Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Me Sleeping, Dakota and Lola, Chey and Birds

Mom seems to want to
all the time, 
and esp. when I sleep.

Look at Dakota in 
this older pic
mom pulled off FB.

My sister Chey Anna Bella
likes to sit on the deck
with me.

Heard mom today telling someone
that she loved to watch
birds out in the yard and 
at MY feeder.
She also said that she
did not like them
in cages in houses!
WOW, would I have fun
with one in the house.

Speaking of birds
in the house....
The next pic is
Dakota trying to 
get to Ms. Lola, 
mom's sis in laws

Mom took this next pic
of a Chickadee at
I keep putting MY
in caps cause mom always
says it is there for me.

This next type of bird comes
in the spring and then again
in the fall. 
We don't see it during the 
summer though.
Its called....
and don't laugh, cause
it is a silly name,
A Tuffed Titmouse.

So silly. 
Yesterday morning while
doing coffee with mom
we had a Chickadee, the Titmouse,
Cardinals, a wren, hummingbird
 and a 
woodpecker, all within 
45 mins.


What type of bird do you
like to watch?


  1. I much prefer cat and dog watching over bird watching. I don't like birds in cages or fish in bowls. or animals in cages. makes me crazy. I think my favorite bird watching are coastals birds at the beach

  2. I love bird watching too and hubby and I often watch them. We feed them as you do. I love that feeder.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to all the babes. ♥

  3. Maybe you can convince her to put a bird feeder actually on the deck for you.

  4. You're lucky to have such a considerate mom, even if she let's your sister look at the birds at your feeder too. "D


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