I am so thin?

Image may contain: outdoor

Anyway, this is me. Hi....and please
don't try to pet me!


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Curled up and Comfy

My mom says that I am 
just so sweet looking when I 
am sleeping.

I did something that I don't
 often do, I crawled up
on my mom and took a nap.

I was curled up in the
bend of her arm. Not sure 
how long I slept there but
mom said it was over an 

Mom is correct, I am
cute when I am sleeping.

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Image may contain: indoor

See moms arm tucked around
me. I actually have to say, this
felt really good.

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Aww....a pic of mom and I. 
I did not even know she took
any of these pics, esp. this

Image may contain: one or more people, cat and indoor

Wow, mom looks like she
was enjoying me laying
curled up in her arm. I might
have to do this again, cause
I enjoyed it.

Lily Bit

Friday, November 22, 2019

Wooly Worm

Hi, Cheyenne blogging to you
today. I wanted to share
something really cool that
mom saw the other night
when coming home.

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Its a Wooly Worm.
Mom put her hand there so you
could tell its size. 
Reading up on them, no silly
not me but mom did and told me
about them. We learned that
the black ones mean the onset
of a hard winter. YIKES....
I don't mind cold but really COLD
I don't care for. Hope this worm
is not correct. 


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

It's All About the Cats

I know you heard the saying
my life has gone to the dogs...
well it appears mine has gone
to the cats.

First mom brought Lily home.
Then there was the barn cats.
My uncles cats.
NOW..there is the feral
cat that mom calls

Apparently when mom pulled
in the driveway today she
had Trixie waiting. Mom
asked her if she was hungry
and Trixie said, "MEOW".

Mom came right in the house
and greeted us, then fixed
a bowl for Trixie. 

No photo description available.

She don't let mom get close
but she has no issues coming
up on the porch to eat. 

Cats, cats, cats.....its all 
about cats.....and ME.
Mom loved on me later.


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Wings and Another Cat

Mom went with Aunt Kim to 
take the cage trap things 
back to the Pet Community.
They supplied Uncle Mark
with those trap things so that
he could catch those cats
at his house and then he
took them to this place
to have them fixed.
Not sure what that means
but mom said I was fixed
when I was really young.

When mom and Aunt Kim
got there mom spotted this.
I just told her not to get 
any ideas.

No photo description available.

Then I had to tell her one more
time to not get any ideas when
I saw her looking at this

NO WAY MOM....its not
happening. She said she
would love to have one but
these Bengal cats sell 
from 3000.00 to 5000.00
bucks. Moms mount dropped
open like that must be a lot!

Thanks for stopping by
to read my blogging today,

Lily Bit

Monday, November 18, 2019

Look Who Was Looking At Mom

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Mom was headed to the barn
and she looked out to 
see this babe looking
at her.

She said that it is normal to see
deer, of course she sees horses,
cats and pigs but sometimes
she sees other things like
coyotes and wild turkey.
She said this was the first
time she saw Mr. Whoo. 

One day maybe mom will
take me to the barn...


Saturday, November 16, 2019

That Silly Sis of Mine

finally its my turn to blog

I am happy that my uncle
Mark took all those cats
in and had something done
so they would not have anymore
babies. I really should not
worry about it cause I 
don't live there and I don't
have to put up with them!!
But it was a nice thing to 

Now from one cat to the 
other, Lily Bit. Mom and I
think that she puts on this act
and poses this way cause she
knows how cute she looks. 

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Image may contain: cat

 I do have to admit, she is cute.
Her and I have been playing a 
lot lately since she is staying in 
and not hanging on the deck. 

Image may contain: cat and indoor

She is funny too, one minute
she is running BAW (mom calls
it that) and the next, she crashes. 

Leave a sweet comment for 
this girl and for Chey and me too.


Friday, November 15, 2019

Feral Community Update

I know that you folks are
waiting to see what pet
post a blog and what they
have to say but....its me again,

Just wanted to give you an 
update on the feral community
that somehow found their way
to my brothers house.

He caught the 8 to take in 
to be fixed however one
mom cat was smarter than
him and would not enter
the cage. One baby would not
enter. Not sure what the baby
is. But out of the 8 Mark took
in today, all but one were males.
The one that was female is the 
mom to the baby that Mark
could not catch. Its sibling was
caught but was to small to fix
at this time.

No photo description available.

So out of 10 cats, 2 are female, one not
sure of and 7 males. The above cat
showed up about two weeks ago.
Pretty sure this is or was
an indoor cat. He is part Siamese.

SUVs always look like
there is a lot of room....
but when hauling cats in
cages, not so big after all. 
I went with Mark to big
the furbabes up. 
We had five cages in 
the rear and three in the 
back seat. Full load. 
No photo description available.

Only long haired cat in 
the bunch (below). 

Image may contain: cat

He is BEAUTIFUL and more
scared then any of the others. 
I just love this beautiful babe. 

With all that said I just wanted
to let you know that ALL the 
furbabes are doing great. Mark
has them still in the cages in 
the laundry room in the house.
He can let them out tomorrow 
afternoon. Till then he is taking
great care of them. 

One more thing....I saw this
on fb and had to laugh.
Jump over and read up on 

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty