Thursday, June 30, 2022

Just Hanging Out

 Hanging in the living room 
with mom while our
power is out.

Apparently a transformer blew
on the main road 
knocking us out of 
power for two hours.

We are not used to all that
silence cause mom usually
has the tv or radio going.
She was not even singing to 
us like she does...

And believe me, we 
are just fine with that.


Critters out and About

 Mom went to visit a 
friend yesterday and when 
she pulled in the drive
to see four bunnies 

Pam, Sherri and I stood
at the front door watching 
them and my phone was
in the car!

But upon leaving Pam's home
mom spotted ten, yes 10
deer. All female, there were
no bucks. 

Just about a small block
down the road and 
around the curve, mom
spotted a turtle,
making his SLOW way
across the street. 

Now what do you think mom 
did? Okay, so you know
her pretty well...
she parked and picked up
the turtle. Thank goodness,
she did not pick it up and put
it in the car, she moved it
across the street, in 
the direction it was already
headed. Mom said that she
read someplace that if you 
move one out of the street,
take it in the direction it
was headed. 

Mom said that she was saving the
turtle but the turtle
hissed at her. She did not
care, she wanted it out of the
road. She also told us that
this was the 2nd one in about
a month that she rescued.

Way to go mom....
and thanks for not bringing
these critters home.


Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Whole Bunch of Cats

 Mom has been going 
over to Uncle Mark
and Aunt Kim's to 
feed since Tuesday before
last. Uncle Mark was 
in NC training and Aunt Kim
was working....
today was her last day.

Mom laid down on the 
bed to love on Smokey and 
Smokey turned the tables
and loved on mom.
Smokey is like me, 
a Russian Blue.

Mom and Becky AKA Zora
used to be the best of friends.
But she took a turn and 
the other day she tried
to go out and mom told
her NO. She hissed at mom. 
Becky is a solid black cat.

This is Zuzu, mom says that 
she is the reason that mom
got Lily, then me.
Zuzu is a tortie.

You saw a pic of Bubba the 
other day. Mom picked Bubba
up and wow, she said he
weighted a lot.

This is one of the feral.
Mom said that he has
a Simba face. I am not
sure what that means
but I think mom would know.

Another feral.
There are three orange 
feral cats. The two lighter
ones are Vitamin C and 
Vitamin D and the darker
one is Tony Tiger. 
The orange ones are
from Mama Cats litter, 
the one before Bubba.

Here are a few of the feral.

Not sure why but mom loves
that one that is looking 
at her, Maine Coon.

Mom just loves all these
cats. She explained to me
that a feral lives
outside. I am glad I am 
not feral. 
I love living in the house
with Lily, Chey and my


Wednesday, June 22, 2022


 Mom has been leaving 
everyday through the
week to take care 
of her fur
nephews and nieces.

Aunt Kim is working
and Uncle Mark is 
in NC training.
So to keep them on
a schedule mom has
been going to feed.

This is Smokey.
Yep, you have met him 

Mom said that Smokey is
an adult version of

She said Smokey has the 
same type of
Sweet (moms word), 
reserved, and serious.

I think I would like him.


Spotted Bubba

 Its been awhile since 
mom has posted about 
Bubba is moms fur nephew. 
He is the offspring
Momma cat,
her last litter. 

Bubba and his brothers were
brought in and
socialized. Aunt Kim found
him a home but it did not work
out so he lives with
Uncle Mark and Aunt Kim.

Unlike me he is spotted
and I have stipes. 

Anyway....just wanted you 
to see Bubba again.


Chickens and Me


Mom don't have 
chickens but she knows
several folks that do...

She thinks these memes
are funny.

She called this
Chicken Soup.

This is just not right.

Me chilling on the deck.


Tuesday, June 21, 2022


 Mom just can't seem to 
get enough of my

She says she loves the way
I lay on my back 
with my paws tucked
like they are.


Saturday, June 18, 2022

Surgery, Selfie, Heart and House


Friday evening Amber
called me on her way
home from work. She told
me that she was hurting and had
been all day, below her
belly button and  
down her left side. 

Around midnight her hubs, 
Will had
to take Amber to the ER.
Test were done and she was
moved from the ER to another
hospital in the next county cause
the ER does not do surgery. 

Amber needed surgery.
Her appendix was huge with 
a stone that was almost the 
same size, plus the appendix
had flipped. Emergency surgery
was needed, within the hour.
I got dressed and I head
to Dickson. They had taken down
to surgery about 10 mins before I 
got there. I sat with  Will. 
Amber was in surgery about 45 mins, 
then the doc came to talk to 
me to tell me that Amber
did well. They were able to 
remove the appendix by a scope.
Three incisions and instead
of stitches they used glue. 
Amber was in recovery an hour
and then back to her room.
I took Will to lunch while Amber
rested then I spent a while with her.

Here I sit waiting for them to 
bring Amber back to her room.

Look at that gray, all over
the place hair! lol...
This was Friday at the venue 
during photography time of
the bride and groom.

While walking the venue I looked
down and saw this heart shaped

Pic below is my older home
that I sold last yr. I owed
the side with the red door. 
I sold this place for 150,000
exactly two yrs ago this month.
The guy that bought from me has
put it up for sale, asking price,
275,000. That is how homes are
going in TN these days. 

I understand from my friend
who sold the house for me that
it was up for sale and it did not
pass inspection plus the family
could not get the loan. So now 
apparently having work done
to try and sell again. 


Thursday, June 16, 2022

Bored with the Basket



Mom will not let us 
go out on the deck. 

So, I just took up space in 
this basket that mom had

After a nap, I stretched.

Basket life, the best.


Bop on the Head

So check us out.... 

Don't think this is a friendly
thing, I had just bopped
Misty on the head when
mom came out. 

Now mom wants me
to ask dad at 
Brian's home if they
have any problems with 
the furs getting along?
If so what do you do?
The pheromone 
plug in thing did not 


Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Stuffed in Carrier and Man Handled

Been really hot at our house,
outside and in. Mom is not
letting us on the deck cause it
is so hot and she is
trying all sorts of things
to keep us cool in the house.
Something to do with a broken
air unit.

Even with it being hot, I 
was trying to  tell mom 
something cause I don't usually
get on her much like this
in the summer. 

That was not working so I had
to show her another way....

I peed in an empty litter box.
She was a little alarmed cause
it was just a drop and it had pee in 
it. I did this right in front of her.

Well, if it was not enough to be
feeling bad mom put me in 
a carrier. I was not happy about this
process so she put me in 
a clothe bag to hold my back
legs still. Then she stuffed me in 
the carrier. Not sure what
that was all about but then
she put me in that large red
moving thing that she goes 
off in all the time. When that
ended she took me in this
place where there was a cat that
was just roaming around and a 
couple of dogs on leashes. 

THEN....I was man handled by
people. I don't like people and 
they were touching me, sticking things
in me and then saying I needed
to take meds.
Something about UTI.

Mom brought me home then she
man handled me sticking stuff
in my mouth. Two things, but
they really did not taste bad 
and she said I did an amazing job
taking my meds. 

Two days of meds and 
I am starting to feel better.

Thanks mom,


Not Telling Mom 
is not sure who did this and 
played with her crafting

And we are not telling
but it looks
like Lily is being 


Monday, June 13, 2022

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Saturday Morn Deck Time

Our morning started interesting, never
dull. Mom went out with her
coffee before six am and saw visitors
to the yard.
That family of three
skunks actually turned out
to be a family of five.
Mom did not get a pic.

However, after filling the 
hummingbird feeders 
and the regular feeder
mom looked up and 
saw three deer
entering the backyard. 

These two entered the 
neighbors yard right
behind us first and 

this one was lagging behind.
He will one day be
a big buck.

Since mom had the 
camera out she
took pics of 
us, the furs.

This is me, Chey.

Misty, who will only
visit the deck if mom 
is on it. 

And here is Lily Bit. She has
claimed this chair with 
the throw on it as hers.

While sitting out
with us the cardinal
came to say 
good morn.

Along with some
finch, and the hummingbird.

All feeders are filled
and the feather friends
should be happy.



Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty