Friday, March 12, 2021

Feathered Friends


Hey, mom wanted me to share with you
that if you are only a fur babe blog
reader and would like to read about
other stuff you should visit
her over at her main blog.

Although she is good at letting
us post blogs here she is
really bad about letting us get
around and comment on your blog 
from here. She does better at the main
Check her out there if you get bored. 

Mom got out of the house
yestereday. She has been struggling
with her pain this past week or 
so but she just felt the need to 
get out....

She went to make a delivery
at the Bright Place, Home
of TN Tiny Weddings
(follow the other blog and you
willl learn that place for sure)!!
See how I did that, mom is paying me 
well in treats to promote the other blog!!

Anyway, she visited with these strange

Mom said this one in the box was
either laying (looks like she is laying
to me) or sitting on an egg.
I am not sure what chickens do
myself but I have to say,
sitting on an egg can't feel
all that good. 

Mom took the pic then she said
she left the chick alone so she did
not feel like she was 
stalking the poor feathered


Lily Bit


  1. You definitely earned those treats. :)

  2. WOW sweet Lily, maybe you need chickens at your house!

  3. Oh chickens are sure different creatures, Hmmm....but they provide some tasty food for us with their eggs. I think all animals get along better than people. What do you think?


Needing a Break too

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