Thursday, September 27, 2018


The kids and I came home
for a few hours
today...still hanging
at my brothers house/dog/bird
sitting. Lily of course 
makes herself right 
at home and parks her
rear just whereever she

But when it comes to
back to her carrier
she goes and naps!

Monday, September 24, 2018

That Silly Little Lily

As you know I am staying at
my brothers, house/animal sitting.
Lily...has no issues with it 
and she just goes right in
and taking over.

She has to grace the dining table.

Over see the dogs eating!
(see her on the cabinet)?

Looking at the bird.

Chilling in front of the 
windows and the bird cage.

Chole was wagging her tail
so Lily had to attack!

She loves the chair in 
front of the windows.

Course I pulled this chair over
in front of the front 
windows so she could
keep an eye on the dogs when
they go out.

But first...lets climb up on it.
NO...she did not do the damage
to the chair...THE BIRD DID.

On the bar in front of the kitchen.

Another view of bar sitting.
Loves it here cause she
can take it all in.

 Today we went downstairs
while the cleaning
ladies were cleaning.
They go in and out so much
I have to take
Lily downstairs and put 
her in one bedroom.
She loves the ledge at the
window. about getting

Dakota spent the first two nights
we were at Ray's at mom's.
But he stays close to mom when
we are here together.
Both were chilling
on the bed with me this

Silly Lily loves
to show out for all
of you.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Long Legs

Check out those long
front legs!

She is long, then and has the longest
tail and legs.
When she walks it looks like
she is walking tip toed!

My silly Lily.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dakota and Sundowners

Shortly before adopting Lily I was 
seeing changes in Dakota. 
Just small things that can be easily 
over looked but now thinking 
about them and other stuff now lead 
me to do some reading.
 Convinced that he has developed 
Sundowner Syndrome, 
basically starting of doggie Alzheimer’s. 
It started with 
strange behavior and attitude but if you 
knew Dakota 
you could see where it would be easy to 
over look cause
 Dakota has always had strange behavior.
 Amber Howell - Daughter-
once said he reminded her Niles on Frazier. I said he 
reminded me more of Sheldon on 
Big Bang Theory. The 
changes have been slow in coming but
 about eight months 
ago he started something really odd in 
waking at night and 
walking around my body. I get him to lay 
back down but this 
goes on all night. Like an anxiety 
attack. I take him 
downstairs and get him calmed down. 
Recently he 
has started panting at night. Sleeps 
a bit more during 
the day then he used to but basically at 
daytime he is fine..
except he will go over to the door and 
stand there like he 
wants to go out, I let hi out and he goes
 on the porch but 
turns right around to come back in 
like he forgot what he 
was doing. For some reason, 
he seems to do better downstairs 
which also makes me wonder if the leg 
he broke as a pup 
hurts going upstairs. I sleep on the 
couch a lot of times to 
help him feel comfy. Those who know
 me, know my 
connection with 
The King knows 
that this is bothering
 me. He is my bud, my best friend, he 
has been there for
 me and I will be here for him. 
He will be 12 in Feb.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Furbabes....the Life!

Took this yesterday evening... 

So sweet together..

This morning after a long
night. Dakota seems to think
that we need to sleep
on the couch. He wants to be
downstairs for some reason.
With that...he spends the 
night trying to wake me.
And doing a fine job of
it. I don't know what 
to do. 

So I slept till 8:30
this morn.
Lily woke me again at
6:30 so she went to the
deck. Yep, I got up 
and opened the back door
for her.

When I do get up 
to do coffee I go to the 
deck, and look whom had
taken over my CHAIR...
AGAIN. This is becoming
a habit of hers!

However, Dakot is stretched out
on the glider, SNORING!

I have so much to do....
yet I think a nap will 
happen again today!

Do your furbabes have odd

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Babes Chilling on the Deck

Friday morning before 
heading to my
older brothers house
to sat for the night and next 

Dakota went to mom's and
Lily went with me.

Here is Lily chilling
with Chole, the
Shar Pei Lab girl
at my brothers.

Size don't matter....
to Lily 
at all.

How are your fur babes?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Yesterday while gathering
recyclables up to take off
(and has yet to be gone) I sat
this box on the table outside
nect to the recycle stuff on the

Look who took it over.

We know cats love boxes....

Well Lily loves to sit on 
the table out on the deck
and having a box on it 
to get in is all 
the better I 

Pic below was taken 
this morning while
I drank my coffee.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Feeling Better and Being Silly

Thank you everyone that
has checked on Dakota...

He is a lot better. He had a rough
day that one day and then the
next he was sort of out of sorts.
But then that evening he was up
and back playing and eating.

Yesterday Silly Lily Bit
was stealing chicken
and peas off her brothers
plate. She did not eat
the carrot. 

Yes, Dakota has his very own Goodwill
plates. Really heavy like the 
ones  you used to find at

Yes, that is a short glass turned
upside down in the center of
his plate....
this slows down his eating 
so that he can't inhale his food.
Dakota eats really fast and that
is what leads to him having
tummy aches. I used to
feed him in a bowl but that was way
to easy to inhale the food.

Lily got behind the washer 
and dryer the other day and
when I went looking for her,
I found her in an empty box. So
I pulled that out, cut an opening
and applied a curtain...


Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sick Baby and Silly Girl

Yesterday Dakota was not feeling
well. He had a messed up tummy.

But silly Lily was silly Lily...
she has taken over my chair
since I have not been doing
a lot of deck time lately.

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty