Friday, December 15, 2017

Lily Adventures

I had the fear that Lily would be
up in the Christmas
tree but I
have been
really lucky there cause
the most she has done is
bite at the lower branches
and slap a lower ornament. 

Yesterday and this morning
I have noticed she is hanging
around the tree more...
walking over the gifts and 
hiding behind the tree.

Silly Lily.


This morn she has also been busy
chasing a bug.


Thanks for stopping in and 
checking on what Lily
has been up too.


  1. i love each and every one of these photos. she is just so darn cute... your photos are excellent and capture her antis perfectly. i saw on another blog today a picture of a kitten Christmas card that said I thought you said WRECK the halls. you might find a use for that phrase. hope not

  2. the rosemary in the shampoo is already working after only 3 uses of it and also my hair looks shinnier and healthier but i think it might be making it more gray. ha ha

  3. Lily is so cute poking around under and around the tree. When Kaboodle, who is now 15, was a kitten, she would lay among the Nativity figures!

  4. I cannot believe her claws haven't pierced the wrapping! Oh, I hope I didn't jinx you. ~hugs~ What a doll baby.

  5. She really is so cute. Keep well Diane

  6. That first photo "I didn't do it!" I get that look every day lol! Oscar was chasing some invisible bug today...that little kitty has energy!


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