Friday, February 19, 2021



In South Texas, thousands of 
sea turtles have been 
cold-stunned by the weather 
and are being rescued by 
the sea turtle rescue folks. 
They're having to fill their 
vehicles with turtles and bring 
them to a central warming 
location. Some of these turtles 
being rescued are over a 
hundred years old. 
(Not necessarily the 
ones in this photo.)

Mom took the pic and
the info from FB. 

She had been reading up on
these turtles in TX.
She said we got lucky
in TN compared to
TX. They got hit
really hard. 

Lily Bit


  1. It's good there are those that take care of the critters in need. Bless them one and all.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥

  2. Texas sure has if rough and scary too.

  3. I have a very dear friend who lives in Dallas she says the weather has been terrible. So sad for the turtles but hopefully many will survive with care. Keep safe, Diane

  4. Whoa! That's not a sight one sees every day. I wonder what those round spots are. Barnacles, maybe? Be well, and best wishes to all our southern friends.



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