Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Lily Bit and Trixie

When I get home from
work I always open the back door
so Lily Bit can go onto the deck then
I let the dogs out off the deck.

Its been a tad warm, 90 today but
even wearing her fur coat she still
loves to hang out on the deck.

She brings me such happiness.

Yesterday Trixie came by.
Even with the dogs out in the back
she came, but she knows that if she
stays on the other side of those
boards and under the deck, dogs will
not be able to get to her. 

She meowed loudly yesterday so I fed her
and she dived into it.
This evening after I went to feed
at the barn she came again.
I took her more water and food.

She even allowed me to sat both
bowls over to her without backing
off. I got closer then I ever have.
But....she did end up hissing at me.

Poor baby. She left some food but
she enjoyed it while she was there.

Amazes me that she lives outside
and the white on her stays so 
pretty and bright. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Molly May / Hawk

Sweet little Molly May. 
14 years old and no problem at all. 
She don't like to be held or
picked up...
Or at least she DID not. 

I do not have carpet on my stairs so
every night , I have to carry her
to bed. She is fine with it now.
In the morning I have to carry
her down the stairs. 

Only thing, she will not go out...
she uses pee pads in the house. 

Check out the tongue!
You see it sticking out?
HAHA....Years ago Molly
had a tooth that fell out on the side.
My daughter Amber works for a vet and 
she explained that those canine teeth on 
the side hold the tongue in. With it
gone, the tongue just hangs out
all the time. 

Today, I left my brothers house and 
heading down the road I saw this
guy sitting on the line.

My cell camera take good pics
but at a distance, not the best.
Times like this I wished I carried
my big camera with me all the time.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Cheyenne, Chey, Chey-bella

You have met Cheyenne before.
I have this habit of giving my
animals nicknames.

I took to calling Cheyenne, Chey.
But then all of a sudden it started
turning into 

I invision her as my French dog...

Molly is Molly May
Dakota is Kota-Bug
Lily real name is Tigerlily
but I have called her Lily Bit or
someimtes she gets called 

Princess at the barn is
Pretty Princess.
Tigress is Tigress Girl
Shadow is just Shadow for now.

Anyway....I got off my reason for 

I was scrolling through pics and found
these pics of Chey-bella
as a babe.

OH....look at that face!

You see Cheyenne was my daughters
dog. But she is a runner so when Amber
was moving from a house to an apartment,
Amber asked mom to keep her till
they got moved.

Mom elected to keep her for fear that
she would run out once the door
was open and get hit in the 
parking lot.

Now, we all know that she is mine.
She is working out great here
and thank goodness for the
fence cause she is still a runner.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Wild Birds

Tennessee Wild Turkey 

Not be be mistaken for this 
Wild Turkey
which is made in Kentucky.

Although Kentucky is just a jump, 
skip and a hop away from is still not 
TN Wild Turkey.

Here we have an American 
Black Vulture.

Mind you, I had to look up the 
difference between a vulture and 
a buzzard.  Not realizing that it was not 
one in the same but going by
two different names. 

The pics above (internet images) of
the guy I normally see on the
side of the road eating off the 
dead bod of some animal that
failed to get out of the way of 
a car.

I always thought these were called
Turkey Buzzards but it appears
I was wrong. He is in fact
a vulture.
A turkey vulture.

They are really UGLY and they
have a face only a mom could 

Differences are~
Vulture has weak feet and can not pick up
dead prey on the side of the road. Hence
why you seeing them eating off the road.
They also have no feathers on their neck and head.

Buzzards however have strong feet and normally
do not eat off the road but pick up
live prey or steal from nest. 
They have feathers that cover 
their neck and head.
A hawk is a form of a Buzzard. 

~ Cardinals ~
This is the visitor we had this morn.

Have you ever watched your cat or
another cat dart away from a 
Lily does even though she is on the deck.
So I did some reading on it a yr
of so ago but went back this morn
to refresh my stalled brain...
Cats unlike dogs see color.
However red is one color they
do not see. This surprises me since
Lily Bit loves the red laser light she
chases. But red appears as gray or
black to them. So a female cardnial being
lighter than the male probably looks
gray where the male might be
an over powering black to them.
Lily can be sitting on her perch on 
the deck....right in front
of the feeder, 

and be just fine.....UNTIL
a male cardnials come up.
She will jump down, meow and 
run, most times into the house.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Sweet Barn Babes

My barn babes are so sweet.

Shadow hanging on Chris' deck at the 
farm. She had been chased under the
truck by the dog next door and this is 
a pic after she came out. 
Later she came up on the deck.

She did not come around me on 
the deck cause I had noticed she
had a hot spot under her neck so 
I treated it with peroxide so she
was trying to stay away!

Shadow is the one that has
an allergy to fleas however I 
treated her the first of the month.
I hope that this is not going to 
be an issue this summer with
having hot spots after being 
flea treated.

The two younger girls never
come up on the deck. 
But since I was up there this evening
and they heard me
they came!

After being petted by me, Chris, 
Lisa and Tommy Princess finally
laid down.

Tigress seemed to enjoy her
time on the deck also. sweet barn babes love to 
be around me and I love it!

Yesterday I made up a 
spray bottle of fly spray..

I hate it when I go to feed and 
flies are all over Misfire.
Drives me nuts.
Anyway I sprayed her and 
Stormy, seemed to work a little.
Will keep you posted.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Misfire and the Hose

I have some of the funniest

No pic for this story so just
posting some I took the other day.

Yesterday I went to the barn
to feed and while filling the water
trough I decided to spray Misfire down.
She loves being sprayed down.
While doing that and trying to
fill the through (taking turns) Misfire
decided to drink from the hose.

It was so funny to watch. 
I would spray the water and 
she would put her mouth down
and start drinking.

She is just so funny.
Will try and remember to not leave
phine in the car today when I 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Lily - The Sweetest

I love this. 

Might have to see about painting it.

I took these pics last
night when Lily Bit
took over my chair. 

I love how she has those
legs stretched out.

But aren't cats so adorable when
they sleep and turn their faces up?

I just want to pick her up and love
on her.

Oops...tried to get a close up and 
she woke.

But not for long.
There again, look at those legs.
Odd position.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Farm Animals

Pulled up to the barn today and 
looked over to see these wild
guys taking over the backyard.

Don't be distracted by all the mess behind
the turkey ~ Chris (owns farm) works for Metro
but he also works on the side repairs mowers and 
small engines. Most of that you see is 
things that could not be fixed so folks 
just never came and picked them up.

They were all over the place...its
like they know that turkey season went
off on Mothers Day!

As I was pulling in to the barn
before noticing the turkey I 
stopped to take a pic of 
Pretty Princess coming out
to the car to meet me.

She follows me to the pasture.

While I feed she goes over to
just sit and watch.

Misfire had a tad issue
with grass that had gotten blown
into the trough and apparently 
she sucked it up while drinking.


My pretty babe.

That is Stormy with Misfire.

Stormy also had issues with the grass.

Check out the teeth on Stormy! haha

The fur and hair babes thank you for
coming by and checking on them.

Queen of the Back of the Chair

Misty seems to think she is queen of the  back of the new chair.   Well, I have news for her... never mind, I can't get up there anyway....