Sunday, October 30, 2022

Earning Our Keep

" One day these critters

have got to learn

to earn their keep

and stop laying around

when I am doing 


mom says!

Chey and Lily

Friday, October 28, 2022

Friday Morning Visitors

Friday morning mom
looked out the living room
window and saw a buck.

However, upon looking closer
she saw two bucks that
put on a show but was
not aware of it.

Mom explained to us
that during the 
months of Oct., Nov.,
and Dec., bucks
act crazy cause it is
prime mating season.

These two were
clanking together
their antlers. 

Mom said she heard
that clanking when she
snuck out on the porch
for these pics. 

See the doe across the
street? There were
two doe's and
two fawns.

Then they heard her.

After looking at mom 
for a minute, they 
lowered their heads and
headed across the street.

Great visitors to the yard.

Lily and


Big Camera Worthy

Mom thought that
I looked some adorable
she pulled out
the big camera.



Thursday, October 27, 2022

Napping Upside Down

Since mom, moved all 
the clothes out
of her closet
there is a lot of 
room. She has a cedar
chest in there and she 
threw a cat bed in 
there, I have been running
off during the day
and napping in the 

Mom had to laugh cause
I never lay like this
unless I am on her chest.

She also told me to tell
you that since it was dark
in there, she had to flash 
me, and I look
evil with shinning eyes!


Light Watching and Dozing

I love mom but
she does like to 
take pics of
us furs!

Last night I curled
up on her and after
she finished taking
pics, I went to sleep.

But first, I had to figure
out the light on 
the ceiling.

Mom had the light on 
the end table on and 
it was reflecting on 
the ceiling.

See, I told you, I 
finally dozed off.

I slept good on mom
till she told me she
had to go to 
the bathroom.



Monday, October 24, 2022

Keeping Warm all Together

 We are not a fan
of the cooler morns,
but mom seems to like 
it cause it brings 
us all together.

Hi, this is Misty, see my
gray ear in the bottom
right of the pic...

Hey, this is Lily,
I am tucked behind
mom's knees. I was
comfy and warm.

Hello folks, I am not
a big cuddle animal but
I like being around mom.
I am in my spot at
the end of moms feet.

Thanks for stopping
in and checking on us,

Visitors Yesterday Evening


Look what came
visiting yesterday

They did not get 
any closer but
mom took these
pics from the deck.

They sure are BIG!



Sunday, October 23, 2022



I have taken over the 
chair in the living room.
See the pad mom 
got that helps keep me
warm. It's a cat warming
Mom can't understand
how I sleep with my head
up and no support. 
But I was sleeping
really good.


Saturday, October 22, 2022

Getting Warm


Morning time with mom.
I went out on the deck
and got a tad cool
so, I came in to get


The Main Coon


(pic from internet)

Mom was excited this morn

when she went out

on the deck to see 

why Lily was running

from one side to the other~

The Main Coon was

in the yard, just

passing through. Mom

was not sure what cat

that was when she

saw it but when it turned

she was pretty sure

it was that babe.

Why was mom and Lily

excited? We have not seen

this babe since the beginning

of summer. 

However, mom is not

thrilled that she

has not seen the gray and 

white since last week 

when there was a Bobcat

reported in the area and 

it was behind the house

making a horrible, low,

loud, big meow sound.

We hope that babe is 



Friday, October 21, 2022

The Feral Home


Look what out mommy

Its a cat house and 
not for us.
Its for the two
feral that live
up above us somewhere.

Mom took a plastic 
toto container and
cut a hole in it.
She did not want the cats
to get scratched when
they went in so
she cut a pool noodle
to fit. 
She ended up covering
to noodle in 
Duct tape to 
keep it from getting 
wet and to 
protect it.

Then she lined the inside
with some styrofoam
that the lady up 
the street gave mom.
Taped it in.
She also covered 
the inside of
the pool noodle
with tape.
Then she put
some straw another
lady in the hood
gave mom.

She walked up the
backyard hill and 
went into the little
section of woods.
And found the perfect
place to put the
tote down.

She put rocks on top to 
keep it from
blowing away.
The lid is also taped
in place.

This is where mom 
left the tote.

Mom said she also 
threw some 
catnip in there to 
help draw the cats. 

Mom has been worried
about them living in 
the cold, snow and rain.
But she is also concerned
cause she did not see
the two feral through the 
summer, but about a month
ago the white and gray
showed up.
She has not seen the 
Maine Coon.
However, her concern
has gotten stronger, since
last week.
One night last week, 
mom heard a HORRIBLE
noise. Like a cat 
doing that low meow,
but it sounded like a big
cat. Come to find
out that it was a Bobcat
that was spotted up there.
Mom has not seen the 
gray and white since. 

We all hope that both
the feral are okay.


Thursday, October 20, 2022

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Familiar and Traveling Glove

 I am my 
mom's familiar.

Mom keeps hiding 
the gloves from me,
she says that she will
need them soon with 
winter coming up!
My stash is
getting less and less
to pick from.


Tuesday, October 18, 2022

I Trust

 Well, you know I
was totally
comfy when
mom snuck 
this pic.

Belly showing, curled
all around like I 
am a contortionist.

For folks that don't 
know cats, this is not
an invite to pet 
that belly, it just
shows that I a comfy, 
I know I am safe and
I trust you.


Monday, October 17, 2022

Snuggles and Cuddles


I am finding that 
I am not the biggest
fan of cooler temps!

But mom is soaking it
all up with 
the snuggles and 
cuddles I keep 
giving her.

Update on Chey...
meds are making a big
She seems to be feeling
lots better.
She said to tell
you all thank you
for your kind words.


Friday, October 14, 2022

Took a Trip

 I had to make a
trip to the 

I have a UTI.
Mom got me meds
but as of yet she
has not given 
them to me.


this is mom...
she is getting them, 
she just don't know it.
They are crushed and
mixed with her meal or


Accident with the Yarn


Mom, I did not
mean to 
get wrapped up 
in your yarn.

It was an accident.


Dew Claw on Approval and Cuddling

Seriously mom, do you
think I will let you
I love that yarn
moving and I love
to try and catch it!

Mom waited me out,
till I went out on the 
deck and she finished
up her project.
But then I had to 
check it out. 

I gave my thumbs, 
(dew claw ) the up 

Like I have reported
before, I am not 
really liking the 
cooler temps. So I have
been doing a lot 
more cuddling on 


She laughs at me though
cause I find the funniest
ways to cuddle.

I finally fell asleep after
mom snapped these
pics and I stayed that way
for an hour.


Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty