Sunday, March 10, 2019

Plant a Cat/Rainy Days

Not my cat, got off FB.
But I think this must be how
you get kittens, plant a cat!?


So not my dog either, got this
pic from moms deck.
My brother made this many
years ago.

Yesterday was yet another yucky
rainy day. 
First thing in the morning (around 7am)
a storm moved in with thunder!
Yep, they were all shaking and
not at all happy in the 
living room so I took my coffee
to be and they all felt so much

You got it, ALL FIVE
were in the bed.
Lily was not afraid of the storm
she was just tired from having 
a BAW moment, running wild and
waking me up to begin with.

Yesterday might have been
a rainy day but it was
above 50 degrees so 
Lily wanted to hang on the

And later three of the babes
decided to hang out
on the couch.
Lily and Dakota still
hang together when they



  1. Such sweet photos and planter cat sure is cozy!

  2. Plant a cat LOL. I do love your furbabies and Lily I think is my favourite. No, I can't have favourites I love them all. Have a good week, Diane


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