Sunday, December 4, 2022

Up Close

 Hi mom!
I like being up close
and personal 
with you.

Then I love to curl up
and bury my head.


Thursday, December 1, 2022

Loving the Heat

Hi, wanted to
tell you all
that we thank
you for coming to our
blog. And as 
always, thanks 
for the sweet words.

 Mom thinks it is 
funny that Lily, does
not hang on the deck 
in the heat of the summer and 
she only has one layer of
fur. I will lay out in the
sun and I have a double thick
layer of fur.

Yet, Lily will hang out
there with it is in the 
40s and 50s. 
I however, will not.

Matter of fact I have
taken to laying in 
front of the fire place
heater, on the vent in 
the floor and on the 
cable box where its

Here I am loving the 
heat from the heater.

Here I am on 
the cable box.

Just staying warm.


Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Brrr and Heavy Eye Lids

 Wed. morning
it was cold!
But I was warm, laying
across mom's legs,
with my legs all
stretched out, eyes


Then I peeked out
of my heavy eye lids
cause I could just
feel that mom had 
that camera thingy.

With each click
my eyes got 
a tad less

And yes, mom
kept clicking.

Finally, it ended and 
I napped again.


Napping in the Morning

 Several mornings
ago I took 
a nap after going 
out and Lily
had mom pinned
to the couch, while
laying between her


What Happened?


How did that happen?
Course it did not last long
Misty jumped down,
I don't think she trust me.


Oh, The Pretty Lights

 Oh mom, look
at the pretty lights!

I am still trying 
to figure out why
we do this from 
time to time.
But it's pretty.


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Monday, November 28, 2022

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Sharing on Mom's Blog


Mom wanted to share

Thanksgiving morn

with you on her 

regular blog, but its

about animals and those

usually get posted 

here but we are letting 

mom, post them today. 

Jump over and check it

out. We are proud 

of mom for caring so 


Stare Down and House (

Chey, Lily and 


Friday, November 25, 2022

All Four of Us

 It's so rare that
we are all 
on the couch at
one time.

Lily usually don't
let me near mom 
when she is around
but she was sleeping
so I jumped up 
on mom to love on 

Mom is holding me,
Lily next to her,
and Chey on her
end of the couch.

It was nice.


Silent and Love

 The house was silent
No talking,
no singing,
no calling my
no making up songs
about me, no
playing chase with

It was nice, for a little
bit but it was nicer
when mom got home
and I cuddled up in 
the bend of her legs 
as she laid
on the couch last night
watching tv.

I might not show mom 
love by letting her
hold me, love on me,
pet me (unless I ask),
but I do love her....

shhhh, don't tell her that.


Thursday, November 24, 2022

Staying Home

 Mom said we
could not go to 
Ambers with her 
for Thanksgiving
there will be so 
many in and out.

And I am a runner.

And I like to sneak out 
if the door is left

and I freak out 
and go into hiding. 

My can relax and not
stay freaked out
for our safety. 

But mom, please
bring us some turkey!!!

Gobble till you wobble!


Monday, November 21, 2022

Helping with the Wrapping

I wanted to help
mom with 
some wrapping.

But she laughed
and said I
was more in 
the way.

I wonder why she
would say that?

Mom said I was so funny
yet pretty.



Monday Morning and Warm

 Monday morning, I 
was just chilling
with mom on the 

I knew it was
cold out but mom did not
let me out to see on my own. 
I could tell though, so
I got comfy warm with mom.

I love warm,


Sunday, November 20, 2022

Feeding Weekend...Again

 Well, mom was at it
Pet feeding!

One weekend it was feeding
of Petey and Nora.
The next, was Annie and
The next was Petey and Nora
and this weekend it
was Petey and Nora 
These are pics
of Petey,
which is
a girl. 

Nora does not allow
mom to take pics, she
lives outside.
Feral but Theresa
has her a heated house.

Nora looks a lot
like Petey, all 
black but more fur.
Theresa has been
feeding her for several
yrs. and Petey just
arrived in April. 

Mom says that come this
next weekend, she
is not watching
no one's animals!

Also, between the feedings of
cats, mom had Oakley and 
Emmy Lou (dogs).
She told Cory, mom's son 
that she was going to 
start charging for way word 
critters and Cory laughed.
When mom asked what
he was laughing about,
he said, look whose house
you live in, you are taking
up where granny left off!

Silly boy!


Evening at Home

 Mom says to 
ignore the ugly
pic. She said she took
it by only the light of
the TV, no flash, and zoomed
in prob more than he
cell phone liked.

But she wanted to 
get this adorable 
sleeping pic of 
Lily Bit.

Lily seems to find
some of the odd
positions to sleep in 
out of the three of us.

Chey always stretches out.
Mom says she is just
way to chucky to curl 
up in a ball. 

She gets hotter than mom
does so most times
mom will be curled up on 
the couch under her blanket
and Chey gets up and leaves

I bet even if I did 
not post a pic
of me curled up 
last night like the other
two, you all could
prob guess where I was.

on mom!

Okay Lily, I am 
trying different 
I wanted to see how
comfy I would get
with my feet in the 

This is how we spent the 
evening last night.
Mom has been either running
here, there, helping that 
human so he can move
back to the Philippines,
or down cause she did to
much for others.
So yesterday, mom
took the day for her, or
like she said, for her house...
she washed dishes that she
let pile up for a day (or two)
and cleaned out the fridge.
She said that was scary!

Hope you have a great
Stay warm.


Thursday, November 17, 2022

Staying Warm

 Misty has been staying warm
on mom but Chey and 
I have been using
each others body heat
to stay warm.

Look, mom got a pic
of Chey's face, she normally
likes to show mom her rear!

I heard mom telling Cory,
her son that we went from 
fall, straight into winter
for sure. 
We got down into the 20s
last night.

Chey for helping me stay

Lily Bit

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty