Thursday, October 28, 2021

Wanting Attention

 Mom wanted me to 
tell all of you folks
that she don't mean
to single out 
and never take 
pics of her but...
Well, Chey does nothing
but lay around and 
sleep and Lily and 
I are up and downing!!

Like this series of pics
of me. 
I have this thing about 
mom going to the 
and getting on that big
I seemed to crave
attention then

She thought me being behind
the computer was

However, she was not thinking
it was so cute when I 
kept standing and sitting
in front of the screen.

She did not get pics of that 
but she kept removing me
and holding me.

Then she covered me with the
baby blanket and 
I went to sleep on 
her chest.

That did not last long though 
and I was awake soon, trying
to get into things again.


Saturday, October 23, 2021

Close up Work of Me, Lily Bit

 Mom does this thing where
I wake her up in the
morn, she fills the feed
dishes, plays with me
and then lays down.

She lays down till her
stay awake meds
kick in.
Since the mornings are
so much cooler these days
I take advantage and curl
up with her.

I like the morning head

Oh mom...
I like!

The problem mom laying
with us is she always has
her phone/camera.

She loves to do close up
pics of us..
here is what she got of
me on Saturday 

oh boy....

Hoping you are having a
fun day!


Guest to a Wedding and Adjusting an Attitude

 Mom left us again 
Saturday afternoon
to work a wedding...
whatever that is..

Anyway, later when she got 
some she showed us 
these pics to show us
the unexpected guess to the 

A cat.

Mom said it was some ones
cat and not feral. It
was wearing a collar and it
did not have a clipped ear.
Not sure what that means
since Lily and I don't have
a clipped ear...
but whatever.

Mom said that these two 
and a daddy also
showed up for the wedding.

Mom seems to think this stuff
below will help with 
Lily's attitude towards
me. She plugged it in 
Sat night and it says
give at least seven days
and as many as 30.

Mom says there is really
a more simple way 
then her having to pay this
much for this and refills
each month...
for me to show Lily 
Maybe if I understood 
what that meant I might
try it.


Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Stretch

 Some days you just gotta
jump on the furniture and
stretch for the sky, in my
case the ceiling.
This is the look I gave mom
for asking me what I 
was doing.


Deer in the Headlight Look

 Mom said this was the deer in

the headlight look...

No clue what she meant

but she thought it was funny.


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

HUMANS, So not Impressed


I have no clue about them at
times, esp my 

For some reason she
decided to put this
thing in the 
window where
I just happen to look out.


It did not scare me but I
really needed to crawl up
there and check it out.

Sorry, mom.....not impressed!

Lily Bit

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Laying Around and Attitude

 We totally do a lot
of laying around. 

Mom started to bed last
night, had to push me out 
of the way. Lily has taken
up sleeping in the living room
so its just me and the gray one. 

Mom is waiting for some 
stuff she ordered called
supposed to help calme
the cats down.
Mom is hoping it helps
with Lily Bits attitude
towards Misty.


Sunday, October 17, 2021

Not a Cuddle Bug

Those of you sweet
bloggers know that I 
am not a cuddle bug! 

But when the season changes
and the temps drop,
I like to cuddle some.

This morn mom made it
to the couch and I took
up with her before that
gray little brat had time to
take over.
Even when I cuddle I 
like a distant cuddle,
not up near mom's face.

However, I love to get behind
the bend of her knees, throw the 
upper part of my bod over
her legs and chill.

I also get some amazing
head rubs that way.

Well, just wanted to share my
morning with you
folks. Have you cuddled
lately? And did 
you get your head rubbed?


Thursday, October 14, 2021

Crash after Play

 I got tired after playing in 
my tunnel,
so I just laid down.

Its okay cause mom said
it was!!

Monday, October 11, 2021

The Traveling Glove

its me again, Lily and 
Chey have not been
wanting to blog
lately so I 
am taking over.

Mom has some really
strange thoughts some
times...this new one is
that she is taking pics
of my glove.

You see I found this
glove one day in moms
stash of gloves in a basket
at the end of the stairs 
that sats on the bench.
I like it.
Mom says it is my
security gloved.

When mom first saw it on 
the floor she wondered
how it got there then
she figured that it
must be ME.
She was right!

She left there on the floor
for me. The next time
she saw it, I was
carrying it in my 
mouth to her

A few days ago she decided
to make a pic album on
FB called 
Misty's Traveling

Here is what she has
take the 
last three days.

In the living room.
Back in moms bedroom.
This morn, in the way
hours of the morn I moved
it to the dinning room.
Mom just leaves it laying
where she finds it. She is
interested in finding out
where it will show
up next.

Oh mom, 
keep your eyes open!!
And Bloggers, stay 

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Curling Up

 When mom is in the craftroom
at the desk working on 
pictures, I curl up at her feet
between the hard drives.
I love napping here.


Thursday, October 7, 2021

New Best Place to Sleep

 I found the best place
to sleep. 
On top of the cabinet
in the craftroom 
on top of moms 
camera case.

Mom says I am just
so silly.


Studying Each Other

 Sometimes we just
need to study each other.


Funny Face

Wow, what a funny face. 
I had taken a short 
nap in the tunnel so
I had to do some major
stretching once I 
woke up.



 This breaks our hearts.
Esp. Moms.

Theresa, mom's friend 
contacted mom yesterday
to tell her that she found
Punky dead yesterday.
Punky was T's cat.

Here is her story told
by mom.

Punky came around over at
T's home years ago. 
Somewhat feral somewhat
not. It was a given that
Punky had been an indoor
cat at some point but
pretty sure she had been
living out for a while.

T started feeding her.
Punky would not let
T touch her. After a 
yr and a half Punky 
finally came in. T had
been propping the door open
for a while, trying to get 
Punky to come in, and 
FINALLY she did.
While the whole time
T saying that she did 
not want another cat.

Punky came into T's
life when T needed her
but did not know it.
And T was a blessing for
Punky. You see it 
had to be hard on Punky
living out on her own with
only one eye. That by the 
way was removed by
a professional which tells
me that she had someone
at sometime. 

I took care of Punky when
T went out of town.
When I first started taking
care of her she was
all mouth!!
Her and I would sit
in the kitchen floor when
I fed her and talk.
Never met a cat that could
eat, talk (meowing) and 
purring all att the same

In the beginning I would
let Punky out in the 
morning and let her
back in at evening time.
One day she would not come
in so I went out and 
picked her up and brought
her in. T was shocked cause
Punky did not even let
her pick her up. 

it all changed. 
T could not take off
work to take Punky
to the vet a couple
of yrs ago so I 
said I would do it.
Well, she was not happy
and threw a terrible fit
with me putting her in the 
carrier.....Our relationship
was over. 

That was about three 
yrs ago and Punky never
forgave me. 
Never came out to 
talk to me again and 
would hide if I looked
for her. 

T is going on a cruise in a
few weeks and Punky and 
I were going to start
a new relationship of
friendship, only Punky
did not know it yet.

My heart hurts for Punky,
and it is really 
hurting for T. 
T buried Punky yesterday 
and at first she thought
she had been run over but
at the time she buried her
she thought she had been 

If that is the case, it makes
me so sick. 
T is on the road
with the Governor today
so I will not be talking
to her till tonight.
I need more info.

There is a cat, about the 
same age as Punky that
visits T's yard and  
Punky. That is the only
cat that Punky would let
in the yard. T was convinced
they were siblings. She has
been thinking that it is
time to bring Nora in.
After her trip I hope that
T will work on that.
She needs Nora now. 


Monday, October 4, 2021

Happy Bday Misty River

 Hi, this is Pam blogging
on the critters blog

Who remembers this 
little critter?

This is Misty as a baby,
when I first met her.
Isn't she adorable?

Well, this week one yr
ago this little ball of
gray fur came into the 
world, and a couple weeks
later into my life. 

Happy Bday Misty 

I hate the thoughts of any
mom abandoning a
baby/child of theirs
but in this case, I 
am glad your mom did.
This mom totally


Sunday, October 3, 2021


 Oh, that child!!!

Just look at her...

 Playing in moms
crafting ribbon.


Lynx on a Stroll

Wow....Mom's mouth
dropped open!
A woman in Canda 
caught this beauty walking
down the street and grabbed
her camera. It was just crusing
down the street
and enjoying a stroll.

We have never seen 
cat like this but
mom said it is
a Lynx. 

Scary to me but
mom said it is


Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty