Monday, September 30, 2019


Do you have feral cats 
around where you live?

Mom says that Trixie, 
that black and white
cat that visits sometimes
for food is a feral.
She explained to me that
a feral cat was a cat
that was wild, had
no home and no one to
love them. 
That is sad.

Mom saw this last yr
on FB and saw again the 
other day. She is looking 
for a couple of tires to make
one. She thought she could put
it under the deck outside of the 
fence. She said she has
to do it that way cause
if she puts inside the 
fence I will chase her.

Look its a Kitty Condo!

No photo description available.

Mom would actually like to do
this for the furbabes
at the barn. She has put
an igloo in the barn
for them in the winter but
they never get in it. 
Mom worries about the barn
babes but I have never met them.

Yesterday I laughed at this....
Dakota don't like the unusual 
in life so when we were on the 
deck and he kept hearing a 
beeping sound, he freaked out!
He started scratching at mom 
in the hammock and shaking.
Mom put him in the hammock
with her.

Image may contain: one or more people

Silly boy!
Mom thought the beeping noise
was happening in the hood
but when it kept up she
went in the house to look.
When she got her creamer
out of the that cold box
in the kitchen she did not 
shut the door all the way.

but it stopped when she shut
the door. Dakota was still
shaking but finally after it 
stopped he got down.


Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Mud Bath

Hi ....
Dakota AKA The King 
coming to you today in 

Mom went to the barn 
yesterday to feed like she
does everyday. 
She came home laughing
about needing a LIFE!

She said that her life could
not get any more 
exciting then it was at
the barn....filling the mud pit
for the pigs and watching 
a wasp and frog in the 

Image may contain: nature and outdoor

No photo description available.

Sometimes my mom is just
so silly!


Saturday, September 28, 2019

Perfect, But What Color

Mom says I am perfect!
Her little angel.
She is just not sure what color
to call me......

This is a pic of my tail. Mom laughs 
at all the colors. 
White, gray, black, brown and orange sort
of color.

No photo description available.

Black velvet feet.

No photo description available.

My sweet little ears to hear my mom calling 
me so I can ignore her.

No photo description available.

My whiskers.

Image may contain: outdoor

Mom calls it my perfect little nose only
I would not let her take a good pic.
This is the top of my nose, looking
down my nose.

Image may contain: dog

Mom missed me the other day on the 
deck and when she looked for me 
she found me like this.

Image may contain: cat

What color would you say I am?


Friday, September 27, 2019

Eyeliner and Blonde Lashes

Mom says I look like I 
wear black eyeliner
but I need mascara for my
blonde lashes.

No photo description available.

She says she has never seen 
a doggie with that color lashes.


Thursday, September 26, 2019

Lumpy Bumpy and the Bobcat Tabby

Hi...its me Dakota.
I am not turning my back on 
you for any reason other then the
fact that I am 

Mom put my dog pillow up on 
the chair for me to lay on.
It is so comfy. 

Mom calls me her lumpy
bumpy baby.
I have lumps and bumps all
over my body. 

A couple weeks ago my mom
took care of her niece and 
nephew cats. There are three of
them but there now seems to 
be some feral cats hanging around
A mom, a sibling of the mom,
three kittens and this one more
feral. He hangs away from the 
others. I heard mom telling Aunt
Kim that the one cat was the 
biggest orange tabby she has
every seen and it looked like
part bobcat.  

He does look pretty big.
I would not mess with him.


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Oh Those Birds

Yay...its my time to blog
Oh sorry, by the way this is 
Lily coming at you. 

You know I show a lot of 
interest in the birds outside off
the deck. Mom keeps them fed
for me so they keep 
me entertained. 

But these little birds I am not so
fond of. They just move way to 
fast for my head to keep up with.

But mom sure does like to watch 

You know, mom is always telling me 
what a good girl I am. I only
get a talking to sometimes and 
that is usually when she is looking for 
me, scanning the deck, going all 
over the house and I don't
answer her. 
The funny thing is that I am usually
right out in sight but she says
I blend in to well with everything. 

However I really did get in trouble
over a new bird feeder that mom 
made. She did not hang it in the 
tree with the other one but hung it
on the outside of the deck. 

to just view the birds.
I thought they were trying to come
in. Mom walked out on the deck
in time to see me take a leap....
right into the screen hanging on 
with all my claws. She got a little
upset, raised her voice at me and then
took down the feeder.

oh well, I am 
still trying to figure out 
what was so wrong
about that.


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Chey and Rocks

I am not sure what my new
sister things but she plays
with ROCKS!

Mom took some pics of her
playing around with her rock.
See it right by the tip of her nose?

Picking it up.

But she had to stop and have 
her pic made.
Rock is laying right in 
front of her paw.

Gotta play some more.

She is so silly.

Mom just laughs at her!

Thanks for coming by to see what
I was blogging about,


Monday, September 23, 2019

My Brother and I

Its me....Lily Bit!
Mom had to hog tie me
to get me to come in off
the deck to blog this morning.

Its 6:04am and mom is trying 
to get the blog posted so she can
get ready for work. 

She took these yesterday. HAHA its so 
funny cause the other day she
took pics of me and Dakota sitting
in the same spot. We just like being 
close, but that is when I am tired
of running up and down the deck.

I love my brother.

I love my new sister Chey too but
we just hardly ever lay together.
Matter of fact usually when Dakota
and I are like this Chey is out
in the yard. 
Silly dog likes to throw rocks
up in the air and run and get them.

Dakota says that if he did that
he would probably throw it up 
and it would land on his head!!!
I love him but that would 
be funny!!

Thanks for stopping in to see
us furs,

Lily Bit

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Smokie and Becky

A few days ago my mom
went to visit and check on 
her nephew fur Smokie.

Smokie had an abscess lanced 
right above his tail. 
He was laid up on the bed
mom said so she laid down
and started rubbing his head.
She said she did not stay long after
that cause Smokie was SNORING!

His wound is healing and mom said
he should be okay.

Becky is a silly girl.
Her and mom used to have a
connection but that was when her
mom and dad went out of town
and her sister (Zuzu) would 
go to granny's house to stay.
They split them cause Zu is not
always nice to Becky. 
Anyway, when Zu started staying
at home in the house with 
Becky when they went on a trip
Becky started taking a catitude
to mom....Think Becky would get ticked
cause she was having to stay
all day locked up with 
Zu. Plus Zu meets my mom 
at the door and gets rubbed first.

Sounds like she is jealous to me.
However when mom went to check
on Smokie, Becky was a lot better.
Mom said she slapped at her and 
hissed a couple of times when her
mom and dad went on vacation.
But with her dad home and my
mom coming up to her, she allowed
mom to pet her again. about a catitude,
sure glad us doggies don't act like


Friday, September 20, 2019


Me and my sister.
Mom says that my sister
must have ADHD!

Just can't stay focused.

That head is all over
the place.

And I got tired of looking
at the camera.


Me Sleeping and Me Playing Hide and Seek

I sure hope you never get tired 
of seeing me..... 
Esp. as I sleep!!!
Mom said she was coming
out on the deck last night
to check on me and this
is what she finds!!
I was so comfy I did not
know she snapped this 
pic from the kitchen door.

Mom is trying something new~
she hates that iphone and Apple
don't play real pretty with so that she
can add videos of us so
she is trying to see if you can
view them via fb if
she post the link..
please let us know if that works.

Thanks to you all,
Lily Bit
(I think that was moms way 
of using my name but also
making it seem like she is
calling me Little Bit)....

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sleeping- Note From Pam

I woke up on the couch
to see this site.

She is sweet when she sleeps.


Another note~

Hi this is Pam. 
Last week I was fursitting
for my brother and sis in 
law while they did their
second trip to Fla. this 
The night before they came
home I noticed something
was not right with 
Smokie. Kim took him
to the vet when they 
got in and was told
that Smokie had an 
abscess. Apparently him
and one of the other furs had
an issue a few days before
the trip and Zu inflicted
him with the business end
of a claw.
 Smokie is now
in recovery mode.
Kim goes back to 
work today and since
Mark (brother) tends
to get busy and tied up 
in things I am going to
go over around noon
and chill with Smokie
while Kim is working.
That should break up his
day. Kim says he is 
acting very needy right now.

Bless his heart!


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Snuggling up

Mom is having an off day and 
not feeling great so
we all are just staying


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Lazy Dogs...

Its me Lily Bit blogging again

I just wanted to share this
pic with all of you nice
Mom took it last night.

Those lazy dogs were sleeping,
I was watching a moth that came
in at some point. 
Looks like I am top dog
though! haha....DOG!
Get it, I am not a dog!

I am just so funny,

Monday, September 16, 2019

It's the BIRDS

Morning Bloglanders!
I heard mom use that term 
before so I wanted to borrow

Yesterday morn we were on the
deck and mom was watching
the birds again as
she blogged.

Here we have a Tuffed
Titmouse. Mom said they
only seem to show up
in the spring and fall.

Well if they are flying south they
are hungry and fueling up here
at Lily's feeder.

This dude is noisy when 
he flies in, those wings
are LOUD.
Red Cardinal.

Female Cardinal.

Mom was telling us that the male
hardly ever goes to the feeder but
when he does he tips it so seed
falls to the ground and he eats from 
there. Although most times
he just usually comes with the 
female and watches out over her.

Mom said that the Blue Jays 
don't come to the feeder either.
Male or female.
Black birds and crows
don't either.
She finds that strange.

But the Chickadees come and 
they eat well like the 
Titmouse do.

Wren was here this morning but
by the time mom got
the camera loaded on the 
phone it was gone. 

Oh yeah, hummers were here to
but their feeder is on the other
side of this tree. 

Mom is thinking that she needs
to put a feeder out front 
by the front window so they 
can start getting used to that
one too and Lily can still
watch the birds in the winter.
Or can you believe this, she is thinking
of getting a heater for the deck....

Do you feed the wildlife
in your area?

Thanks for stopping in to 
check out my writing again,

Queen of the Back of the Chair

Misty seems to think she is queen of the  back of the new chair.   Well, I have news for her... never mind, I can't get up there anyway....