Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Baby and Animal


Yep, and Mom thinks
this is funny!

Just so long as she don't 
dress one of us up 
with a baby like this.


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Visitors to the Deck and Backyard

Mom has been taking 
a few pics of
visitors to the 
deck and back yard 
the last few days. 

American Gold Finch

House Finch



Mom said she has
not seen one of these
for years...
A flying grasshopper.

Letti before she
left the other day.

Misty River



I was so comfy.




 Monday night mom was reading

before bedtime....her bedtime.

When she got up to go to bed

she looked around and this is

what she saw.

We were already 




I am still doing the 
bee line to mom!
I missed this
while Letti was
here visiting.


Monday, May 3, 2021

Its Gone and the Bee Line


I am so glad that dog is 
I am so much more
relaxed now.
Since that dog likes
being right up next to mom
and in any room mom 
goes in, I stayed up high and
away from mom.

I was so happy when Letti
went  home yesterday
evening that I made
a bee line right to my
moms chest making
my trelling sound!

It felt so good I took
a nap. Mom said she
missed that and said she
was so happy to have me

Misty River

Saturday, May 1, 2021



Mom said NO KISSING!!!


Other Critters

 Mom went to the barn yesterday and 

she came back with pics of other


She said Princess is fat

as a tick now.

Misfire is showing her

But it looks like she

is showing off her

new look, mom brushed

her and trimmed her

mane and tail.

Here we are chilling 

at the house, in the house,

while mom is visiting

other critters. 

Just so she don't 

bring any home!


The Stranger


Who is this?
Well, I don't know, 
but I am not happy 
about it. 

I am even staying
and away
from her.

Oh yeah, that is Letti.
Mom says she has been 
here before but that
was before ME.
She seems to be sweet
but she don't belong
here and I don't like it.

She belongs to Holly,
moms niece and she is 
staying till in the morning.


Friday, April 30, 2021

Lazy Butts


Mom has been having some 
off days with her
neck and head from
Misty and I was trying
to keep her company and
she called us 
Lazy Butts!

But we were curled up
on the couch with 


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Beauty Contest


HI...its me, Lily Bit. 
The other day mom was
going through some boxes that
belong to her niece Holly.
These boxes never got out 
of the house before we 
moved in and Holly had
yet to come and go 
through them. So mom
did. She took pics of all the
stuff in the boxes and sent them
to Holly.

Holly then told mom what 
she wanted to keep. 
The rest is being marked
and put aside for a yard sale.

Anyway, in the process of taking
pics, I had to 
jump in and 

But then again, I had
perfect timing on 
the right photo.
Its a trophy for
a beauty 
Mom said I won over


Baby and Animal

  LOL Yep, and Mom thinks this is funny! Just so long as she don't  dress one of us up  with a baby like this. Chey