Sunday, December 17, 2017

Wrapping with Lily and the Tree

At times there just
seems to be one of 

Yesterday was one of those
days, Lily was full of herself.

It seemed to start with me wrapping
one last gift and Lily
loved the box!

I have to laugh at how nosey
kittens are!

Now to see how she fits her
bod in that box with those

And she seems happy with
it when done.

It's like she knows she is just
so darn cute so she
has to strike a pose!

Oh wow....I think I heard a noise
in the kitchen!
And after this shot she was gone!

Only to return when she heard
the rattle of the paper!
Wrapping with her standing 
on the paper and box
is not an easy task!

Later I stretched out on the
couch for a few mins only
to see Lily crawling up in 
a lose fitting roll of wrapping paper.

Then she reaches out to 
grab Dakota's paw.

Then she tries getting him 
with both paws!

Shortly after that (these pics were
taken over a matter of the afternoon)
she jumps up in my container of
bags, tissue paper, ribbon and etc.

But that was not enough for her....
she had to crawl up in the open
box of bows!

Reaching out to try and grab 
my phone as I took this pic!

And then it became NAP 
time. She slept in there for about
30 mins.  Even missing treat
time. Dakota continued with 
treat time and Lily had her's when
she woke.


Then more cuteness came...
I put my tree up two days after
Thanksgiving and Lily
has showed no interest in that
tree except to chew on a bottom 
branch every now and then...

But something caught her attention
last night.

Is this not the most adorable pic.
She set there for the longest, just

Then once I told her no...she
gave up on whatever that
thought was....

But she kept looking back.

Stopping to pose and be sure
I got another adorable pic
of her!

Seriously, I never used to keep 
my phone with me in the house,
I have a landline but with 
Lily around I am learning to 
keep it close for days like

Don't get me wrong, I love Dakota just
as much as I do Lily but since he
is older he just lays around
and sleeps most of the time where
Lily keeps me hopping with 
days like yesterday!

Thanks for checking in, 


  1. Pam, she is so me, they don't grow up lol...ours do the same thing at their ages, oldest one is seven. We call our Leo "Hobo Leo" because he loves to "cuddle" under newspapers and old boxes lol...if we gave him an old pizza box he'd be thrilled!

    It looks like Lily may have thought she heard reindeer on the roof? Wishful kitty thinking?? :)

    The number of photos that Alex and I have of the pets is ridiculous, you are NOT alone, there is always a photo op!!

  2. every single one of these made me SMILE really SMILE... so precious and she will never have a weight problem with all her energy.


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