Saturday, January 30, 2021

Open Your Eyes


Mom wanted me to share this pic 
with you fine blogging folks!

that is so funny. 

Lily Bit

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Six Creatures


We were sitting on the couch and 
CheyAnna Bella heard something outside.
She ran to the back door and mom
followed her to let her out. 
As mom stepped out on the deck, 
these BIG THINGS went running
right past her. Up the backyard and 
in the yard next door. 

Mom was teaching me to count. She
said there were six. 

They stopped and watched us was
we watched them. 
It was getting dark and mom is glad she
was able to run in and get the big 
camera to "shoot" them
before they left.

Misty River

Caught in the Act


Mom caught us napping
in the middle of the day.


Napping so Cute


Mom says I am silly....
I wanted to nap in the floor, half
on my back. 
She did say that I was cute though.

Lily Bit

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Kittens Sleeping Habits and Me

 Kittens seem to find the funniest places

(pic from PINTEREST)

to sleep and laying in the oddest of ways.

This is me in the pic below. 

I was sitting out on the couch, back door
was open and my sisters were on 
the deck and I was watching them.
It was beautiful out yesterday, warm 
and sunny, mom said I should have been
out laying on the deck soaking in the sun.
But, I just like being all comfy on 
the couch.

See the sun coming through the window.
Yep, its been odd, warm one day and 
cold the next. Mom said that we have chance
of snow flurries today. It was almost
70 yesterday. Its just all nuts. 

Have a good day,
Chey Bella

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Tub Play and Nap Time


The other day I was playing in the tub with

a spring, a cat toy that one of

mom's friend sent me. Mom said I had

been in there for over 30 mins playing....just

batting that spring around. Mom came in to see

me and I jumped up on her, wanting her

to pick me up. 

We came into the living room but even

though I was having a hard time 

keeping my peeps open I jumped down

and started playing again. That did not

last too long cause I 

headed back to the tub. 

After another ten mins or so I took

a mad dash to the living room, jumped

right up in my moms arms!

I still like being held like a baby and

I think mom still likes holding me 

like a baby. 

After mom took the first pic, I all of

a sudden threw my head

down on her and out I went. 

I was having a really hard time

keeping those peeps open any


Mom did tell me that even

though she loves holding me, there

comes a time when she needs 

to put me down. Problem with 

that, as soon as she puts me 

down, I wake right up, and I 

have to jump right on my mom


Misty River

Monday, January 25, 2021


 Mockingbird ~

TN State Bird

We see these all the time in the yard.
We here them too. They like to make sounds like
other birds. Sometimes you can think it is one bird
but it is really a mockingbird, mocking the other
other birds!

Or that is what mom tells us.

Misty River

Sunday, January 24, 2021


 I have never seen one of these but mom has. 

She said at the old house there was 
one that started
hanging around. Looked really sick 
so mom called
to have it picked up.

This is a raccoon. 
Did you know that the raccoon is
the wild animal for the state of TN.,
our state symbol. It became our
wild animal symbol in 1971.

Raccoon Facts

Raccoons are highly intelligent and curious creatures, but they can also be a nuisance to any homeowner. These nocturnal mammals can destroy gardens, make a mess by tipping over garbage cans, and can cause structural damage in search for food.  The can range in size  to 12" tall; 24-38" long; 14-23 lbs. and their average lifespan in the wild is only 2 to 3 years. Although raccoons only live 2-3 years in the wild, a raccoon can live up to 20 years in captivity.

Nocturnal in nature, raccoons are mostly active at nighttime. Females are called sows. They usually give birth to 1-6 baby kits in April or May. Raccoons communicate with each other using over 200 different sounds and 12-15 different calls. A raccoons possess amazing dexterity that gives them the ability to open doors, jars, bottles and latches. Did you know that a  raccoon will rinse its food in water prior to eating it. When there is no water close by, a raccoon will still rub its food to remove debris. Some hypothesize that the purpose of a raccoon's black mask is to reduce glare, helping it to see better in the dark.

Interesting little critters. 

CheyAnna Bella    

Friday, January 22, 2021

Different Looks

 Mom says that I am beautiful. She says that I am beautiful in a very colorful and bright way.

She says Rat Muffin is beautiful also. That she is beautiful in an 
regal, exotic way. Something to do with that triangle face.

Where I have bright bold green eyes, Misty's are darker
and not as bright. 
We are different for sure but mom says she loves
us both the same but also different.

She tells me she loves me special cause
I was her first and I will always hold a special
spot in her heart. She says she loves the Rat
in a special way cause she is a baby and cause
the Rat shows her how much she loves mom.

Oh well, I love mom, I just
don't show it like the Rat.

Lily Bit

Package of Dynamite

      I am right at 3.5 months old now. Can you believe

          that? Mom says I am still very tiny.  I am a small

       package of dynamite! 

I love the run!

I like to play too.

I like to play too.

A friend of mom's sent me and Lily

these springs to play with. 

Lily don't care for them much. 

I love to sleep too.

Esp. if I am sleeping on my mom.

I love my mom. 

I can be sound asleep and mom get 

up to leave the room, and just like

magic, I am behind her. I just like

to be around her.

Oh and let her go to take a bath!!!

I am in the tub at the back waiting for 

the water to catch up to me.

Mom says that just not right.

She thought cats did not like water.

Oh well, I keep her on her toes!

Misty River

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Springs and Tub Play

Monday the cat girls got these in the mail from a friend of mine that lives in Massachusetts. They are plastic springs, cat toys. 

My babes are so well loved. 

About a week or so ago threw some balls and pom poms in the 
tub. Misty had a ball in there slapping balls around.

Then one evening I was in the living room and I heard her in the 
tub playing. I keep the balls in there for her. But after a while I noticed
the balls and pom poms were gone. She plays but when she is done she
grabs them and takes them with her. 

So last night I hear her in there again...playing. I go and look and she has
taken a spring to the tub with her. She is in there batting it around. 
She stayed in there for over 30 mins, just slapping and playing. 

My guess is that she realized that if she plays in the living room or 
dining room the ball usually ends up on the stairs. In 
the tub it is contained and don't get away from her. 
Smart little muffin. 
However, when she was ready to stop playing, she
took her spring and left. 

Yesterday afternoon, and usually once a week I end up
picking up toys off the stairs where they have been batted
down there. I used to think that Lily Bit would line up
her pom poms at night while I slept and bat them off through
the rails and right down the stairs!

Lily girls.

The furs said HI...

Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Unknown

 Lily likes to sit up high and look out into the unknown.

Misty River

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Waking Mom and Stealing the Show

 Saturday morning I got mom up at 6:15, and I have learned a new way of doing it.....

To begin with I would sit at the side of the bed or right at the bedroom door and meow.

Then I got wild and decided to run across mom's upper body. She wakes up laughing, she never gets on to me. But the fun has run out of those ways so I found the NEW way.

Mom has this big fan that hangs over the end of her bed, and there is this chain that hangs from that. I have learned if I jump up, I can hit that chain and make a rattle noise that wakes mom. That is how I got her up Saturday morning. 

Mom got up laughing, opened the door to Misty's room and we moved on. To the dining room we went to fill the bowls. Mom went straight to the couch and out she went. 

Misty and I were just doing our own thing but then Misty got tired. I did too but I go to the top of the cat tree, Misty however goes to mom. She is always trying to steal the show.

Mom woke later and since her phone was there, she took these pics.

Misty sleeping....


And these next ones were taken Friday night before we
all went to bed. 

Mom says she is just a bottle baby. Lots of people told mom
that she probably will never out grow being a bottle/mommy baby.

Lily Bit


 This is us....

Lily Bit

Me - Chey

 And Misty River

In the early hours of Saturday morn.


Such a Mess

"This child is such a mess", is what mom says. 

Last night mom was running her water for a bath, turned 
around and when she looked back this is the site she saw.  See the water line?

I just think she is a show off! 

Lily Bit

Friday, January 15, 2021

Snuggle Buddy

 My snuggle bunny is Chey. She lets me lay on her when I nap.

Isn't that sweet?


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Floating in the Tub

                 HAHA....Look at this folks!

Amber, mom's daughter, guess that makes her my sister?? haha
Anyway, Amber used to be my mom before my other mom
(mom's mom)....are you still with me? Anyway, Amber
used to be my mom at one point. 

Now how did I get off on that subject? Who knows, 
I was headed on telling you that Amber
sent that Tick Toc pic to mom. 
Why would she do that?
Well, it seems that mom adopted a Rat Muffin
that is really interested in the water. 

Mom says that she don't think Misty loves
the water but she is interested in it.
Since being here she has fallen in the 
water in the tub once, while mom was draining
the tub. Then another time she just jumped in 
when mom was filling the tub. 

Every time Rat Muffin hears the tub water
running she takes off running herself.
While mom takes a bath, Rat Muffin sits
on the side of the tub.

However, one night last week mom laid back to
soak her old back and BAM....
Rat Muffin jumped right in on her tummy.
Since then she either jumps in on mom's leg cause
mom never puts a lot of water in and wants to 
sit there or reaches out her paw trying
to get mom to move closer to that side of the
tub so she can jump on moms leg. 

With that all being said, mom had told
Amber about it and then last night Amber sent
that pic to mom.
Yep, since moving here, going through stuff of
my 2nd mom and some of this mom's stuff 
she has a lot of empty bins like that and plans
on seeing if Rat Muffin like
floating in the tub.

Oh by the way, mom told me to stop calling
her Rat Muffin, so if you don't know who I mean,
I am talking about Misty River. Hey maybe that 
is it, maybe she likes water cause her middle
name is River!!!

I am pretty smart, aren't I?

Monday, January 11, 2021

Hard to See

 Sunday night mom was having one of those nights, you know the ones, where you can not go to sleep!!

She laid in bed and was TRYING to watch TV. Only she said I was making it a tad hard for her to be able to see much. 

Really don't have a clue at what she is talking about!

Lily Bit

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Movement and Crashing

 Mom says I have the most beautiful eyes. She also says they are big and bright! I was sitting in the living room when she was taking these pics.

Then a movement out the window caught these big and bright eyes.

Then that movement kept moving.

Darn, it was nothing interesting. Mom still had wreathes
with red bows hanging on the windows and 
the wind was blowing the bow. 
After this pic, she let the window at the top down
and the wreath dropped to the ground, that
way she just had to go outside and get it. 

Later, after all the excitement I had to nap.
I totally crashed.

Lily Bit
AKA Mom's Little Shi_

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Pom Poms

 Mom said that Lily and I need to teach Rat Muffin (Misty) that she needs to stop putting her pom poms in the water bowl. 

Mom picked this one out and the next day there were two!!


Boxes, Thank You and Stretching

   Thanks to Brain's dad for alerting me to the bigger boxes for cats. Never, never, never thought about them being treated with chemicals to keep mice out. Crap....amazing the stuff that we bring in our homes and being unaware.    Pam

Last night Lily was on the tree so I curled up next to Chey. She don't mind that I do this. I was in a ball asleep but then I needed to move and stretch. 

I am stretching out my skinny, long body and Chey
never moved. After this stretch, I curled right back up 
and went right back to napping!

Misty Lily

Friday, January 8, 2021


 Mom has a friend that calls her the "Crazy Cat Lady" on fb! He is a dog person. 

He was wondering about boxes and cats so mom took this pic of our Walmart delivery box.

Misty and I love this box but we go in different times,
not together.

Lily Bit

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Ms. Molly

 Hey folks, its me Pam. I am taking over the animal blog today. I am mainly doing this cause the doggie in this pic, my animals did not know.

This is Molly....Ms. Molly. 

(photo taken by me years ago)

Years ago I dated a guy 
named Brian. A friend of 
Brian's found
Ms. Molly wandering around 
on the road. She picked her
up and tried to find her home 
but no one claimed her
Brain's friend was looking for 
a home for Molly 
and Brian said he would give 
it a try. Molly was about a yr 
old and Brian was not at all 
sure about this. 

Even after Brian and I stopped 
seeing each other,
we still saw each other...haha. 
We were friends. I would
call him sometimes and tell him 
that Dakota and I were
having Molly withdrawals and 
could we come see her.
Molly was a loving girl and her 
and I had a bond. 

A few years back Brian moved
 about 2.5 hours away.
He went to Memphis cause 
his grands lived there and 
he wanted to spend time with 
them. I have not seen 
Molly since but Brian and I 
would hit each other up
on fb or text so I could check on them. 

Brian has been taking 
treatment for cancer so
I felt the need to stay in touch. 
Today he called me 
to tell me that he had to have 
Molly put down.
She had cancer of the 
throat and at her age 
there was not much that 
could be done. He told me
that he wanted to call yesterday 
but he just could
not talk about it but he knew 
he had to call me today.
He knew how much I loved Molly. 

By the way, this is nine years 
after he was not sure
he needed a dog! Him and Molly 
loved each other
and he gave her a great life 
after she was found. 
He is feeling guilty about putting 
her down and 
I reassured him that he did the 
right thing,
that she was always there 
for him and he had
to do the right thing for her. 

My heart is hurting, she was a sweetie.

(photos taken by me in 2011)

RIP Ms. Molly. Go play
with Dakota.


Queen of the Back of the Chair

Misty seems to think she is queen of the  back of the new chair.   Well, I have news for her... never mind, I can't get up there anyway....