Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Stand Off


Who will go first?

Mom did, neither one
of us was moving 
so mom turned off 
the laser light!

She is just NO FUN.

Lily and Misty

We Know our Places

 We all know our places
when it is time for bed.


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Stash



What is this?

Misty replies with a 
meow, my hidden stash.

Mom was cleaning out the
bottom of her closet
and found all these.

OOPS....guess I need
to find another place
to stash my pom poms.


Peeking to Play

Guess what?

Yep, I wanted to play

laser light 

and I had to get mom's


What better way then

to peek over her


I got it too...

We played laser light.

Lily Bit

Keeping up with Rescues

 I heard Lily and Misty
say that mom sure
thought she was funny
with this chalk board!
It hangs just inside the kitchen
and usually never has anything
written on it
yesterday when mom decided
it was a great way to 
keep up with the critters
that the girls catch
and mom lets go.

So far Misty has had a frog
cornered, no lizard.

Lily however has had both
a frog and a lizard
cornered. The frog actaully
cornered but the lizard made 
it to the bathroom in 
Lily's mouth. 

Mom don't have to worry
about me doing that.
Thank goodness.

haha...mom just realized
she spelled rescue wrong!
Sometimes she worries
about her brain.

Sweetie Pie

My sweetie pie 
hanging with me....

Yep, I called my mom a sweetie pie!

Lily Bit.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

My Catch Let Go

Not sure what you 
folks call them in 
your parts but mom
calls them lizards.  
The name for them in 
TN are skinks.

It really don't matter what
they are called, they
are fun to catch.
Only not so fun when
mom steps in to
rescue them.

This one above made it to 
the bathroom in my 
mouth, mom made me
put it down and she
caught it and took 
it out to the outside
of the deck and let it go.
If you look close you 
can see it peeking 
out from the crack between
the boards. 

Mom needs to stop letting
my catches go.



I wonder if I will ever
grow that long.


Same Time

 Mom was impressed that
I allowed Misty in the 
tub with me...
with a low growl meow or
a hiss.

Next time.
Just wait and see.


Queen of the Back of the Chair

Misty seems to think
she is queen of the 
back of the new chair.  

Well, I have news for her...
never mind, I can't get
up there anyway.


Tucked In and Being Lazy

 Mom says the cutest
pics of animals is
when they are sleeping.
The other night she took
one of each one of us
all tucked in for the
night, on her bed.
Lily sleeps in her bed
on moms bed. 
Then the next day she
took pics of us
being lazy on the deck

She told us we were the 
lasiest things!
But she still loved us.

Misty River

Friday, June 18, 2021

Water, Play and Sleep


Mom found this pic on 
But we don't like 
at all. 

But I wear mom out
with wanting to play 
laser light.
I love doing this also.
Aren't I sweet?

Lily Bit

Thursday, June 17, 2021



My what big teeth  you have!!
Mom told me to say that!!
I personally can't tell if it
has teeth or not, or
even how big it is but
mom has taught me a lot
so when she says that I would
be just a SNACK for this
dude, then I have to believe

Here is the story that mom
read that goes with that

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) is again reporting evidence of alligators and cougars expanding in the state.

It was listed in the TWRA Tennessee Hunting & Trapping Guide for the 2020-2021 season.

"There is evidence cougars and alligators are expanding their territories into Tennessee," the guide reads. "Species expanding their ranges into Tennessee are protected and may not be taken until a hunting season is proclaimed. Alligators and cougars are protected by state laws in Tennessee."

The guide also lists other animals protected from hunting, like hawks, owls, songbirds, endangered species or any other species for which a season is not set.

In May 2018, a 7-foot alligator was caught on video in the Wolf River WMA in Fayette County. At the time, TWRA said it was one of several reported sightings.

In 2019, a baby gator was spotted in the Tennessee River, just across the border in north Alabama.

According to reports, 56 gators were dropped in the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge as an effort to expand the species in 1979.

"Alligators are naturally expanding their range into Tennessee from the southern border states," TWRA wrote. "TWRA has not stocked any alligators in Tennessee. Alligators expanding into Tennessee is just another species that we must learn to coexist with like many of the other southern states."

A couple years ago, a Middle Tennessee police department warned people about flushing drugs down the toilet and its affect on wildlife, writing in part, "Furthermore, if it made it far enough we could create meth-gators in Shoal Creek and the Tennessee River down in North Alabama."

Tennessee police department warns about 'meth-gators' due to flushing drugs down toilets

While the weather is warming up now, TWRA notes that once winter rolls around, alligators can survive in the state by going into a hibernation-like dormancy called brumation.

"They can withstand periods of ice by sticking their snout out of the water before it freezes which allows them to continue breathing." TWRA explains.

TWRA says currently, the state doesn't have breeding pairs within its borders.

Mom told me this is normal for TN.


Misty River

Other Critters around the World

 Hi, its me Lily Bit.
Mom and I were crusing FB
this morn and she was explaining
some of these pics to me.

These are called
Armadillidium vulgare
or as mom called

This is the info that was
with the pic on FB.
You have already encountered
them when lifting a
brick or a damp object, you may
even have felt
disgust, and even wondered
what nature was
wanting in creating them.

Well, omniscids are a suborder
of terrestrial isopod
crustaceans, whose function
in evolution is to eliminate
heavy metals such as mercury,
cadmium and lead,
which are extremely harmful
to humans, contributing
to the cleaning of soil and
(Don't kill them, don't crush
them, pass this along.)

Mom said that she used to play
with them when she was
young. Funny, it was like
she knew that they were
safe to mess with but
not to harm...

We don't see this here
but we do get fireflies.
There again as a kid mom
had a different name for
them. She calls them
Lightening Bugs.

One or two seem to
find their way on the deck
from now and then.
I don't mess with them
but Misty tries to 
catch them.

OH NO, what a mess.
I think we are really lucky.
We have not had these out
at my house. Mom thought
it was time for the 17 yr
cicadas here but realized that
was not the case for Nashville.
Northern states seem to be
getting them, so apparently
their 17 yrs ones are on a different
schedule then we are.

Mom said that is a beach
she would not want to be
on right now.
Can you just see me out
in the yard (mom don't let
me off the screened deck)
with these flying around?
I would be worn out either
tring to catch them, or
running from them!!

Lily Bit

Wednesday, June 16, 2021


 I looked
at mom and the

Actually, mom caught
Misty and I 
laying together.
It was a Misty thing
cause I am not
a snuggler and
she caught me off guard.
Then mom caught me
off guard.
Then I was over it all.


Friday, June 11, 2021


 House Finch.

Checking mom out in
the pic above.



 No, I was not trying to get
to the key to see
if I could get off the 
deck! haha

I was trying to see what
Chey was doing in the back

Mom had the big camera
out on Thursday trying to
get pics of the birds.
So she took some of

Yeah, I was eating it up
so I was posing!

Mom had to get on to
me later when I
hissed at Misty.
Mom told me not
to be assy but to 
be classy.

Lily Bit

Off Guard

 She caught me off

So hear you go everyone,
a pic of me.


I can Explain


Hi....let me explain what has
been going on here at the house.
My batteries on my 
laser light went out.
But when mom bought it, there
were extra batteries included
in the pack.
Mom being mom, forgot
where she put them. 

I did not see my laser
light for about a week. Mom
even put it in that saddle back
she carries when she leaves
the house, so she would
remember batteries. HAHA
it goes to the bottom of
that bag and I am sure
she never looked at
any when she was out.
But then she found the 
extras. So I have been
making up for lost

In the pic above, mom 
and I had been playing for
sometime with that red
light and I needed to break!


Good Morning Mom

 Well, Friday morning

I did not start it!

Thunder started it. It 
was rolling through
the sky. Then Chey
got the bed to rocking 
while she shook. I then
got up and started climbing
across the top of the headboard.

Once things calmed down, mom
tried to doze back up but
Lily ran across he body
cause she wanted to play
laser light.
Really, that girl thinks
LASER light all
the time. 

Good morning mom!
We love you.


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Best Photo Shoot with Dogs


Mom really thought this
was funny.
Well, we have to agree
with her.
Silly Faces!

Chey, Lily and

Monday, June 7, 2021

New Family Member

 Another critter to the 
OH NO...

We did not meet 
Emmy Lou
but mom did.

That is her and Braden.

Just so long mom don't
bring her home.

Chey, Lily

Still Not Looking

 Still not looking at the 

That did not stop
mom from clicking away.


Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty