Friday, January 31, 2020


Last April when I was told
 that Dakota had cancer 
Dr King put him on Prednisone.
 I ended up having to take 
him off cause he was acting
 like he was starving all the
 time and he started having
 skin issues. Since he has
 taken to just laying around,
 sleeping, not eating and
 having tummy issues 
Dr King put him back on 
the meds. First pill, next 
day he was driving me nuts 
sniffing all around the kitchen 
floor to see if he could find 
crumbs. But..he is up moving 
around and I have even watched 
him pull toys out of the furbabes 
basket!! I love my 
Kota Bug, AKA The KING!!!

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Inner Purr

Mom found this on FB...
I like it. I think today I 
will be sure and

omImage may contain: cat, possible text that says 'Find your inner purr IOWWWWSCHEEZBURGER.COMSC'

get my inner PURRR on!

Speaking of inner PURRR...
Mom said this next pic
of me is PUR-FECT!
See how I used that word
with the Pur in front of it?

No photo description available.

Mom sure does like to take

No photo description available.

But that's okay, she
says it is cause she loves
me and thinks I am 

Here is hoping you all
have a Pur-Fect day!


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Us Three

Hi from 
                Lily Bit!

Last night 
while we were all
just chilling around
Mom took this pic.

Image may contain: dog

Mom says we are
just cutest of all

Wow....we all look

Monday, January 27, 2020

Sweet Dakota

 My sweet bud is sleeping more
and more. He eats daily but
he is not eating as much.

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Hes down 5.2 lbs. 
No photo description available.

But he does not seem to be in 
pain. Amber spoke to Dr. King
today and he has put him back 
on Prednisone. Said it would help
with just feeling uncomfortable 
and help with the eating. 

He is not wanting to eat yet
today and he just threw up 
a bit....his mom cried and held
him. Probably harder on me
then him ....right now.


Saturday, January 25, 2020

Feral Cats

Sometime ago mom 
did a blog about feral cats
at her brothers house.
Apparently one showed up
and mom laughs when she
says that the one went back
into the woods and told all
the other feral cats that
if they followed him, he
knew where there was FOOD.
Moms brother rounded them up,
caught them in supplied cages
and took them to be FIXED. 

There are a total of 11
feral cats there. But about
a week ago another 
turned up!

Mom went by and saw him today.
She named him Tux. 

Image may contain: cat 
He is not feral, I don't think.
He has rubbed up on Aunt Kim's 
leg and Uncle Mark has petted him.
Kim and Mom will try to get him to 
the vet tomorrow to see if he
is chipped. 

This is one of the males that
Mark took in to be fixed. 
A Maine Coon.

Image may contain: cat, possible text that says '9649'

Mom thinks he is beautiful.
Well I don't think he is as 
pretty as my sister Lily. 
Mom said she sat outside
Uncle Marks house and talked
to all the kitties. They just look
at her like she is a nut and all mom
wants to do is pick them all up
and love on them.

If you go back up to the
first pic you will see a blue cooler.
Mom told me that there are four
of them under the trailer at 
Uncle Marks and there are 
holes cut in them all. Mark
stuffed straw in them for the 
cats to curl up in when it is
cold or raining. I think 
Uncle Mark is like Mom, 
he has a good animal loving 


Friday, January 24, 2020

Chilling on a Rainy Day

 Thursday was a rainy day.
Mom was home sick with 
tummy issues so we all
just kicked back and rested.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Cockroaches/ Meercats and Coyotes

Mom told me the other day
that a Zoo will name a cockroach
after your ex, then feed it to a
meercat for Valentines Day.

(cats again)!!!!!

Well, well, interesting is that.
If you would like to read about it and are
considering doing this you can find it
here on this link.

Moving on from cats to a form of

Now we are talking...DOGS.

Coyote mating season peaks in later
winter and brings risk to dogs and cats.

Yep, that is scary. I love my barn cats
and out around the barn are coyotes.
Hoping my barn babes stay safe.

You can read about this at the below

I heard mom talking about the 
chickens at the barn are
living in a stall at the barn.
She says she is glad also that Renee is keeping
the barn chicks in a stall, cause coyotes
usually take them out in no time. 
Then she explained that "take them
out" meant that the coyotes would 
eat them. Hey, I don't think I like 
this form of dog very much.

Well, that is all I got today folks.
Thanks for stopping in and 
checking on us FURS.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Its Always About Me

It's all about me....LILY!
Mom takes a lot of pics of
me. She says it is cause I 
am up and moving, running
and playing where the dogs
are not so much.

Except for this pic.

No photo description available.

Mom was folding the sheet 
but I decided that I was cold
so under I went. 
It felt so good I
actually took a nap.

Mom got a gift delivered
today and I got a tiny box. 

Image may contain: cat

But as Brian and his family
knows, if it fits....I sits!

Image may contain: cat

Isn't that right Brian?

Mom laughed about these
pics. She saw me looking
out between the panels of the

Image may contain: dog and indoor

So she got on the floor, slid
under the cat tree and behind
the curtain so the phone was
pointed up at me.

In this pic I had not seen
her yet.
Image may contain: indoor

But in this one I did.
Look how big my eyes 
are in my reflection in the

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Last night I was playing with
mom. She had her hand under
the quilt and was moving it around.
I was attacking that hand.
But in the pic below I took 
a minute to survey the next
move, and I was trying to 
intimated mom with my look.

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Mom says she just loves my

Thanks for stopping by to 
read more about


Monday, January 20, 2020

Young Lily, Laying Around, Napping

This pic was before my time, well not really,
I was around but I was living 
with my other mom in the 
other house. 

You can tell that Lily was
just a babe in this pic cause
she looks like she has baby
fuzzy hair and not the fur
she has now.  

No photo description available.

I think she was trying to get
Dakota to play. Speaking of playing,
Lily loves to MESS with me.
She will hide under furniture and 
when I walk by she jumps out on 
top of me! Sometimes I will just
be standing there and something hits
me from behind, I think its Lily but
when I look around, she moves so
fast that she is GONE. 

Not sure why she likes picking
on me! She has been full of
herself today running like
crazy through the house while
Dakota and I just lay around.
Not much to do other then that 
cause it is CoLd outside and 
been spitting that white stuff
all day. Thank goodness it is 
not laying around on the ground
though cause that sure makes
my feet cold when I go out. 
Image may contain: dog and indoor

With all that said, I am 
going to take another nap
till lunch time....


Saturday, January 18, 2020

We Were New to Each Other

We got some really nice
and cool comments on 
yesterdays blog with 
the pic of Dakota and
I. I am adding another 
to the blog today!

I was new to his home 
when mom took these
cool pics.

 No photo description available.

She says that she loves these
pics cause she did not pose us.
Dakota was laying there on the 
red couch and I jumped up
there to lay with him. Mom
said that the couch made the black 
and white color of Dakota just pop.
Then I added my own multi color

That big ole camera mom was
using had mine and Dakota's
attention for sure. Dakota 
told me to just play along
cause if I did not then mom 
would not leave us alone!

Lily Bit

Friday, January 17, 2020

Too Adorable

Mom was going through
some pics and ran across 
this one.

 Image may contain: dog

Mom says we are just TOO
adorable! And look how
tiny Lily Bit was. 


Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Hi....its me blogging again.

Mom took this pic this morning
while I sat and supervised her
getting ready for work.

 Image may contain: cat and indoor

She thanked me for doing
such a good job. 

Lily Bit

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Cats RULE / Chickens



I know cause I am one!

Look.....these are some funny
looking birds. 
Really funny looking.

Image may contain: bird

Mom said they are chickens and 
they lay eggs. 

No photo description available.

She said that these are new
at the barn. Someone gave them
to Chris' girlfriend. Mom feeds then
along with her horse, the barn cats
and the 3 pigs. 

I still say they sure are funny looking.


Saturday, January 11, 2020

Cover Me Up Mom...NOW

I am not totally sure what
is going on here at the house 
but I am not really liking it.

There are boxes stacking up 
and mom just keeps putting
our things in them. 

But besides that, I am 
the type of boy that likes
to sleep under the cover.
Chey is a little strange cause
she don't like covers at all.

I even like laying under
them during the day.
Also, mom has to keep
a throw on the couch 
during the summer cause
I even lay under them then.

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Mom is sitting here and I am
scratching at the cover, that
is my way of telling her 
to raise the cover, I want

Mom says that when I post
these pics she really hopes you
ignore the messy back ground.
I know that she told you on 
her regular blog about the
couch and daybed and the 

Image may contain: dog and indoor

I scratched on the cover but
mom did not cover me fast
enough, that is what the look
in the above pic is
about....I think she needs to 
move faster to cover me.

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Finally she stopped taking pics
and covered me up. 

Anyway, I got comfy.....


Friday, January 10, 2020


With STORMS coming in this
evening and a day of rain
tomorrow mom told Chey
and me to go out and get our
business done cause she knows
how she has to MAKE us go
out in the rain. 

So we went, but we did not 
stay too long cause the 
winds had picked up and 
had the tops of the trees
moving and shaking!

Image may contain: dog and indoor 

To tell the truth Chey is better about
going out in the rain then I am. I will
hold till I am about to bust then I run
out, do the business and come running
back in. 

Anyway, we did what we had
to do to please mom and then
we both came in and out we
went. I thought I heard Chey
snoring but in my sleepy state
I realized it was me!

Later humans...

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Relaxing and Chilling

Hey its CheyAnna Bella here...
Mom caught me relaxing 
and chilling with Lily
by my side,

No photo description available.

Mom took this pic looking
through the side of the daybed.
She is always looking for 
the creative way to shoot
a pic. Framed us
just perfect!


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Confused and Bipolar / Eating Stand

Last week the temps were in the mid
60's and up to the 70's. Mother
Nature has been really Bipolar this

The plants and critters are
just as confused as Mother
Nature is. 

Image may contain: possible text that says 'No Place Theres Like HOME'

This is the smallest slug 
then the two others I had
seen in the past week.

No photo description available.

Slugs should not be out
and about in Jan.

Moving on..
I brought moms dogs here
in March 2019, not even a 
year ago and I am still trying
to iron out some things.

Last week I made a gate
to keep Chey for stealing
choc treats for Lily's litter 
box. The other day I 
made a new eating place
for Lily. 

Image may contain: indoor

She had a chair that I had
removed the back from and
decorated for her but...
Chey had no issues hiking
the front of her body up to
lick Lily's plate clean.
Will not be happening anymore.

I just have to stain or paint
this piece. I tried moving
Lily's dry food from the dryer
to this and she was not having 
any part of that. She likes where
the dry food it.
Silly cat.....set in her ways.

Image may contain: indoor


Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty