Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dakota and Sundowners

Shortly before adopting Lily I was 
seeing changes in Dakota. 
Just small things that can be easily 
over looked but now thinking 
about them and other stuff now lead 
me to do some reading.
 Convinced that he has developed 
Sundowner Syndrome, 
basically starting of doggie Alzheimer’s. 
It started with 
strange behavior and attitude but if you 
knew Dakota 
you could see where it would be easy to 
over look cause
 Dakota has always had strange behavior.
 Amber Howell - Daughter-
once said he reminded her Niles on Frazier. I said he 
reminded me more of Sheldon on 
Big Bang Theory. The 
changes have been slow in coming but
 about eight months 
ago he started something really odd in 
waking at night and 
walking around my body. I get him to lay 
back down but this 
goes on all night. Like an anxiety 
attack. I take him 
downstairs and get him calmed down. 
Recently he 
has started panting at night. Sleeps 
a bit more during 
the day then he used to but basically at 
daytime he is fine..
except he will go over to the door and 
stand there like he 
wants to go out, I let hi out and he goes
 on the porch but 
turns right around to come back in 
like he forgot what he 
was doing. For some reason, 
he seems to do better downstairs 
which also makes me wonder if the leg 
he broke as a pup 
hurts going upstairs. I sleep on the 
couch a lot of times to 
help him feel comfy. Those who know
 me, know my 
connection with 
The King knows 
that this is bothering
 me. He is my bud, my best friend, he 
has been there for
 me and I will be here for him. 
He will be 12 in Feb.


  1. It is horrible when you see these changes but maybe if you get him checked it will be something simple, I hope so anyway. 12 is not old for a small breed I have had them go to 18. Take care Diane

  2. I am so sorry, I have been posting about these same symptons in Jake, he will be 13 in Jan. it will only get worse, plus Jake is almost blind and only hears loud noises, so watch for that. Jake today has been up since 2 am, pacing and panting, it is 7:43 and he just laid down with help on to the sofa. I am leaving for my meeting so gave him a GNC calming treat, beef flavor, Amazon or PetSmart. I give him one at bed time and we get 4 to 6 hours of sleep. nothing helps. I do the same thing you do, get on the sofa but even that has stopped. he gets stuck in tight places and can't find us because he forgets where we are. it is heart breaking. I am telling you all of this because you need to know what is coming. he has been like this for 2 months, but started like Dakota is now in May of this year.

  3. It's a scary thing to see them aging and suffering...our Marlene has trouble going up the stairs, her back legs are very wonky. I started Glucosamine, it helps her a bit but she is definitely older than we thought she was. My late pug Winston lived to 15 years old but developed dementia in his last 3 years. He would walk in circles, stand by walls, want to go out then come right back in and couldn't sleep through the night. He also started to go blind which I didn't really notice until he started to bump into things more. Could Dakota be losing his sight or maybe his hearing?

  4. Yes, that sure is tough when that happens. We had that happen with one of our dogs, you just have to go with the flow.

  5. Bless his heart. I feel for you. We are becoming convinced that our cat Tilly is becoming senile. She still cries a lot even after we (hopefully) cleared up her urinary tract infection. Best wishes!


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