Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Mom is Silly


Mom is just so silly. Look at that look

she is giving me while I sleep on 

her with my paw on her face. 


Misty River

Oh, Hi


What? Did you say something?

Oh, hi everyone. I was just
chilling here on the couch and 
enjoying my day when mom called
me name. 
Then SNAP...
she caught me off guard!

Oh yeah, the other two girls are
off napping.

Thanks for coming to say hi,

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Trilling to Trilly

 Misty makes this silly little sound, 

its not a purr or a meow

But it sounds like a rolling of the tongue
(I heard mom say that).

Anyway, mom looked it up to educate herself
and us. 
The sound Misty makes is called
Sometimes mom calls here
Trilly now.
Course we all have nicknames
and we get called lots
of different things, 
esp when mom is making up
silly songs about us.

I am not sure what Misty is saying
when she is talking the
trilling talk but she
does it mostly when she is 
wanting mom. 


Big Gray Rat

 I know that Chey and Lily call me a rat muffin.

However, I was shocked when mom stated

that she had a big gray RAT in her kitchen


She laughed and told me she was kidding.


Booming Night

 Yesterday was another BOOMING day 

in Nashville, all day.  

Mom moved us downstairs in the evening hours 

when it picked up and got worse. We stayed for

Mom painted while Chey and I cuddled up

on the daybed. Misty was in the floor, in 


We moved downstairs about 4:30 pm and

mom finally opened the door to

let us go upstairs around 1.

Mom had turned up the TV and

gave Chey a Benadryl so she 

did not really worry about

the storms much. 

Mom had the bathroom down there

set up for our shelter if we

needed to run. 

When mom was finished painting, 

she was tired and laid down

to sleep. Leaving the TV

and the alert on the phone on.

She did learn though that when 

sleeping on the daybed, remove

ALL the pillows!

Mom said that sleeping on the 

daybed with the pillows,

me and Chey wanting 

to lay sideways was not a all

comfy for her. Chey and I had

no issues sleeping. 

Plus...the silly buzzer on the phone

kept going off. 

Beautiful sunny day today. Misty and 
I have already been on the deck

while mom took a morn

nap. It's 59 which is a bit cooler

then the 70 yesterday but mom keeps

the door cracked open so if 

we get cold, we come in.

I like these days better then the 

stormy nights.

Lily Bit

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Built in Smile

 Mom sure does love these type of pics.

Pics of us furs sleeping. She told me she
wanted this pic cause I was sleeping
with my mouth partly open.
She also said it shows my built in
Do you see it?


Thursday, March 25, 2021

My Turn at Sleeping

 Chey was talking about mom taking 

pics of her sleeping just yesterday...

and here she is posting pics
of me sleeping.

Lily Bit

Sleepy Time

 Sleepy Time.....

I was tired last night but mom
had to take my pic. 


Wednesday, March 24, 2021



Last night mom came to bed late
(not like her), and I was 
cuddled up in my cat bed. 

Yep, mom had to take a pic.
She says I am GORGEOUS.....

Lily Bit

Monday, March 22, 2021

Nap Time on Mom

 Mom usually has rough mornings. It requires her

 to roll out of bed and make it to the couch!

HA...She says that makes her sound lazy.

But she has to take meds and let them kick in.

This morning Misty, who had been up playing

for a while before mom got up decided it 

was nap time......................

On mom. 

Mom spoke to her and the 

tail started wagging. 

And wagging!

That rat muffin thinks she is 

so cute!

Lily Bit

Saturday, March 20, 2021


 Hi...its me, Misty River, 

Mom wanted me to share something with Darla, 

she has a blog too and the link is

Anyway Darla said that she was having

issues finding the type of litter her babes


We use this below.

Mom said to tell you that even though

she is in Walmart a lot, she

orders our litter on line. She went on 

explain that the reason for doing it is

that she buys the 35 lb pails for 14.64.

That way she don't have to pick up 

litter, and don't have to do it often 

cause she gets two pails at a time.

With that being said, by ordering 

them, they are delivered right to the

door and all mom has to do is slide

them in.

No lifting in the buggy,

to loading to the car, 

no unloading and 

carrying in the house and 

up the stairs from the garage.

Also, its not like going to the store

and them not having it.

You know, I might be only 5 months

old but I see what mom is saying,

she is pretty smart.

Misty River

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Cats and Dogs

Quotes about cats.....that mom wanted us to share.

Then she made me post the
ones about dogs.

Mom said we are all just
so sweet and 
she loves us.

Lily Bit

Tagging Mom

 Mom is always getting tagged on FB

with this pic! I think people know mom pretty well.

Lily Bit

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Brown and Tan

 The other evening mom was on the computer

and all of a sudden, like a light bulb went

off above her head. I think I even saw the glow.

She says she is not sure where the thought

camer from but it hit her like a brick,

are there brown cats? All brown or tan, she

says she has never seen one......

Wow....she looked them up and found

the above pics. 

Aren't then adorable?


Monday, March 15, 2021

I Can Use Anything for a Pillow


See what I mean, I can even
use Chey's backside
for a 

Oops....had to stretch in 
my sleep!

Chey is so cuddly.

Mom must have been laughing
at us that is why the pic
is blurry.


Saturday, March 13, 2021

Water and No - Still Learning


So, I know mom takes a lot of 
pics of me sleeping,
she says it is cause I sleep a lot!
Course need to keep in mind
I am still a 

Mom also said it is cause
now that I have found
the DECK, I don't stay
put much.  I am always out
there jumping around.

Mom has introduced me to the water
bottle. I learned the word
NO a long time ago but
the water bottle is new. 
I seem to see a pattern though,
I get that bottle
and that word
"NO"....when I try to catch a 
bug, and I climb the screens.

Apparently that stuff is to keep
bugs out but there are a few 
places that should be taken
care of when mom has a 
new roof put on the deck. 
Course she tried to warn me 
the other day as she sprayed this
stuff, not from the water bottle
but a can on this red flying thing.
She said I would not be happy
if I caught it cause it
would sting me...

Not sure what that means
but she keeps trying to
tell me to leave those
kind of bugs alone.


My Level


Hi....I have never, except 

when I was a baby, been 
a cuddle cat. 

Before Misty, I would allow mom to 
pick me up and hug on me for
a couple of seconds. She was always
good about loving and putting
me down when I pushed just a tad.

Being the ALFA cat I have
to appear tougher. I 
now run if I think mom
is going to reach out and touch
me. And I do a low meow if
she picks me up. 

Mom said it upsets her that I
have changed since Misty. 
I mean, she's okay, but she
is a CAT.
I was raised with, played with
and slept with 
Just taken some getting
used to. Mom was concered also
that I low meow when Misty
and I play. But once she read upon it
she don't get as upset. 
That is "cat talk" and since
we are playing she realizes
I am not being mean.
Different story however, when
I hiss!

Anyay, mom has been getting down
on my level a lot, just
to talk. I like that.

Pic above is me Friday night
when mom just came down
to talk. 

Lily Bit

Friday, March 12, 2021

Feathered Friends


Hey, mom wanted me to share with you
that if you are only a fur babe blog
reader and would like to read about
other stuff you should visit
her over at her main blog.

Although she is good at letting
us post blogs here she is
really bad about letting us get
around and comment on your blog 
from here. She does better at the main
Check her out there if you get bored. 

Mom got out of the house
yestereday. She has been struggling
with her pain this past week or 
so but she just felt the need to 
get out....

She went to make a delivery
at the Bright Place, Home
of TN Tiny Weddings
(follow the other blog and you
willl learn that place for sure)!!
See how I did that, mom is paying me 
well in treats to promote the other blog!!

Anyway, she visited with these strange

Mom said this one in the box was
either laying (looks like she is laying
to me) or sitting on an egg.
I am not sure what chickens do
myself but I have to say,
sitting on an egg can't feel
all that good. 

Mom took the pic then she said
she left the chick alone so she did
not feel like she was 
stalking the poor feathered


Lily Bit

Thursday, March 11, 2021

The Penguin and Curled Up

  Mom wanted me to share this link with you.

AMAZING. We all watched it with mom.


Seems mom loves to take pics
of me sleeping!!
She took this the other night,
I was curled up next to her
on the couch. 

She says I am the cutest cause
I jump up on the couch when
I am really tired, I suck on the 
soft velour like throw that 
mom keeps on the couch for 
me,  while
A little of that and off
to la la land for me.


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Queen of the Back of the Chair

Misty seems to think she is queen of the  back of the new chair.   Well, I have news for her... never mind, I can't get up there anyway....