Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Looky See

 I caught mom looking
out the window at
the sunsetting, 
so I crawled up to
take a l👀ky
see myself. 



Morning with Lily and I

 Hey, Chey here this morn.
Lily and 
I am sharing coffee with

Mom calls Lily's
paw as "precious paws".

Later that day mom 
was going off 
someplace and about
to go take a bath, 
and Lily wanted to help
mom out by bathing her
hand and arm first!

I am doing fine. I am
11 now and I find that
I like to sleep more
than anything. I don't like
to play either. But
more than sleep
I want FOOD.
I eat good. 
Mom says I need exercise
but all I use the 
backyard for is
potty time.

Oh well, I do 
what I do.


Monday, March 28, 2022

Misty's Behavior by Mom

 Mom's posting this blog today
cause she wants to tell
a story about me...

My furs are independent but when it comes to
 night time this baby girl wants mom. We go
 through the same thing every night....first I have
 to locate each fur to know where they are before
 I head to bed. Then I lay down. About ten mins
 into my trying to doze I hear TRILLING (it is a
 rolling with the tongue
 sort of sound a kitten
 makes when calling 
their mom)....it starts in the
 living room, moves into
 the hall and no matter
 how many times I 
call to Misty, she trills. I get 
up, go get her, put her 
in the bed, and yes, 
each fur has their own 
sleeping spot. Misty
 is up next to me with a 
soft fluffy throw that 
she sucks and kneads
 on till she finally lays down.
 This babe wants her mom at bedtime.....so sweet. 
The good thing, no bottle
 feeding and no diaper 
 Morning consist of Misty
 waking around 
4 but I can pet her and 
she will go back off to sleep. 
Anywhere between, 4:30 and
 six Lily comes to wake
 me only to be ticked
 cause Misty is up near me
 so I usually get woke 
by a loud low squeal. If I
 don't get up then, Lily 
will come back and run 
across my body. Chey 
gets up to go out after I
 get moving around 
and feed the feline furs. 
Then I have to play
 laser light with 
Lily and then finally its
 nap time for me!! lol

Another cute thing Misty does
is she will come to the
kitchen when I am cooking,
or cleaning, sit in the

and just watch.
Just wants to be in the
same room as mom.

She always follows
me to the 


Friday, March 25, 2022

A Tad Cold, and Cuddle Time


I found it somewhat
cold on the deck 
the other morn...

So I ran in to cuddle
with mom.
She warms me

Then she sticks that
camera in my face.
Not attractive at all...


Wednesday, March 23, 2022

My Name, Misty River

Its not fair that 
Chey got
to tell you how
she got her name...

Then Lily did too...

But mom said it was okay
if I did it also.

Most of you have
been reading this blog
before I came along,
and I know you probably
read about me from 
the start. 

See, that is me at
the start

Anyway, you all know that
my feline mom did not want
me. She sort of just
went off and left me.
A lady where we were 
hanging around noticed
this and posted on fb that
I was without a fur mom. 

So Kim, my human mom's
sis in law said, "bring her
to me".
That is how I got over
to aunt Kim and uncle
Marks house. 
Pam, my human mom
started coming to their
house and taking care of me.

But it was uncle Markie
that named me. He
called me Una. Cause when
I got there, I had just started
opening my eyes or should
I say, EYE. I only had
one open. 
UNA means one.

They also took me to the vet
and they said they thought
I was a male. But then they
were shocked a couple weeks
later when I had to go back
to the vet.
I was a girl.
For some reason they
started calling me
Una Grata.

However, when mom decided to
adopt me, or better yet
when I decided to adopt mom
she said that was NOT
going to be my name.

Cause I am gray, she
thought of gray fog,
and the name 
Misty came about.
Then mom thought about
fog over the river...
Misty River.

Mom is so smart.

How I got My Name, Lily

 Chey got to 
tell you about 
how she got her
name and also how
my bud, Dakota got
Do you know how I 
got mine?

Mom has a hard
time naming things
and animals.
I was no different.
After thinking of several
names and looking 
up good female cats
names on the internet,
she settled on 
Tiger Lily. 

Yep, I know that you 
know me as Lily but
my full name is
Tiger Lily.
Mom settled on that
name cause some Tiger Lilies
are spotted and colorful. 

With orange and hints
of brown....

Like me!


Of she only calls
me by my full
name if she wants
to really get my

I usually go by Lily,
or Lily Bit (for 
Little Bit). 

Mom is silly.

But that's how I 
got my name. 
Oh yes, and at first
she thought about
calling me 
Look at those pics
of me, I really
think she should have
called me BIG EYES....


Spoils Us

 Mom says that she
spoils us.

Letting me crawl under
the freshly washed and 
dried laundry can't 
be what she means.

Or can it?

Lily Bit

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Chey Posing

Mom has been
at it again!

Playing with yarn. 
But she pretty good
on this one.
And I look good
posing with it.



Monday, March 21, 2022

Allowed Mom to See

 I slipped up and trilled
into the living room
with this in my mouth....
First time mom has
ever actually seen
me carrying a glove!


Saturday, March 19, 2022

My Name Cheyenne

 Hi...its me Cheyenne.
Yes, I used my full name
cause Darla was asking
about it in a comment.

My name is Cheyenne, 
but mom calls me
Chey or Cheyanna Bella.
Or sometimes some not
so nice words when
she gets ticked at me.
Yep, I like to have my way
and it makes mom work
harder from time to time,
making her mad at me...
therefore the not so
nice names come out.

But moving on with my name,
I got Cheyenne when my first
mom, Amber, got me as a 
baby and named me that.
I needed a name so 
Amber and her first hubs
named me Cheyenne.

If you don't know my history, 
here it is....
Amber and Dustin got me
for Caleb. But when
they moved from a house
to an apartment, I moved
in with  Amber's granny.
You see, I am a runner and 
not having a yard, darting
when doors open, they knew
I would get out and get
hit by a car. I lived
with granny, who then
became my mom for 
yrs, until she went away.
Pam, my mom now, who
is also Amber's mom and 
granny's daughter, took 
me in. 

The funny is that Amber tends
to name critters for states
or cities. 
Before me there was Dakota!
I know you all know him.....
He was also Ambers dog. Her 
and Dustin named him Dakota.
Trying to come up with 
a name, driving home from 
getting him, they saw a car
tag for Dakota. BAM...he was
named. However, six months
later then were moving 
and could not have pets.
So, Pam took Dakota in 
till they could find a home 
for him. Pam knew that
they would not even try to 
look, so Pam started looking
for a home. But by that
time Dakota wormed into 
Pam's heart.....so she kept 
him. True to her nature
for nicknames he was called
Dakota Bug
Kota Bug
of course, 

It did not stop there,
later while living in the 
apartment Amber got another
dog that needed adopting.
Amber named her 
Georgia needing a home
where she could get out
and run, Pam found her
a home with a friend of hers.

Mom misses Kota Bug who has
been gone for two yrs now.
We were not even thinking
about that but when mom
realized that she had called
me Dakota more than once
this week, it hit her.

I miss Dakota too.
I know Lily Bit does.


Friday, March 18, 2022

The Feral

 It has been pretty
the last few days
and I have been
hanging on the deck.

Mom heard me out
there and came out
with the camera.

Yep, she heard me with
a low meow so she
came to see what was

I have been getting
distant visits from
a feral cat. 

Mom says it is
pretty but not
as pretty as me.
It is white with gray
spots. We were
not sure at first if
it was feral but
mom asked the neighbor
and it is one they took
off to have fixed a few 
yrs ago.

Mom calls it Kitty. 
But so far it has not
moved down to visit.
It stays in the ditch 
between our house
and the neighbors. 
Then when it gets
tired of mom calling
it, it goes back in 
the bushes in the back. 
Kitty has come to visit
at a distance several times.

The above pic was taken
with me watching Kitty.


Me and my Traveling Gloves or Winter Accessories

 So I am keeping my
mom on her toes with
my traveling glove 
issue  fun.

I moved on to 
winter accessories.
The above slips over
a pair of beige gloves
to give it a different 

The below is a headband
that covers the ears
in the cold.

Mom said that she will
leave a glove
or two out for 
me but she says
she is about to
pack the rest up 
for the summer.

OH NO....
mom, don't do that!


Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty