Friday, April 29, 2022


 Tuesday night was
were all ready for 
bed at the same time.

Here is me, in 
Misty's spot.

Lily at the end of the 

And Misty in my
This did not last
long, Misty and I
ended up switching
in to our regular


Cat Being Cat

 Hi.....I am a cat!
If you have ever been
around cats, you know
that we are our own.....
well, cat.

We do what we want, when
we want and if we
don't want to do,
we don't!
If you notice above I 
am with mom. Oh, if you 
don't understand, that hand is
attached to a human, my mom.
I was licking her hand.

However, normally when 
mom gets close, to pet or
love on me, I jump up
and move. But mom was
laying down and I came
to her.

The other day, I was in 
my little bed at the 
end of the big bed. Mom 
came in, laid next to my 
bed, reached over and patted
me once, then move
her hand. She was laying
there with her eyes closed,
and since I was in the 
mood to not behave
like a cat, so I reached
out my paw, touched her
forehead. I left it there till
mom decided to move.
My way of letting her
know that I do love her.


Monday, April 25, 2022

Flying Higher

 Yesterday I was chasing
the squirrel and today
I am trying to get 
as high as that bird


See a Squirrel

 Mom, mom, mom,
I see a squirrel.

Where is it going?

Oh no, it got out
of my site....

So I had to jump over
to the other window.

And the squirrel
actually did not 
think I could 
follow it.


The Lights Went out in Hermitage

 Power went out last night...
one hour!

I freaked when the 
kids up the street starting
shooting fireworks.
After all was said and 
done, lights back on, fireworks

I needed to relax!

By the way, NES said that the 
power went
out due to a 

I knew I did not
like those freak'n


Sunday, April 24, 2022

Deck Napping

 I spent the other
day on the deck.
Napping out there is
so cool.


Saturday, April 23, 2022


 Well, my mom tells
me that I have
the most beautiful
Thanks mom.


Friday, April 22, 2022

Waking to This and Giving a Bit of Time

 Aw, if any of you have
ever spent time
with the feline form
of furs you know that
we sort of do our
own thing, we pay attention
to you.....IF
we want to.

Other times we might
be up and all over

Mom did her napping
on the couch the 
other day between 
the hours of 5 and 
7 am. 

This is what she woke too.

Misty said that she
was wondering what
the loud sound was
coming from moms

After mom got up and 
was blogging, I visited
her for a bit.
Let me tell you, 
I only give a 
of my time.

Mom loves it when I 
do this!

Have a purr-fect 

Monday, April 18, 2022

Meet Petey

 Meet Petey.

Petey showed up at 
mom's friends house on 
Friday. She went to the vet
today. She is about four months
and only weighs in at 2.3 lbs. 
But according to Dr. King,
she is healthy. 
Yep, Petey is a girl.

Mom went by to visit her and
she was worn out 
from her vet visit.
Mom pointed out the 
stripes on her, so she
is part tabby probably,
but Theresa seems to think
she has Siamese in her.
She has a pointed nose like
Misty but she has the most
exotic shaped eyes. 
Sort of like the ones
She is a sweetheart mom
said. She took right up 
with Theresa, lap and all!
Theresa is the one who 
lost a cat recently when someone
shot her. 
Theresa is not going to allow
Petey out, she is going
to be an inny!
Mom was so HAPPY 
to hear that.
Course Theresa said that
Petey has not made 
a dash for the door, she
seems to enjoy the 
in door living.

thanks T, for saving
another cat,



Sunday, April 17, 2022

Cat Nap

 I started out staring at mom
so she would play laser
light. But she told me NO...
cause she had played off and on
all day today.
I continued to stare but
then while sitting there
I decided to nap!
It was just a little


Games and Peeing

 Well, my mom is 
not really happy with me.
I play games with mom
and I am sneaky.

Yep, I know it is hard to 
believe all this I am 
telling you but its true.

See it goes like this....
I will walk to the back
door letting mom know
I need to go out but when
she gets up to let me out,
I act clueless and I will not
go out. When we are in the 
backyard and mom goes up
the steps to the deck, calling me
to come, I stand at the 
bottom of the steps and 
look at her like she is 
stupid. As soon as she
walks in the house, I come up
the steps and then I bark to 
be let in. 
Sort makes mom mad.

Before I explain the sneaky
part, let me tell you that 
mom understands that I am 
older now, I am way over
weight and with those two
things, I have to
a lot. I manage to sneak
out of the bed without mom
knowing and I pee in the 
kitchen floor.
I usually hold it till there
is a river, not a puddle.
So mom started putting
pee pads down. 

Only months ago, I peed
on the little rug in the cat
room. Mom did not know
this cause she never went in 
barefooted to know the rug
was wet. TILL ONE DAY!
She was not happy.
Had to take the rug out and 
clean it on the deck but
apparently I messed up the 
wood floor under that. 

Mom has made sure that 
a pad was down every time
she leaves the house or at
BUT I had this bad habit of
being mad when mom 
leaves. She knows this cause
before remembering the pad, 
I would be outside for awhile, 
come in, mom goes to store, 
gone maybe 30 mins but
I would pee in the kitchen floor
to show her I am not happy. 

Mom went in the cat room
to clean the other day and 
did it barefooted....OOPS,
I peed on that rug again.
She said several BAD
words, took the rug to the 
deck and said more words.
NOW, when mom leaves the 
house, I have to go to bed.
She puts pads down, a 
bowl of water and 
a baby gate at the door.
At night, same thing. 
She might have stopped
the peeing thing but
I still play the games. 


Snuggling with Mom and Taking a Bath

Hoppy Easter!!

 Saturday morning mom 
got up with a bad
headache and decided
to go back to bed.

I wanted her to feel
better so I curled
up next to mom.

When I fell asleep she
took some pics
of me.

But then I curled up in 
the crook of moms arm.

She flipped the around
and the pics are not
as good but she
wanted to show you
that while laying in 
her arm, I had to be
a cat and clean

This one front paw
really needed cleaning.

Then I realized that the 
back paw was in 
need of a good cleaning

Oh my, I got a cramp 
in my back leg so
I needed to stretch 
both legs straight out.

Here's me with my
back paw up in the air.

But then I realized to 
get it good and clean
I needed to help
hold the leg up.

Hey, what are you looking 

Are you watching me
take a bath?

Mom really enjoyed our
time together and
her headache got better.


Saturday, April 16, 2022

Fresh Air

 Yesterday I spent just about
all day long on the

That fresh air wore
me out. Last night
I was snoozing early in 
the living room chair.

Great sleep,

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Russian Blue Cats

Mom was doing some
reading up on 
Well, my breed of

This is what she 

Cattime says Russian Blue 
cats are known for being 
well-behaved, gentle 
and quiet. They are loyal 
to and enjoy the company 
of their humans, but they 
may be shy and reserved 
around new people.  Like 
most cats, they do best 
with routines — especially 
when it comes to mealtimes — 
and they dislike any sort of 
change in their environment.
Russian Blue cats are considered 
a medium-size cat breed. 
They have a signature upturn 
in the corners of their mouth, 
giving them a permanent 
Mona Lisa-like smile. 
They’re also known for 
their graceful, firm demeanor, 
muscular bodies and long, 
fine-boned legs.

Mom said it is all 
so true. Esp about
being loyal to their
human and shy of 
visitors. I run and hide
when visitors come 
over. Lily however 
does not. She has
to be nosey and 
see who is here.

Oh well, just like
you humans, us
cats are different...
isn't that right Brian's


Tuesday, April 12, 2022


 Mom thinks
I am the cutest
when I sleep.

I have to admit, 
I think I look


Lazy Day and Visitor to the Yard

 When the rain finally stopped
Misty and I headed to the 
However, it was a 
lazy day.

This is my feral
This is the first time mom
has seen him coming into the
yard. Except for when
it woke her in the middle
of the night by tripping
the deck light. 


Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty