Friday, July 30, 2021

Laying with Mom

 Its a hot one out today.
Mom closed the door early on
so that we can't go on 
the deck and then, not
feeling all that great, went
to lay down in the bed.
We all ended up in 
there with her.



 Today's post is about critters 
mom saw at the barn. 
She calls these Dragonflies.
And she likes them. 

Several different kinds and 
Neat, I have never seen
these around our


Thursday, July 29, 2021

Visitors to the Yard and Maybelline

 I have been watching this
birds from the deck. They move

Mom keeps them two feeders out
with sugar water.

Mom comes out on the deck
and when she sees activity she
goes in for the camera.

She went off the deck and with
camera in hand she caught two
hummingbirds playing...
or one die bombing the other.

Been so hot and dry
here that mom is only
allowing us a couple hours
a day on the deck. 
She says it is just too
hot for us to be out like that.

But cause it is do dry and hot
mom makes sure the 
bee water is always full.

When she was out
taking pics of the Hummingbirds
she saw this pretty on 
her flowers.

the Skink lives on thanks
to mom rescuing it from
me the other day.
But if better not
venture on to the deck
again. Mom will not 
always catch me brining
them in the house.

Well, this thing is new to me.

It is a cicada.
It was hanging on the 
screen. Although it is not a 13
or 17 yr one for our area, there
always tends to be a few that
come out each yr.
There is more then this one
to cause there is a lot of 
noise coming from the
trees in the backyard.
Mom said, "just wait a couple
more yrs and it will be like
crazy around here"...

Mom is on barn feeding duty this
week. So this morn she ventured out
go feed. She says she feeds the pigs
first cause they eat right outside the 
barn and there feed is stored in 
a metal trash can. 
Then in the take care of
the cries of the cats wanting
moms attention....
and food. 

Then on to scoop up feed for
Misfire, moms old horse.
Misfire does not like being
shut up in the summer in a stall and
mom is not so crazy about that either.
But, a few months back Misfire got
really sick. Renee and Chris had
a vet come out and apparently there are
these yellow flowers that bloom in the 
pasture and they can kill a horse if
they eat too much. 
Now, Misfire has to stay in the 
area of the barn, and she gets
put up at night. 
But thank goodness she is
doing a lot better.

Mom fed her in the stall and 
then when she went back she
saw baby Wilbur in there
with here.

Mom got all her feeding done but
Maybelline was a no show
when mom called for her.
Mom went to the back of the barn
after filling the pig watering
hole to check on Maybelline.
Mom came home crying. 
Maybelline had past.

Mom said she had not been gone
long, her body was still moveable. 
Looked like she had started
out of the pig stall and just
laid down and went.

Mom did not want to have to 
call Chris in Fla. but she was
not leaving her laying there 
in this heat. So Chris got right
on the phone and has friends
coming to care for Maybelline.

Mom told Renee it was hard but 
she was so glad it was not
Lenny or Misfire. 

Mom hurts as she types this
for me. She was dating Mr.
Chris when he go Maybelline.
But apparently Lenny is moms

And of course she loves 
Misfire so much. 

She says it will be okay,
she is glad that Maybelline
is being cared for right now.


Monday, July 26, 2021

People Pox and the Drawer


Mom finds these quotes or
memes about chicken and
post them on James and Julies
FB page!
They love their chickens!

Mom has moved the big
computer down to the den and
she is calling that area the
craft/office area.
She lets me chill out
on a comforter
in the floor when she
is down there.

But that little gray mess, Misty
makes her own space just wherever
she wants.

Mom says that she can't put
anything in the top
drawer cause Misty has
claimed it. 

what I mean.

She sleeps great in there.
Silly girl


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Toys and Water

 Mom says I need to stop
putting my toys in 
the watering bowls.


She really told me NO more
when she found a piece of
paper in there.


Saturday, July 24, 2021

Needing a Break too


Like mom, sometimes I just
need a break from being,
well, from being ME...


One of Moms Breaks

Mom has been really
busy lately and from
time to time she
lays down for a break.

I wanted to be with her
the other day and 
let her know I love

I had to be touching her 
for that.



Critters here and there

We all had to remind
mom what she had
not been letting us
blog. She has been more
into tearing the house
apart and moving things

We finally talked her into
letting us blog.

This first pic is about a bunch
of sharks moving in shore.
Got to do with what
the news is calling
the Red Tide.
These sharks are in Sarasota Fla.
You can read about it here....

More sharks...
Yikes. Mom told 
us these things are big
and mean.

You can read about it

This was in Ireland.

And this....big hairy looking
dude was in the USA.

Mom watches a lot of shows
about this guy.
They call him BIG FOOT.

I think it is a good thing that I 
stay in a fence and the other
girls don't leave the deck.


Monday, July 19, 2021

TN Tiny Bunny and Me, Misty

The other day mom was leaving
the venue when this
TN Tiny 
flew across the drive!

Sunday afternoon
I came in off the deck
and decided to hang with 
my mom.



 Since I don't allow my
pic to be taken and I
really don't do much
but lay around I will
just blog about my
feline sisters.

Mom was in the craft room/
office the other night and 
Lily and I were upstairs.
But Misty likes to hang
with mom. Mom had this
basket up on the desk and 
guess who just knew she
would look adorable
in it?

A bit later she got out but
laid next to it.

You have to admit, she
is cute.
And look at that face.


Creepy Crawler, TP Mess and Vit C, D or Whatever

 Mom is done!
Cat duty is over.
Last feeding was last
She is glad, wears on 
her some doing all 
that running and feeding
on top of all the running
and doing that she does.

Did you know that mom
(yes, that is a strong word)
She does, so it did not make
her feel too good to 
see this wolf spider
outside of Mark's
house when she was feeding.

It did however make her feel
good that it was going away
from the house and not 
looking for a way in.

Wolf spiders get big mom
said. This one was about
the size of a quarter.
Normally, in the spring 
you will see them carrying
100's of babes on their back.
Mom told me that hopes
I never find one to play
with cause all them little
babes would go all over
the place.

Mom went last night to
feed and came into the
back bedroom to this.
Since Bubba is the 
youngest she figured it 
was him.

I used to play with the TP
when I was young too.

One of the orange babes
as mom calls them.
Just laying up there enjoying

This babe is one from Mamma 
Cats litter before the last.
There were three orange ones.
Course Uncle Mark named
them all. The lightest orange
is Vit C. One of the others
is Vit D and the last
one is Tony (Tony the
tiger). haha...

Mom said she was feeding the
other day and one of the
orange let her pet it.
Sweet. Mom would
pick them all up and love
on them if she could.
Left up to her none of 
Mamma Cats babes would
have been feral.

Anyway, glad mom is done!


Saturday, July 17, 2021

Coming to an End

 Mom finally got to pet
her buddy, Zuzu. She
has been staying as far
away from mom as she can. 
Saturday night for the
first time mom got this.

Smokey wanted to check out
the camera.

Mom and Budda having 
their pic made.

Mom said her Cat Duty is
coming to an end.
She will feed in the 
morning and evening
on Sunday. Then picks
Mark and Kim up at
airport Monday morn.

Mom says she is tired.


Caroline, and the Gang

 We are so happy mom loves
us and glad she loves
other critters too.

But at some point
mom thinks she needs
to stop being of so much

The other day Aunt Kim
called from Fla and was all
upset. Kim's mom has a dog and
it was sick but Kim's mom
could not get it in the 
car alone. Aunt Kim 
wanted to know if mom
would go help. 

Well all the vets are over 
worked and on a back log
around here so mom was
going to have to drive 40 mins
away to take the dog to
an ER. 

Being who mom is, she
was not going to let the
dog suffer. So off to
get Caroline and off to 
the ER.

Four hours later mom 
got home.

Here mom is waiting in the 
car. Caroline had inflammation
of the tummy and intestines. 
Prob from something she ate.
After hearing the Kim's mom 
said, oh yeah, she ate a mole. 

Mom took her home with meds
and instructions.
Mom was worn out cause as
soon as she dropped Caroline
off she had to go to Kim's
to feed.

I remember mom saying that 
she had been unable to get a 
pic of Smokey. 

Yesterday after being out
and about all day. Smokey
comes in an crashes. 

He is a Russian Blue like 
my sister Misty.

Mom told us that she fed 6 
feral one day and nine
the next.
She had been wondering
where the Main Coon was
and he showed up for
last nights feeding.

Part of the gang!

Hoping you are all having
a great Saturday esp
Brian and his crew.


Thursday, July 15, 2021

Cat Duty Week

 Its Florida week.
My uncle Mark and Aunt
Kim (the ones that rescued me)
go to Fla. and meet up with
a lot of mom's mom's family.
And mom does animal duty.

It started on Monday. Mom
goes over in the morning and 
evening to feed and hang with 
the cats indoors.

I don't have one of these
Wonder if uncle Mark will make
me a butt plate?

The kitty below is Becky.
I remember her from when
I lived over there for a bit,
when I was a baby.

That is Bubba's body checking
out the carrier.

Bubba was one of my best friends
when I lived over there.
He had a sister and a couple
of brothers but they went
to homes. Him and I are alike
in that we have feral mom and dads
but were taken in and loved to 
live indoors.

He is handsome.
Bubba is only like two weeks
older then me.

Mom loves his markings. 
A bit of spots and some lines.

Zuzu.....this is the cat mom
says that is the reason she
has a couple of kitties now.
Zu was a feral babe too but
when her mom was moving the
babes, Mark's dog found the last
one that mom had not moved yet.
She was three weeks old and 
mom said she fed her with a 
bottle and fell in love.
That is when she got Lily.
Then ME...

Zu don't always play pretty with
the other cats she lives with so
she was supposed to come and
stay over here in the guest room.
She was going to be our
guest. However, mom has
had issues with that. Uusally
Zu meets her at the door and rolls
over on her back. But she is staying
away from mom and will not
let mom get close. 

This morning mom figured it out.
Remember seeing the carrier with 
Bubba? Aunt Kim put it there
for mom to catch Zu and bring her
here. Zu is not a fool...she is afraid mom
will catch her and stuff her in there.
So she runs and hides between 
the lining and the springs of 
the bed.

Mom said there is another indoor
babe, Smokey. But she goes
right in and lets him out
through the bedroom window and 
lets him back in at the evening 
feeding, so she has
not gotten a pic of him yet.

HAHA...look at those bums!
They know mom is there and 
they are ready to eat.

You see five in the pic but there
was another one on the car.

Mom said they have gone form
16 to about ten now. 

There is where they live.
Under the trailer and in those
coolers. Mark has them fixed
up with straw and stuff. 

Mom said they are happy with 
their life cause they no nothing
else. That gray one in front in 
the pic below is a Russian Blue like
me. Smokey is a Russian Blue too.
That one is called Lil Smokey. The two
orange ones (there are three) are
either Vit D and Vit B....or one
might be Tiger.  Uncle Mark names them.
Mom is not sure what the gray and white
is names...but beside is either Barbwire or
Slaps. Mom said Slaps is feral but he
will allow you to rub him.

Anyway, this is what mom has been 
doing this week and until next Monday.
She says each yr it gets harder, esp since she
lives further away now.
But she loves these babes.

Mom loves us all.

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty