Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Lily All Boxed Up

Those of you that have had
kittens or cats know
how they love closed in 
tight places like

I took my throw out of the 
box and sat it on the floor today.
I looked own and I saw this.

Dakota was trying so hard to
get Lily to come out
so he could play! 

Check this out!

I am so thankful that
I did not have to deal with this.

Lily was great with the tree.
The only issue was that she
loved to walk across the 
packages but that was it. 
you made a statement on one
post that it was a wonder
she did not rip through the
wrapping paper, I did not have
that issue either. The paper
was thick and I clip her
nails on a regular basis.
Hold her in my arms like 
a baby and take regular clippers
to her. I talk sweet to her and
she does well. But I have noticed
that the nails are getting
thicker and will not
go in the small opening of
the clippers....
guess we will move up to
the ones I use on Dakota.

Thanks for stopping in, 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Lily Bit and Dakota

When my best friend Debbie came by
Sunday for us to exchange gifts and we talked
Lily decided to jump in the bag my
gift came in.
See the tail sticking out?

I had to jump up and get a shot 
of her of course!


Monday night as I was getting ready
to go to the handbell concert I had
company while I put on my makeup.

Then the other night from
my end of the couch I look
down to see this site.

Shortly after waking from the site
above, Lily has one of her
buck a-- wild moments and
runs through the house playing.

Only to wear down about 20 minutes later.
I look over to see her in the 
small trash can under the chair
in the living room.

In a few minutes I notice she is 
asleep in that trash can!

I try to keep my phone close
by for photo ops like these.
But the other morning after blogging,
surfing PINTEREST and FBing 
I laid down on the couch,
my head was just below
Dakota's stretched out form and 
I had my hand rubbing his belly when
up jumps Lily.
She stretches out next to me, the back 
of her head right at my face, with 
my other hand I start to rub her.
Normally she will move away, she
is not big on being rubbed except on the
head but then again, she normally will
not lay up next to me either....
But with all that taking place I realized
that my cell was on the arm of the 
couch at the other end and missed 
the sweetest shot....as I rubbed
both my babes Lily reached her paw
up to touch Dakota's paw and we all
three fell asleep!

Thanks for stopping in, 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Wrapping with Lily and the Tree

At times there just
seems to be one of 

Yesterday was one of those
days, Lily was full of herself.

It seemed to start with me wrapping
one last gift and Lily
loved the box!

I have to laugh at how nosey
kittens are!

Now to see how she fits her
bod in that box with those

And she seems happy with
it when done.

It's like she knows she is just
so darn cute so she
has to strike a pose!

Oh wow....I think I heard a noise
in the kitchen!
And after this shot she was gone!

Only to return when she heard
the rattle of the paper!
Wrapping with her standing 
on the paper and box
is not an easy task!

Later I stretched out on the
couch for a few mins only
to see Lily crawling up in 
a lose fitting roll of wrapping paper.

Then she reaches out to 
grab Dakota's paw.

Then she tries getting him 
with both paws!

Shortly after that (these pics were
taken over a matter of the afternoon)
she jumps up in my container of
bags, tissue paper, ribbon and etc.

But that was not enough for her....
she had to crawl up in the open
box of bows!

Reaching out to try and grab 
my phone as I took this pic!

And then it became NAP 
time. She slept in there for about
30 mins.  Even missing treat
time. Dakota continued with 
treat time and Lily had her's when
she woke.


Then more cuteness came...
I put my tree up two days after
Thanksgiving and Lily
has showed no interest in that
tree except to chew on a bottom 
branch every now and then...

But something caught her attention
last night.

Is this not the most adorable pic.
She set there for the longest, just

Then once I told her no...she
gave up on whatever that
thought was....

But she kept looking back.

Stopping to pose and be sure
I got another adorable pic
of her!

Seriously, I never used to keep 
my phone with me in the house,
I have a landline but with 
Lily around I am learning to 
keep it close for days like

Don't get me wrong, I love Dakota just
as much as I do Lily but since he
is older he just lays around
and sleeps most of the time where
Lily keeps me hopping with 
days like yesterday!

Thanks for checking in, 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Dakota Playing / Lily Alert

Dakota, Lily and I spent
a cold day just laying around
yesterday. It was a PJ day
for me.

Dakota had a little energy he needed
to get rid of so we played 
stuff doggie!

Playing stuff doggie consist of 
me tossing the dog in the 
air, Dakota grabbing it and 
running off with it so 
he can chew on it.

Unlike the dog I had when Amber
was young, Dakota don't play
fetch. He will not play ball.

He would rather just chew a hole
in his toy and pull stuffing
out all over the room!

As of yet, this one still is intact!

Yesterday while chilling and taking it
easy I was texting with Theresa.
During that text Lily decided she
wanted to love on me again
(I got a lot of loving yesterday).
While in the process of getting
Lily love, T texted me back,
the sound got Lily's attention.

Check out how alert she is.

If I could teach her to answer the 
phone I would have it made cause
if my phone is laying there and it
rings she runs to it and slaps it
with her paw....
esp if mom is calling cause
mom's ringer is dogs barking!

Thanks for following my two sweet babes, 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Lily Adventures

I had the fear that Lily would be
up in the Christmas
tree but I
have been
really lucky there cause
the most she has done is
bite at the lower branches
and slap a lower ornament. 

Yesterday and this morning
I have noticed she is hanging
around the tree more...
walking over the gifts and 
hiding behind the tree.

Silly Lily.


This morn she has also been busy
chasing a bug.


Thanks for stopping in and 
checking on what Lily
has been up too.

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty