Sunday, March 28, 2021

Booming Night

 Yesterday was another BOOMING day 

in Nashville, all day.  

Mom moved us downstairs in the evening hours 

when it picked up and got worse. We stayed for

Mom painted while Chey and I cuddled up

on the daybed. Misty was in the floor, in 


We moved downstairs about 4:30 pm and

mom finally opened the door to

let us go upstairs around 1.

Mom had turned up the TV and

gave Chey a Benadryl so she 

did not really worry about

the storms much. 

Mom had the bathroom down there

set up for our shelter if we

needed to run. 

When mom was finished painting, 

she was tired and laid down

to sleep. Leaving the TV

and the alert on the phone on.

She did learn though that when 

sleeping on the daybed, remove

ALL the pillows!

Mom said that sleeping on the 

daybed with the pillows,

me and Chey wanting 

to lay sideways was not a all

comfy for her. Chey and I had

no issues sleeping. 

Plus...the silly buzzer on the phone

kept going off. 

Beautiful sunny day today. Misty and 
I have already been on the deck

while mom took a morn

nap. It's 59 which is a bit cooler

then the 70 yesterday but mom keeps

the door cracked open so if 

we get cold, we come in.

I like these days better then the 

stormy nights.

Lily Bit


  1. That sure sounds scary. I'm glad it's a nice sunny day today!

  2. I'm glad you all made it through that loud storm just fine. Looks like mom had the worst of it on that daybed. It's the way of moms to make sure the furbabes are taken care of.

    Have a woof woof and purrfect day and week. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. We sure are glad y'all made it through those wicked storms!

  4. we have seen these horrible storms on tv and prayed for all our freinds in the path.. 3 blogger friends and all of you...

  5. Glad you all got through the thunder okay.

  6. WoW! We are purraying that non of our friends are hurt by the storms! We will send you extra ones! And we hope you have a marvellously happy day!

  7. I'll be curious to see how Terra and Polly react to thunder. Jezebel has never cared, nor did Luna or Tilly. Fingers crossed, these girls won't either.


Needing a Break too

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