Thursday, January 31, 2019


So I have to mail a painting
and I locate this flat box...

Only I can't get Lily off it.


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Furbabes Today

Lily is so much more less 
trouble then a dog and with 
that, she is the funniest.

Here she is on 

I think in the next pic she
was getting ready for 
a dismount.

This morning after play time she
laid down on the end 
of the couch, 
covering her face like maybe
the light was bothering her!

Here she is after her nap, on the corner
of the couch.
That would be Chole (black dog)
and the other is

This pic was taken on the other
couch after Chole did some
moving around so she is in 
this pic with Dakota also.

Only one not up yet was 
There love keeps me going.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sister and Brotherly Love

Going through pics and 
ran across these.

Took them a couple weeks ago
and with everything going
on I guess I forgot
to post them. 

Sister and brotherly 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Barn Babes / Lily / Chole

My barn babes love
following me around
when I go out to feed.


Oh....and I love the green
of Princess eyes.

Today the temps were up in the
mid 50's and Lily
let me know 
she wanted on the deck.

This evening Lily and Chole
lay down beside me.

But then Chole moves to lay
on the cushion behind me...
right in my ear.

I have learned that no matter
how much I want a cat
that I can pick up 
and love on, Lily
is not that cat.
She will allow me to hold her
for a second or two but
then you feel her tense up
preparing to jump.
I kiss her and thank her for
giving me that time then
I let her go.

But, I have noticed that she
must like me cause she tends
to want to be where I am.
Just not being touched 
by me!
I go to the kitchen, here
she comes.
I go to the BR, here she comes.
Last night I wanted to soak 
in the tub and she sat on 
the side of the tub next to 
Then last night she crawls
up next to me, 
places her paws on me.
And goes to sleep.

Aw, so sweet.

The furbabes thank you for
checking in on them.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Adorable / Fitting in / Misfire

What is it about this girl 
that makes everything she
does so cute?

Just laying on the back
of the couch with one
paw hanging...

Then there is the silly 

But if you wonder how
she is doing with the 
extra dogs in her
life this should show you.

The oldest dog, Molly can't get on 
the bed and don't like to 
be picked up so she is not
in the pics.

And here is my sweet barn babe.
Looks like she has had a 
good time rolling around
in the mud.

I need to get over there today
while it is a tad warmer
and brush her. 
Depending on the head that
is....oh not her's, mine.
Feeling better, but head is 
still not right.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Five Fur Babes

They all sleep!

Dakota and Cheyenne

Chole and Lily

Molly Mae.

Gosh my life has changed.
But that is okay, I love these babes.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Changing the Name / Silly Lily / Lily and Dakota Love


So with these changes I will
be changing the name of my blog.
I think from Dakota and Lily to 
Furbabe Adventures.
What sort of name should it be 
to include four dogs, a cat and a 

The other day Amber (daughter) and 
I was moving things around to 
bring mom home. 
We sat in the living room where
we were going to put the 
hospital bed. Her on the couch
and me on the love seat when we
heard a MEOW, twice.
I got up to walk into the hall
to look for 
LILY of course when Amber said,
did we shut her up in the office.

HAHA...when I stepped to the office 
door I see this.

I called Amber to look and asked her, 
"what do you think, did we shut her
up in the office"?
Oh my....

This was last night. Looks like they
might have had a rough day

So glad Lily likes the three dogs
we inherited. 


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

My Life Changed with the Last Breath She Took

  • On Sat. the 12th, I love my mom.
  • My oldest brother, sis in law Lori and I were sitting around her bed.
  • With no signs to show us this was
  • the end of my mom's 82th yr. She 
  • took her last breath. 

  • I am lost. Confused. Mad. 

Last night was visitation.
This morning will be visitation
again right before the service.

I have so much family with me.
I have so many amazing friends
that came last night to show
their support. But....I don't have
my mom.

Barbara Ann Montgomery

DECEMBER 5, 1936  JANUARY 12, 2019

Mrs. Barbara Ann Montgomery, age 82 of Hermitage, TN, passed away Saturday, January 12, 2019.

She was born in Cedartown, Georgia, to the late Horace E. and Gertrude Cole Biggers. Mrs. Montgomery was a loving mother and grandmother. She will be greatly missed.
In addition to her parents, she is preceded in death by her husband, Karl R. Montgomery Sr.; grandson, Sean Coleman Montgomery; two sisters and one brother.
She is survived by her children, Ray (Lori) Montgomery of Hermitage, TN, Pam Jackson of Old Hickory, TN, and Mark (Kim) Montgomery of Old Hickory, TN; six grandchildren, Amber, Chase, Cory, Paige, Cobi, and Holly; and five great grandchildren.
The Celebration of Mrs. Montgomery’s Life will be at Hermitage Funeral Home on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 12:00 pm.
Interment will follow at Hermitage Memorial Gardens.
Visitation will be on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm, and Wednesday, January 16, 2019 from 10:00 am until the time of service.
Serving as pallbearers are Chase Montgomery, Cory Jackson, Adam Smith, Cobi Montgomery, Caleb Besinger, and Mark Montgomery.


  • Chase Montgomery
  • Cory Jackson
  • Adam Smith
  • Cobi Montgomery
  • Caleb Besinger
  • Mark Montgomery

Monday, January 7, 2019

An Evening in the Life of....Dogs and a Cat

Well Dakota and Cheyenne 
passed out. Lily jumped up to join them.

Wide awake.

Of course they have to shift around.

Little Lily decided to curl up in the 
basket on mom's end table.

After being curled up sometimes you 
just have to stretch out.

Or flip odd ways.

Four dogs and one cat...
wearing me out and keeping me on 
my toes. 

The furbabes wish you all an amazing
New Year.


Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty