Sunday, June 30, 2019


Three of 

Cheyenne AKA 
CheyAnna Bella
Molly May.

just waking from a nap.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today I adopted 
this beautiful
 baby for a pet for 
Dakota! .

She has been the best thing for both 
of us and even though
 things have changed in our home 
with moms dogs, she 
still fits in! She has been my 
saving grace the last six 
months, on those days when I 
could not find anything to 
smile about, she has made 
me laugh! Thank you for
 picking me as your mom 
Tigerlily (Lily Bit).

Lily Bit was 12 weeks 
old when I 
got her. Her bday
 is April 4th.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Today, just like the other

Leaving work yesterday I looked
up and saw the Capitol Bldg in 
front of me.

This is a very old bldg. The construction 
of this bldg started in 1845 and 
was completed in 1859.

If you are interested in reading up on 
the history of the state capitol
check out this link.

I love how folks show their
I love it seeing that folks paint their
front doors cool colors. Or they 
have unqiue mailboxes.
Or the stickers they have on their
cars or special lettering or 
words on license plates.

This guy shows is love of the 

I see a lot of military stickers or
things like this on tire covers on 
the backs of jeeps.

I loved this one.
She is an Army Wife.

Well these stickers usually show the mom,
dad and kids....along with pets!
I am thinking this one shows mom and dad
along with a mess of kids....and pets!

  Found this one of my brothers car.

For years now I have taken pics
of cool and unusual mailboxes.
I love the personality in them like
I said. The other day I was driving around
on a road near my brothers home. 
Thing is, there are not many roads
I have not traveled around where 
we live. I am a backroads QUEEN!
But I had never really ventured off
in this neighborhood. 
Glad I took that turn, found the 
coolest mailbox I have seen in 
a long time!

The back of the truck opens for the mail!

I also love seeing things people redo.
I pulled this from FB but 
forgot to pull the original piece.
This woman took a dark piece of
furniture and made a great piece
for the kitchen, a coffee bar!


Yesterday my friend Chris met
me when I went to feed at the barn.
He had this in hand.

He has taken to buying me flowers.
He sees something he thinks I will like and 
he gets it for me. 
So sweet.
He has showed concern about me 
a lot with my struggles with my health 
and still learning to deal with mom's
passing....along with everything that has
gone on in my life the last six months.

I took this yesterday. I was leaving 
my nephews home. They are expecting
their second son next month.
They just found out they were pregnant
when mom past. 

I am blogging this morning and so
need to get up and get ready for 
work. This is the one issue with 
working again, getting the body
to move but it does me good to get 
Okay......later folks.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

No Room to Nap

At one point yesterday before heading
to work at the Bright Place I 
looked over and saw this site!

Good thing I had no time for 
an afternoon nap!
I love napping on the 
couch but I guess I could
have had one on the bed.
Lily was up there but its a big

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Zu and the Nails

I know you have seen these pics
but I am limited to the pics
I have since I usually set the 
phone down when I come
in to see about the cats.
Zu meets me at the door
stretching and rolling over.

So I sit the phone down and rub on 
her before I go in the house

Zu named from Zuzu on 
It's a Wonderful Life was
the most adorble kitten. It was
so cool loving on her and feeding her.
Even more so watching her discover
some first time things in her
young life.

But...then came the other 
The rub me Zu, that would 
attack you when she had enough.
The hide from everyone Zu.
The don't pick me up or
hold me Zu.

But I am LOVING the 
newest Zu. 
She allows me to pick
her up and hold her close.
She wants that belly rubbed and 
she just flips back over when she
has had enough. 

Now I have a question for you~
How do you clip the nails of a four
year old cat that has never had them 
Me~ hold her in my arms like a babe.
Talk sweet and softly to her 
and take a paw in your hands.
As she gets to moving around just
keep talking to her. 
I got the front ones done 
yesterday, but evening time is
meds time so I don't mess with
her other then that.
Today however I got all but four
of the back ones done.
Becky walked by, Zu don't 
like Becky and sure don't like
her watching. 

Do I use a towel around her....
Have I been scratched....
Am I the cat whisperer....
my sis in law thinks so.

I love Zu. 
Today she did some deep growling at
me and even hissed cause when she
saw Becky she wanted down but
I continued to hold her and talk
to her. When she was calmer, I put
her down.

Friday, June 21, 2019

The Cats

You all have met Zu.
I have told you how Zu came
into my brother and sis in laws life.

We all hand fed her, loved her and 
cuddled her so I was surprised
when she took on that 
Tortie/Cat A-tuded!

She hated to be held, touched,
loved or petted.
You would allow it for.....
oh lets say, a second or two and 
then the claws came out!

At four she has seemed to out grown
that behavior.
Since I am feeding the babes
while brother and sis in law
are in Fla. I am greeted
at the door like this.

Stretching and rolling over so
I can rub that belly.

You have also met Smokey.
He is a Russian Blue.
He took up at Mark and Kim's
house and although they were
feeding him, he lived
there about 8 months before they
brought him in.
Not a feral at all but a drop
off or lost babe.
He is an indoor / outdoor babe.
But getting more and more
used to being in.

However, he lives in the bedroom.
Why? ZU of course!
She will not accept him. 
I have told Kim that she needs
to slowly bring them together for
its not fair him living in a bedroom
or going out for exercise since the 
fleas love him so.
We will see. He is a sweetie and 
very loving.

I am not sure if you have met
Becky is yet another drop off
or lost pet. 
Was for sure that she was an indoor

She adjusted to well indoors to not
have been. She was the second cat
after Zu. Although Zu does not care
for her, she allows her to remain indoors.

Becky is another loving sweet babe.
Up until last yr my mom kept Zu
when Mark and Kim went to Fla.
I would go over and care for Becky,
Smokey came later. However last yr
mom was not feeling up to keeping
Zu so I would feed both of them at 
the house. 

Before Becky loved all over me, but
last yr that stopped!
I figured it was cause Zu meets
me at the door and gets attention 
first. Becky ignores me now.
Even slapped at me when I went to 
pet her last night. 

Anyway, these babes don't have me
just rushing in to feed.
They each get Aunt Pams time and 
attention with playing or loving.

And to think.....two years ago 
I stayed away from cats except Zu.
Did I mention that I have Lily
cause I fell in love with ZU?
the power of animals!

In the words of Brian...
adoptive a cat!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Zuzu meets me at the door, 
stretching everyday.

She just wants Aunt Pam
to love on her.

However here is a pic of her
pouting after I gave her meds.

Update ~ I took Zuzu back to the vet
yesterday for her blood platelets to be
read again.
A cats platelets should read up to 
600 thousand. When Kim and I 
took her to the vet last Thursday her
reading was 21 thousand.
However yesterday the reading
was in normal range with a reading
of 310 thousand. Med dose has
been dropped for the next two weeks.

She lets me hold her like a babe
and slip the meds in her cheek.
Then lets me love on her before
putting her down to pout.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

All in One

Managed to snap a pic
with all the furbabes (in the house)
in one shot.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Riley and A Dogs Day

Meet Riley!

Riley is yet another animal that has shown
up at Chris' place. 
She has been around a couple of weeks now
but this is not one I am taking care of.
Lisa, Chris' renter as decided to adopt her.
She is sweet.

And here my babes, minus one since
she was in the chair behind the hammock, 
are enjoying a nap.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

In the Blink of the Eye

A lot can change in the blink of the 
eye. Two years ago my life consisted
of Dakota 

and Misfire.

Then after retirement Dakota started 
acting like a grumpy old man and 
mom kept saying he needed a pet.
Why would my retirement affect him
like that?
Well for 10 yrs he went to mom's
everyday that I worked and stayed
with her and her dogs.

I elected to not do a pup since
they are handfuls and I suffer from 
a chronic illness so I decided on a kitten.
Keep in mind here, I never was a cat

So I adopted this babe.

The bond was very strong at the start
between her and her brother.

Around the same time that Lily Bit
picked me for her mom the barn
was busy. There were 7 horses there, between
all the owners feeding time was
split and made so easy.

Today there is just Misfire and 

And my feeding times went from 
three evenings to every evening.
Sometimes filling in for morning feedings.

While all this was going on I
would spend a week here and there
at my older brothers home, house
sitting and animal sitting. 
I had four dogs there, two birds
and a cat. 
I took my two furbabes with me.

Since the passing of my mom and 
my inheriting her animals I have had
to stop sitting for Ray. 

Oh yes speaking of inheriting, I did take
on moms three dogs. One did not like
me so my older brother now has her.
I am down to Lily, Dakota,
Cheyenne and Molly at the house.

Thats Dakota and Molly.


Khloe (living with Ray)

Not only do I have those animals in 
my life I sort of took on the loving,
feeding and taking care of three
barn cats.

There is Shadow.
Update on her ~ shot and meds are
working on the flea allergery. She is doing 
great. Thanks Dr. King for the months 
supply of flea meds (samples).

Shadow was either a drop off or gotten lost
from her home. She is a Tortie, and very
loving. It is a given that she was a house cat.
I hate that she now lives in a barn.

Princess is one of the kittens that was brought
to the barn by the woman that was renting stalls.
She left three of them. 
One is gone now. 
But Princess and her sis Tigress 
remains with Shadow.

I went from never dealing with cats
to so many in my life.

You met Zuzu the other day when
I went to the vet with her and my
sis in law Kim. 

Zuzu is a Tortie also.
She was found under a shed and 
was only 3 weeks old. 
with Zu and she is the reason 
I now have Lily.
Update of Zu~ she is acting more
like herself and I will be taking
her to the vet Tuesday for another
platelet count. 

When my younger brother and Kim
go on vacation I go over and care for
there three cats. I used to go morning
and evening but working now I will
not be going in the morn.

I will be starting my week long
cat caregiving Monday.

This is Smokey. I went with Kim
to the vet again yesterday cause like 
Shadow he is allergic to fleas. He too
appears to be a house cat gone run
away or drop off. Mark and Kim
adopted him in the fold. 

On top of all the critters I now have, 
the ones I used to baby sit, the ones
I still do and the and the ones I feed every
evening, here are three others
on my evening feed list.




Oh yes, lets not forget the pretty black and
white feral that comes to the house
at times to be fed.
depending it could
be Tux. 
Not sure of the gender!

I am in contact each day with 
wild turkey and deer when I go
feed at the barn. 
The other day I watched a ground
hog run across the pasture, not to mention 
a coyote here and there.
The mom deer and babe I saw yesterday
in the neighbors yard.
The now gone raccoon.
And we can not forget my prince
the frog that lived in moms downstairs
bathroom over the winter.
Then yesterday Lily tried
to play with this guy when he somehow
got in the screened deck.

So....all this has come about in the last
two years. Change is a thing that we
can not hide from but sometimes
change can change your life in 
that blink of an eye. 

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty