Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Misfire and the DO

Last week while feeding 
at the barn while Chris
and Renee were in the 
mountains I made it 
a point to brush Misfire.

But usually as in the past
brushing means, fixing 
up! Doing the mane!

Image may contain: shoes, horse and outdoor

Normally I would braid the mane
but it was so uneven that 
I knew it would be sticking
out all over so ....we talked 
and decided that PONY (no pun)
tails would work just fine.

Image may contain: horse, outdoor and nature

Course nothing doing I always
have to do the rubber bands in 
different colors! 

Did you notice the beautiful purple
halter I bought her a few months
before giving her to Renee. If she
was not such a pain on putting it
back on I would remove it and wash

Needless to say the next morn
upon my arrival to feed she
had been rolling around or
brushing up on trees and several
pony tails were down.

Can't keep a girl in the pasture
looking nice!!!


Trying to Sleep, Tired of Playing

I left the room the other
night to sleep away
from mom and Chey.

Mom came to check on 
me and found me so 
at ease and snoozing.

Then I caught mom taking
pics of me.
Aren't these pics 
so good...mom's
new camera!

Mom laughs at the 
positions I get in.

In the pic below 
I just ran out of steam
and dropped down right here!

I had been having one of my
BAW moments and 
mom was throwing 
pom poms at me (the one
by my back paw).
I just gave up!
Wore myself down. 
The look I am giving mom
is cause she is
telling me not to forget
where I was laying and 
roll over and off the 
side of the stairs!!!
What, does she think
I am that nuts?

No...that is not me in the pic
below. I saw it on Pinterest and 
wanted to post it here.

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 21 Pics Nooooo! It’s a booby trap!  #animal #Day #Funny #Pics #Pictures


Lily Bit

Monday, July 6, 2020

Hanging Close

Hi....its me, Chey.
All is well here in TN since
those silly folks decided to 
go firing off those loud
sounding things that scare
me so bad. 

Image may contain: dog

However the pic above mom
took when I hugged close to 
her the other day. As you can 
see it is still light out behind
moms head but I had already
heard a couple of bangs!
Was not taking chances, I 
was almost in moms lap.
She said that I almost 
shook her to sleep!

Oh well, yesterday was
Sunday and I only heard
a few early on but by
bedtime it had stopped. 

Hoping you did not get
scared of the boomers!!!


Sunday, July 5, 2020

Corona Crazy Animals, The 4th

Mom keeps saying the world has
been turned upside down and that
even the animals have even gone
Corona Crazy!

She might be right, check out
the video below.

Mom said that she heard
the Mayor of Myrtle Beach said
that people that were just there
needed to be tested....
I think the animals do too.

Here is another way the 
animals have gone Corona

In packs of that many they
sure don't show fear!

and if you are on FB
you can go to this link
and look at this crazed

Mom laughing so hard
at her, they were playing
Where's Lily and BAM
there was Lily!

For those of you wondering,
I did pretty good through the
sounds last night on our 
4th of July. 

Before it got dark some 
folks were already playing
with the noisy things and 
I backed up right to moms
hip on the couch. 
Image may contain: indoor
mom too this pic the other day...I
am recycling it....haha

Then I don't know what happened,
they just did not seem to bother me
as much. Mom said the Benadryl
she gave me helped to calm me
down. I think she is nuts cause
all she gave me was some cheese. 
Anyway, it was not so bad last 
night. I could hear that noise 
all around, even sounded like
it was in the back yard but I 
was cool with it.

Going be another hot day.
It was so warm yesterday that even Lily
stayed in more then normal.

Have a good one.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

All Boxed Up

A week ago mom had
this guy come to the house
and he opened this box
took something out and 
mom saved the box for

Well, really she put it in 
the recycle bin and I 
wanted it. Mom moved
it to the deck for me.

No photo description available.

Mom makes regular visits to the
deck to check on me and 
if she can't locate me, she
looks in the box.

Image may contain: cat

Yesterday mom had an 
errand to run so not to
upset me by taking me
out of the box and taking
me in the house, she just
picked me up in the box
and took me in. When she 
got home about 45
mins later, I was still in 
my box! 

Mom keeps the lid
propped open so I 
can come and go.
Mom understands me!!

Happy 4th all!
Chey will be shaking the 
house down tonight when
folks start shooting those
fire boomer thingys!

Lily Bit

Friday, July 3, 2020

Most Photogenic

Oh those eyes!
That coloring!

Cutest little nose!

Lily Bit is so photogenic.

I just love her.


Thursday, July 2, 2020

Feeding at the Barn

Mom was feeding at the 
barn for several days, and
one day she took the
camera one day to 
take pics. 

This is Maybelline.
Check out her cool
Did you know that pigs
grow more hair in
the winter months 
and in the spring they
shed it?. Apparently
Maybelline is not
going to lose that
part going down her back.

Moms bud, Lenard AKA Lenny.

Not sure of the age on any
of these pets but Arnold is
looking rather aged!

Not only do pigs grow hair
in the winter months, they
will eat, and eat, and eat
till they kill over unless
you control the feeding?

One of the barn babes,
Mom has always loved
those eyes.

This is Tigress, Princess' sister.

Caught Shadow watching
and hunting.

New addition to the farm scene.
They usually come around in 
the spring but this one 
seems to hang around and
eats with the pigs!

Guess they are not picky
with whom they eat

Lily Bit

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Sleeping and Hanging

The other night mom
could not sleep, however
Chey and I had had no

Image may contain: people sitting and indoor

She thinks I am so adorable
while sleeping.

Image may contain: bedroom and indoor

Then Tuesday after mom
got home from work I 
hung out on the deck all day.
Mom got in at 11:30 so 
it was still morning. 
But come 9:00 pm I 
came in from the deck
and decided to hang with
Mom and Chey.

Image may contain: indoor

Today, Wed. mom is not working
and I woke her early so I could
go out. I started by jumping up 
next to her on the bed and 
staring at her. That did NO 
GOOD so at 5:00, I decided to start
on the other side of the bed
and RUN across mom. I 
actually had to do this 3
times before she laughed
and got up.  

Life with mom is rough
when I want to go on 
the deck!


Tuesday, June 30, 2020


This is a bird that I don't
watch much cause it
moves too fast for me.

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

I think I could catch the
bigger birds though but
mom will not give me the
chance. Even when I 
catch one and bring it
in the house, mom lets
it go.

Oh well,

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Critters in the Yard Seen Through Moms Lens

 Hi everyone!

Mom has been playing with her
new camera.

Here are a couple of pics
she got the other day.

A hornet, wasp and ant
all in one shot.

Image may contain: plant and outdoor

And here the wasp and 
ant fighting.

Image may contain: plant, flower and outdoor

Mom said she needs 
another more powerful 
zoom lens cause
this critter however
in our yard was still
to far away.

Image may contain: grass, outdoor and nature

I went to the end of
the fence to look at
it and mom laughed
saying that hog is
bigger then me.

I did not want play with
it but I really did not want
it in the yard.

Thanks for coming by to


Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Mom made Lily stop 
hogging the blog so I 
could do it today.

We had a visitor Saturday thru
Tuesday. Her name is Lettie
and she belongs to mom's
niece, Holly.

Holly came to town from Knoxville
to visit for her Bday and brought
Lettie with her. But since her mom
has a house full of cats and 
bunch of feral cats, Lettie needed
a place to stay. She used to visit with
us when my other mom was here
also so I know Lettie pretty good.

Image may contain: dog

Mom took this pic Tuesday
morning, we are all being
lazy on the deck. 

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, dog and table

It felt good out there.
Lettie left in the afternoon
so life got back to normal.

Like I said, I know Lettie,
Lily on the other hand was
not happy she was here the 
first day and night. Lettie
was laying on the couch
asleep and Lily would sneak
over and bop her on the head
and run. She did this three 
times. Mom made her stop,
after she laughed.


Misfire and the DO

Last week while feeding  at the barn while Chris and Renee were in the  mountains I made it  a point to brush Misfire. But us...