Tuesday, June 30, 2020


This is a bird that I don't
watch much cause it
moves too fast for me.

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I think I could catch the
bigger birds though but
mom will not give me the
chance. Even when I 
catch one and bring it
in the house, mom lets
it go.

Oh well,

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Critters in the Yard Seen Through Moms Lens

 Hi everyone!

Mom has been playing with her
new camera.

Here are a couple of pics
she got the other day.

A hornet, wasp and ant
all in one shot.

Image may contain: plant and outdoor

And here the wasp and 
ant fighting.

Image may contain: plant, flower and outdoor

Mom said she needs 
another more powerful 
zoom lens cause
this critter however
in our yard was still
to far away.

Image may contain: grass, outdoor and nature

I went to the end of
the fence to look at
it and mom laughed
saying that hog is
bigger then me.

I did not want play with
it but I really did not want
it in the yard.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Mom made Lily stop 
hogging the blog so I 
could do it today.

We had a visitor Saturday thru
Tuesday. Her name is Lettie
and she belongs to mom's
niece, Holly.

Holly came to town from Knoxville
to visit for her Bday and brought
Lettie with her. But since her mom
has a house full of cats and 
bunch of feral cats, Lettie needed
a place to stay. She used to visit with
us when my other mom was here
also so I know Lettie pretty good.

Image may contain: dog

Mom took this pic Tuesday
morning, we are all being
lazy on the deck. 

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It felt good out there.
Lettie left in the afternoon
so life got back to normal.

Like I said, I know Lettie,
Lily on the other hand was
not happy she was here the 
first day and night. Lettie
was laying on the couch
asleep and Lily would sneak
over and bop her on the head
and run. She did this three 
times. Mom made her stop,
after she laughed.


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Me and my Best Friend

Mom said that I have been
taking over the Furbabe blog
too much, but she is allowing
me one more post before I have
to start sharing with Chey again.

No photo description available.

But I just wanted to 
share some more pics
of me but this time with 
my best friend Dakota.

No photo description available.

Mom loves these pics cause
she did not pose us this way.
Dakota was laying there 
and I wanted to be near

No photo description available.

Just so happens moms big camera
was there and she grabbed it.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

Mom also loves those pics
because I had only been at the
house for about seven days
and she loved how I took
to Dakota but more so how
he took to me.

No photo description available.

I loved him from the start.
And I know he loved me.
I really miss my bud. 

For the first year and 
half I had to be near him,
and when near him I 
had to be touching him.

He was fun to play with 
and mess with.

I tried playing with him when
he was getting water.

No photo description available.

But most of all I felt protected by

Image may contain: dog

When we laid down to nap
or at night to sleep I had
to know he was there. For
the first yr and a half I 
laid touching him.

No photo description available.

Either touching with my
paw or just have my body
up next to his.

Image may contain: indoor

And here I have with the paw

Image may contain: indoor

My head is touching him.

No photo description available.

Curled up next to Dakota.
No photo description available.
Sometimes I think he might
have wished I would back off
some but he never got mad.

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Here I am older and yet, look
we are touching.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

However there were those times as
I got older that I just needed
to know he was close.....and
even with that, touching butt
to butt was ok.

No photo description available.

Okay...tomorrow I will let
Chey blog some! I just wanted
to share some older pics of
my best friend. 

Lily Bit

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Posing, Drunk, Food, Tree and Dress Up

Mom loves this pic of 
me taken in Aug of 2017.
She said I looked like I 
had posed for her.....haha
I do, she just don't realize
it all the time.
Image may contain: Pam Montgomery Jackson

I was still so young when
mom snapped the pic below.
I think Dakota and I had 
been playing hard and I 
was worn out. Mom says it
looks like I was on a three day

No photo description available.

Mom hardly ever gets on to 
me even when I decide to open
the bag of cat food that mom has
not gotten put away yet!

No photo description available.

She did not get onto me when
I went through the food 
dumping days.

Image may contain: indoor

She just laughed, it could have been
cause I looked so sweet looking in 
the mirror. However she did fix my
goose so to speak when she 
decided to velcro the bowl
to the carpet piece! Stopped that fun
really fast.

I am not a TRASHY sort of girl
either but there sure was something
smelling good in this tall thiny
one day. Mom told me no, I got
down and have never been interested
ever again.

Not even have I been a fan 
of trying to climb that shinning 
silly covered looking tree that
mom puts up every so often.

No photo description available.

Moms friends think I am pretty
special. If we have to go somewhere
mom pulls out that box thing with
a handle on it, she calls it a carrier
and taps the top telling me to get in.
I do.....she says most folks have to
fight the cats to get them in that
sort of thing. 

However now if she go someplace
she puts me in the car and I just
sit between the two front seats.

One day at a scary time of the 
year where there are pics of 
black cats riding on brooms
with ladies in tall black hats
mom put me in the car.
We drove to the vets place.
I sat in the car like I said I do
but then she dressed me up 
in a baby gown, baby bonnet,
had this sucker thing and 
she wrapped me in a blanket.
Into the vets office we went,
mom held me like a baby while
they took pics. Then out to the
car again where she took all
that off me and I sat up in the car
and we went home.

If you never saw the pics
here I am.

Image may contain: one or more people and cat

Check out what that sucker
thing on my gown says...

Image may contain: cat

Mom said I made the best babe.
She tells me all the time that 
I am not the regular type of cat!

Okay, mom I get it, I am not normal
but hey you are always saying that people
tell you that you are diff and you say'
thank you! So thanks mom...and thanks
for reading the signs when I picked you.

Lily Bit

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Adoption Day - June 16, 2017, If it Fits, it Sits Pics

Did you know that in April
I turned 3? 

Image may contain: catImage may contain: catImage may contain: catNo photo description available.

But my life really started when
mom adopted me, June 16, 2017.
Look at me in the pic above, mom
said it took a bit for me to grow
into the eyes and ears.

This was me the day
I picked mom as 
my mom. That is
my two brothers behind
me. Hope they lucked
out like I did.

Mom thought it would be cool to 
show you earlier pics.

One day I was jumping and 
being my silly self when I
jumped up on the chair knocking
this bin over on myself. Yep, I did
this all on my own.
No photo description available.

My granny got me my first
perch to sit on and look
out the window. This perch
is now on the deck since my 
body sort of hangs off it now. But
its great for bird watching.
No photo description available.

I know you all have heard the 
cat phrase, " If it fits, it sits"...
Well I have tired that out several,
several, okay a lot of times.

No photo description available.

Brian and his crew at Brians
Home knows this phrase I am 

More examples of me testing
that fit / sit phrase.

Watering bowl on the deck, 
minus the water of course.

Image may contain: cat

Turned upside down canvas 
mom was not painting on 
at the time. Matter of fact
she was just pulling together
the new fresh guestroom.

Image may contain: cat

Cat stew anyone?

No photo description available.

Or do you like fried kitty?
Yep, tried out the skillet too.

Image may contain: cat and indoor

I finally stopped with the laundry
basket cause mom said I needed
to start helping with the folding.

No photo description available.

Course nothing beats a nice
cool dry sink.

No photo description available.

The shredder container.

No photo description available.

I have to say that I fits 
in this one with a lot
of room left over.

No photo description available.

Was really unable to get comfy
in this big dishwasher thingy.

No photo description available.

However bags work great for
sitting and even hiding that 
end of yourself.

No photo description available.

This box was nice
and tight and great 
for hiding from Dakota.

No photo description available.

However this box was 
a bit tight will all the 
recycle stuff mom was
taking off.

No photo description available.

Baskets work just as well as 
a box.

No photo description available.

But few months ago at the old
house I really had my share
of boxes....I love boxes.
I love fitting and sitting too.

Hope you enjoyed my 
Fit and Sit pics.

As much as mom loves taking 
pics of me sitting in all things
she really loves the sleeping pics.
She loves the ones where I sleep
with my face up....

No photo description available.

Or covered up.

No photo description available.

Come back and check 
out some more shots in the
next couple of days. Mom
said that she needs to work
on more pics of Chey!

This is Lily Bit signing
out for now.

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty