Sunday, March 31, 2019

Lily and Her Box / Dakota and Chey

This is box we had in the living 
room back before we moved
to moms so it was still waiting
on Lily Bit when we got home.

I started to toss it but found
that she loves to get in it
with the dogs!

Silly girl. She hides and jumps
out at them when they walk

She seems to be the only
thing bringing me
laughter these days.

However the site above made
me smile.

You see, when Dakota stayed
the night at moms, Cheyenne would
not sleep in the bed with him there.
Her being the QUEEN BEE 
she apparently resented the 
from being there. She would
sleep in moms recliner.

However, I guess mom not being
there and me taking over her
bed, Cheyenne gave up the 
resentment and slept 
with Dakota in the bed.

I shot this the other morning 
and was touched by it...
not only does she sleep with the 
KING now, they sleeping 

The story of these two go back years.
Dakota was a AMBER thing where
she thought at 6 Caleb needed
a dog. Six months later they
were moving and could not have
an animal.
That is how I ended up with my
best bud.
Later upon moving again, they got
Dakota always went in the car
with me when I went somewhere.
Going to Ambers Chey would always 
try to play with Dakota.
Dakota, being the ass he could always
be would growl and be ugly to
Later on, Chey went to live
with mom. She then became
the Queen and when Dakota
came over, she treated him the
way her treated her.
Later, becoming friends and 
playing together.
But sleeping together must
have been another thing!

Friday, March 29, 2019


Even though Roxy is not my horse,
I do interact with her daily.
So the events of the evening was
very stressful.

Around 5:30 or so I went to the barn to 
As like everyday, Misfire was at the fence.
I get out of the car and greet her
and she replies with neighing at me.

Yesterday however she did not neigh.
And while Stormy was with Misfire, 
I was missing a horse.

I fed the two girls, the pigs and 
the cats then I put on my boots
and walked around the pasture
Roxy has always been a accident
waiting to happen.
But I figured that maybe she 
found a low spot
in the fence and she had gotten
out. She has managed that before but
last time she managed to 
be in the safe area between the 
pasture and the barn.

I jumped in the car to drive down a
couple of houses ...checking.
When I came back I stopped and
called Chris (owner of said property).
He met me at the barn.
I was then missing both Stormy

and Misfire. I told Chris that they were
wherever Roxy was.

I called for Misfire who always comes running
when I call. It took several calls but while
walking up through the pasture here she
comes from the back of the pasture,
from behind the trees. I then headed that 
way. Once you break through the trees
you come upon another opening. I stood there
looking while I waited on Chris to 
catch up. I did not see Roxy and as I 
was about to turn and leave,
Misfire comes over to me then walks
over to the right of me, past a downed tree to
another small opening I did not see. 
There stood Roxy. Something was not 
right, she was not moving to me.
I got to her and checked to be sure she
was not caught up in trees or fencing.
But she was covered in sweat and 
she was moaning.
We tried to get her to move so we
could get her to the barn. She was
so weak that she could not move.
Then she went down.

I called another woman that used to be at the 
barn and she said she was colicky
and we needed to get her up 
and walking. I ran down the hill
to the barn for a lead line, halter
and whip so we could see about
getting her up. She would rest and then
she would try again, and again....
but we were never able to get her
up. We finally got in touch with 
Joe, Brenda's hubby and he was able
to get in touch with Brenda at work
where all I had was her cell number.
Finally with Brenda there, hubby
Joe, Chris, two of my friends I was
to have dinner with, Trellia and her
BF from the barn (goat owner) we finally
located a vet that would call
us back. He came but Roxy was
in such bad shape. After an exam the
news was not good.
She was struggling so badly and
all that could be done was to
put her down.

My heart broke for Brenda and for
her horse. 
RIP Roxy.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Feeding Time at the Barn

I think I mentioned that 
was into turning her
feed bowl over.
Two days in a row.

No clue what that was all about
but yesterday I stood and 
watched her. She kicked
out that front leg, hooked her
hoof on the edge of the 
bowl. I loudly told her no 
and she let it go.

Tigress was checking things out.

Snapped this cute pic
of Shadow. Isn't she just 
so pretty?

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Bathroom Habits/Feeding Habits/ Makeup

Look at the pic below..

Take that black hair and make
it gray and you have me!

Add a cat also!

Not sure what is going on 
but the last two days
Misfire has taken to 
dumping her feed bowl on
the ground.

She usually does this when I go in
the barn to get the feed for the 
other two horses.

No clue what or why she is doing
this. This evening I think I will
stand there and watch her to see if
I can figure it out.

Cheyenne has blonde eyelashes.
But it looks like she has black
eyeliner on also.

She so hated me taking a pic.
She kept turning her head.

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Looked out on the deck
yesterday and saw this site.

I had noticed the flower
from my wreath had blown
off but since I had not
made it to the deck to 
clean and arrange my
furniture I just let it lay.

While loading the dishwasher
I looked out to check on 
Lily and saw her sitting
there looking out in the yard.
Grabbed my phone which
is always handy and called
her name.
Having Lily look at me
for this shot is the
only posing we did.

My beautiful girl.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Sleeping/ Playtime

Well they took over their
side of the bed last night when
it was time for bed!

Then little girl decided to 
join them!

I think she was tired cause we
played several times yesterday.

And her and Dakota played some
together also.

There are those times that
she just has to sit 
and look pretty but here
I was playing with her Cat
Dancer and she looks
cross eyed!

Then later in the day........
she not only sits in a box she
sits in a box in a box!


Then comes the "she won't play
with me" look.

I tell you, this girl is all over
the place.

She loves running through her tunnel
at moms cause it slides all over
the place on that floor better
than it does at the house
on carpet.

When its too cool to hang
on the deck Lily has
taken to sitting in the window
down in the den. I missed
the best pic, she was stretched
out and sunning. But the
time I grabbed the camera
she had moved to 
sit up.

Late yesterday she decided she
wanted brother time so she
crawls up to hang with 

I guess cause she was not raised
with the other dogs she don't
hang with them or give
them much attention as
she does Dakota. 

Got a message on FB yesterday
from Julie at TN Tiny Weddings.
She said her furbabes had
something to share with my furbabes
if I was out and about.
I ran over before going to feed.
and this is what she wanted
to share with my furbabes.

That was so sweet of her.
My babes get a bowl of treats
before bedtime every night so 
they were happy getting something

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Two Buds

With so many critters
in our life these

these two don't get a lot of 
time to just veg 

Yesterday morn, Lily jumped
up to lay with her bud,

Friday, March 15, 2019

Even in Sleep

I love all my babes including
my barn babes.

But this little girl is
just purr~fect.

The two above pics were taken
the other night after spending
a day on the deck.

The ones below were taken
last night as she curled
up next to my legs in bed.

After a day on the deck that
started at 6am and  ended
around 8pm.

Apparently I have nothing better
to do then take pics
of sleeping animals.

They warm my heart.
They tick me off.
They also give nothing
but love.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sleeping Babes and Attitudes

Why is it that sleeping animals
and sleeping babies are the 
cuties things?

I looked over the other day
and saw Dakota, Lily and 
Cheyenne taking their nap
for the day.

That same evening after
spending two days on 
the deck
(which she loves)
Lily was OUT.

Then she stretched!

Last night on the way to bed
I look over to see this.
and Chole.

We are still trying to adjust to living
without the babes mom and mine.
But things are about to change
even more~
I went over to my home yesterday
to clean and do some work so
that I can move us all over

Right now though this is how our
morning goes~
6am or slightly before
Lily wakes me (the time 
change did not affect her at all).
When I roll, push and climb out
of bed she runs to the guest room
so that I will go and top off her
dry food. Dakota has to get out
of the bed with me. I go to the
kitchen, start my coffee and take
my vits and supplements. 
Dakota don't need to go out usually
cause he gets up around 3 to
4 am and goes then.
Fix my coffee, sit down and start
enjoying it and Chole gets up
and wants out. I go sit back
down and then just as my rear hits
the couch here comes Cheyenne. I could
stand that and wait but if I do 
that the routine changes.
But if I sat down with my coffee again
then here comes Molly and wants
At my house however that will change.
Since my room is up stairs they will
all be getting up at the same time and 
going out cause Cheyenne is a runner and 
Chole is just not the brightest they will have
to be put on a leash and going out....unlike
moms house my yard is not fenced. 

The newest adventure in our life is
about to start....
ready or not.

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty