Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dakota's Encounters with Cats

In 2010-2011 Dakota had a friend
that would come to the back
door to visit. He even came
nose to nose with this guy when
I had him on a leash.

Then in 2012 I looked
out to this site.

Big bad dog thought the would
chase this guy from 
across the street off.

As you can see that did not happen.

Dakota finally gave up!

These are the only two cats he had
contact with before Lily
came to live with us.

Speaking of Lily....

(first pics)

She has a bday coming up soon.

Also, on my blog today I talked
about see 
that spot outside the corner
of Lily's eye...looks like an
eye booger, it 
is not, it is her markings.
And it drives me nuts!

Thanks for stopping in to check the 
babes out.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My Sweet (Brat) Furbabes

Lily sitting on her perch watching
the rain come down.

Hi Mom!!

(please over look the bare wheelbarrow, 
not planted flowers in there

When Lily was younger she
would sleep with her head
turned up. I have not seen
this in awhile...
just too cute.

I snuck over to take pics when
she must have sensed me and
woke with a short meow.

Talking about sleeping....
yesterday I looked over to find 
Dakota trying to get
comfy on three pillows.
Yes, he managed. The KING
on his throne.

Later, he must have fell off the 

Check out these babes.
No flash but they still would not look
at me! 

 They are both such a mess.
They love you and your comments.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Black and White - Such a Delight

I love Dakota.
He is my best bud.
He is spoiled rotten.
He is self centered and
he can be a total
pain in my back side.
But I love him so much.

He turned 11 in Feb.
He still plays with Lily
but he sleeps more
than he used to. 
He sticks to me like glue
and although he loves to go, 
he loves to visit mom's, he don't
want me to leave him.

I leave Lily at home a lot 
on dry days and take 
Dakota with me to the barn. 
But ....he gets there and he
is ready to go.

I hate seeing and knowing he
is getting older. 
When I was pregnant with my
daughter Amber, 38 yrs ago my ex
and I had a dog, Pepper.
It killed me after 15 yrs ot have her
put down and until Dakota 11
yrs ago, I refused to have another
one. Dakota was not my choice,
I did not want a dog. I did 
not want an animal.

Amber thought that Caleb needed
a dog. Caleb cared less. But then
6 months later they moved and could not
have a dog. I was to keep 
Dakota (6 months old) till they
found him a home.
You see where he ended up living.
He was the best thing for me
and I like to think I was the best thing
for him.

With all that is
my bud sleeping on the other
end of the couch.

He never knew I took his pic~!!!

Friday, March 23, 2018

The Furbabes

Yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen
working on the lap, and deep
in what I was doing when I 
felt I was being watched.

Standing at the kitchen door just
looking at me was THE KING
and he wanted to be near me.

I went into the living room
and got his pillow. 
He just has to be near me.

I missed Lily, (nothing new)
but I kept hearing a noise behind
me so I got up to look....
and found her in her box.

Today she was sunning.

But last night I found 
her here.

These two make me laugh 
usually out loud!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

At Play

Today after cleaning on two
guest rooms and sorting through
craft stuff I took a break
laying on the bed.

This is what took place right
next to me.

They played hard for sometime.
It just makes me so happy
and amazed that these two
play the way they do.

I love it.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hide and Seek

My Lily Bit loves to play hide and 
Yes, I play hide and seek with

And she seriously thinks that if she
can't see me cause she is hiding her
face, then I can't see her!

HIding behind the pillow, 
or the curtain....

But another go to place that I did not
get a pic of is behind the shower
curtain in the bathtub!

Silly Girl!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Dakota and Slim

Yesterday I drove to my niece's place.
She  lives about 40 minutes down the 

I took Dakota with me. He used to go 
everyday when I worked (to my moms)
and then I was always taking him riding or
out to run errands. He don't go as much
these days. I try to take him to the barn
with me but the way it has been raining here
it stays muddy at the barn and I rather not
have to deal with him and mud.

But yesterday I think he enjoyed his
ride and time wth mom without

My niece has her own furbabes and her
 Arabian horse was really interested
in Dakota.
Dakota has no fear of horses, he has
been around them most his life since
I have house sat for my brother for years and 
they had Misfire and others. He has
always gone with me to feed them,
brush and love on them.

Its a good thing since he is
afraid of everything but Slim did 
not freak him out.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Love They Have For Each Other

Last night before going to bed
these two were curled
up on one end of the couch.

Being near each other. 

And I love it when 
Lily has to be toughing

It was so sweet watching
her reach out to 
touch him.

And look at the way
she is looking at him.

My furbabes love it when you
leave them a comment.

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty