Sunday, February 28, 2021

Loving Misty


Loving my little sister....

Mom found this pic on PINTEREST
and had to grab it cause
it sure does look like Misty
and I.


Lily Bit

Saturday, February 27, 2021



Hey, I was having a good day and being

nice to Misty by sharing my spot at

the front door watching birds.


Friday, February 26, 2021

Sweet Bubba


This is the most handsome
little dude.

Mom said this is Bubba, he
was born feral to Mama cat
back at the end of spring.
He now lives with Aunt Kim
and Uncle Mark and
their cats, Smokey,
Zuzu and Becky.

Mom said she had fun playing
with him the other day when
she went over there.
She said he is just so 

Look at that pretty face
too. Bubba is like me and
Lily, born feral but loved
in a tamed home with food, 
love and all we need. 

Bubba is just two weeks
older then me so we play
well together. Just about
the same size too. 
Mom said that she is going
to take me over to
play with Bubba again


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Pic of Me, Trilling and Heat

 Mom snapped another one....

of me not wanting to have
my pic made.

Have you ever heard of trilling?

Well, Misty makes this rowing 
sound with her tongue. 
She meows some but not
often but she makes that
So off to the internet
mom went....
the sound Misty is making
is called trilling.
You see mom had to look that up
cause Lily never made that
sound. Having a second cat
has taught mom that not
all cats are alike. Misty
does a lot of things that
Lily never did. 

Misty also took up laying
on the cable box while
it was so cold 
outside. Guessing 
she liked that heat
that comes off of it.

So we have Ms. Misty trilling...

and I have no clue about
any of it I just
go off what mom says...
she says I am smart
that way,


Growing like a Weed

 Mom's friends on FB keeping commenting on how

big I am getting. So mom decided to do a side by

side so everyone could see the difference.

Me, three weeks old.

Me, four months old.

Mom informed me this morning
that I have to stop pouncing on her
chest. Crawling up there is ok,
pouncing from the floor is not!

Lily and I, Squirrel and Watching Mom

 Mom put bird seed out on the porch...

so Lily and I could watch the birds.

Course I did not sit there
as often as Lily did. 

She caught this guy eating 
the seed.

And then he jumped up on 
the brick ledge and on the roof.
Lily was taking it all in.

Chey is not fond of mom going out in
the yard withoug her. Lily wanted to go
on the deck to chill...
mom laughed about that, chilling would
have been exactly what Lily would
have been doing, it was cold. 

Anyway, they watched mom when she
went out.

I was hanging in the house
being good!!

Misty River

Friday, February 19, 2021



In South Texas, thousands of 
sea turtles have been 
cold-stunned by the weather 
and are being rescued by 
the sea turtle rescue folks. 
They're having to fill their 
vehicles with turtles and bring 
them to a central warming 
location. Some of these turtles 
being rescued are over a 
hundred years old. 
(Not necessarily the 
ones in this photo.)

Mom took the pic and
the info from FB. 

She had been reading up on
these turtles in TX.
She said we got lucky
in TN compared to
TX. They got hit
really hard. 

Lily Bit

Feeling Loved and Dislike of Cameras


Mom said she felt so 

I know she knows that I love 
her a lot but she is really
thankful that I don't
crawl up there on her
like this with my
26 lbs of body. 

Mom wanted me to share with
you that you don't see a lot
of pics of me cause
I really DO NOT
like having a camera 
pointed at me. 
Best you will see are pics
mom takes that I make 
a face or I am sleeping.


The Stretch


On Thursday we had that white stuff
falling from the sky again.
Mom said that was the last 
of it and on Friday it would
start to melt. 
Something about it getting warmer
over the weekend. 

Lily had been hanging at the top
of the cat tree cause everytime
she asked to go out mom had
to prove to her it was just
too cold. 

But she had been watching the birds
from up on top.....
after getting bored with that
she took a nap. 

These pics are her waking from 
her nap.

Did you see the teeth in that
last pic?


Bird Feeding and Watching

 Pretty and bright...

Mom has been keeping the birds
fed since the ice is
still thick on the ground.

These are not re

Mom says that she prepared
us for the ice and snow with food
and all we would need but 
she forgot about the birds.

She had a bunch of loose seeds but
no more suet feed for the 
holder under the woodpecker.

But she just tossed a bunch
of seed out in the snow. 

Its been a lot of fun watching them
from the windows.

Lily Bit

Thursday, February 18, 2021



Up in my spot watching the birds.
Mom went out and threw out some
seeds on the ice and snow. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Monday, February 15, 2021


 Mom's been painting...


Lily Bit

Staying Warm


Yesterday morning it was CoLd...
and bad weather was 
headed our way so 
we all, included mom, just
laid around. 

Chey, Lily 
and Misty

Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Two Boys

Misty here,

I got to meet mom's grandson's yesterday.
The little one likes to love and hold on me.
I am okay with that that.

The other one really showed no interest in me and
that is all okay too. 

We played and acted silly while they were
at moms house.
It was fun.


Saturday, February 13, 2021

Spring Visitor

Two days ago, Mom's friend Julie
was out playing around at the 
Bright Place, Home of 
TN Tiny Weddings, when 
she spotted this!

Little early!

Hope it moved fast to get away 
from the Polar Vortex that came
in the next day and took over!

Nothing to be afraid of Julie. I 
bet Rain and Gigi would 
have taken care of this for you.

Mom said Gigi probably would have tried
to play with it!

Just glad I was not there, I would have
been scared. But my sisters being 
felines might have also wanted
to join Gigi in playing with it.

(all pics above taken by
Julie Tucker)


Friday, February 12, 2021

Brrr its Cold, Friday and Our Bud is COLD out. 
Misty and I went out when mom
let Chey off the deck, but
when mom went in, so did we.

Chey had trouble getting off the
deck cause it was rainy yesterday
and it froze the steps going 
off the deck. 

This little kitten wanted to remind
you what today is~

Mom has a lot of troube these days
remember what day it really is.

We have been missing our

Mom misses him a lot but she
says that having the rest of us
furs makes it easier. 

Chey, Lily and 

Tuesday, February 9, 2021



Can you guess who is 
trying out the bag?

Lily Bit
Misty River

Hanging Together


Hanging together!!!


Small Things and Heavy on the Chest


Mom likes the saying above...isn't that
so sweet?

Anyway, mom thought she was
so funny with the next three 

She was laying down watching tv.,
when Misty decided it was 
nap time and she curled
tight up on mom's chest. 

Next pic mom was trying to
consereve air, holding it in.

The next mom acted like it
was all over for her.

Course we all knew mom was 
to be silly. 
Sometimes though, she
is just plain nuts!


Sunday, February 7, 2021

POUNCING and Sucking Up


Mom started a crochet pattern and I 
was really enjoying watching the yarn

Several times I did the 
POUNCE. Mom just
laughed at me and told me
that is why she gave up crochetting
and knitting. 

I know in another post we talked 
about this little suck up.
Here she is yet again...
sucking up....
by kissing mom in the eye!

Okay.....gotta run, the suck up
rat muffin and I have been 
playing chase and its her time
to chase me.


Saturday, February 6, 2021

Suck Up


I call her a suck up. Mom
calls her a baby. 
She is getting better about
not having to be ON mom
but in the evening she wants that 
cuddle time. 

She don't like the light in her
face so she bury's her 
face in moms hand. 

Then she flips almost
upside down!

I am still not sure about 
her but we are playing
more and more. 
I guess she is okay.


Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty