Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tree Hiding and Cabinet Crawling

Last night Dakota stayed the night at
granny's (moms) house. While he was gone
was gone Lily and did some playing with
the little feathery toy on a string..
Every so often she was taken off in 
a running fit and run behind the angel
and Father Christmas. 
Peeking out at me.

Then the branch got in the way
so she OPENED
WIDE...and tried to bite it.

She is always into something and 
always making me laugh.
There is a rule in my home though,
I keep a water bottle handy for those
times. However while putting dishes
put out of the dishwasher the other night, 
I turned my back and then when I turned
back around I saw this.

OH MY...
The cabinet has three sections that contect,
when I grabbed for her, she ran to the other
end. She did get in trouble and got a talking

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

My Second Shadows

I am used to being followed from room 
to room, Dakota has done it all of his life.
When I go upstairs for a reason, if I will only
be a second, I have to tell him to stay, I will be
back! haha....and if I don't come right back,
he follows. So this is nothing new for me.

However, I am not used to having TWO
following me. But, I know that they love me.
Yesterday I went to the spare room that 
has not been redone and still has the green
walls. Still shaking my head and wondering
what I was thinking when I painted that room.
Anyway, while at the desktop
(I have a program
on that computer that will not work for
some reason on my laptop)..I hear a 
movement beside the desk and look
over to see this.

How adorable. She found a crafting
sponge and was holding it. 

After taking the sponge away from her
since she wanted to eat it I look over
and see her in the process of trying to 


While playing with my program....I was
actually sitting my Christmas card up
in a Christmas card form. Time to have
it printed, I look and find her here.

She gets around...
fast and in stealth mode.

Then all of a sudden....BAM on 
the back of my chair!

Dakota however is laying in the doorway
of the spare room just snoring. 
I did not have a pic to show but
I did pull an older one of him playing. 

My babes love me and I love them. The only
problem with this....getting under my feet while
I walk.
OH MY GOSH....they so need to stop that.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sleeping/Lily Loving

Yesterday Dakota was napping and Lily
was doing her best, as she walked
over him not to wake him.
Last night I caught Dakota
sleeping again!

And Lily spread out over my
heated throw, yes, it is on low for 
her. I get it during the day and she
gets it at night.
Guessing I need to bring the
one upstairs for me to use in 
the evening. 

Oh my gosh...I feel those purrs vibrating 
all the way into my heart.

I don't know what has come over
her but BOY have I been getting
a lot of Lily Love!

I thought I was getting all this
loving because of the colder
weather but just 30 mins ago she was
up on my chest again purring and loving.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Play and Sleep.....

Dakota playing with 
his ball...
Yep, stripped my pillow
to wash the cover and 
I look over and he is 
on my bare pillow.

And yes, that is a TV in the 
It is one of those older ones
that STUCK out so far in the 
back. Being it was not digital
I could not even give it away so
I stripped the cover off
thinking I could trash it little
by little...haha. NOPE.
I managed to carry 
(not sure how) it downstairs
but now that I laid it on the 
floor, I can't get it back up.
My friend Chris is supposed to
come and get it and take it 
off for me....

I totally love how Lily
turns her face up when 

My princess.

The babes thank you for stopping
in and checking them out.

HAHA....this is not
LILY....but I did 
see it on FB and 
thought it was so

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Play Time, Nap Time, Relax Time

I love watching these
two play...

Love it even more when
Dakota starts it!

Here they are keeping me
company ....with their
snores and sighs....

But before naptime before bedtime
I took a shower to try
and relax. As I got 
out of the shower I spot

This girl is so silly....when she 
knows I am heading to the shower,
she runs ahead and jumps in the 
tub! She loves playing hide
and seek like that. She hides
behind the shower curtain and 
wants me to ask there Lily is...
then she jumps out. 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Biggest Furbabe~ Misfire something other
than the two little


Today I will try and get a better
pic of her. 
This girl has come a long way
in the past yr. 
She has been a loner for 
so long, she was never used
to folks messing with her
UNTIL me. 
I used to mess with her all 
the time when I house
sat for my brother
and that goes well back into 
the 90s.

Anyway, when I got her about 5 yrs
ago, she was used to be in 
the pasture. She did not want to 
go in the barn. UNTIL last 
yr when Jeanna and Tim realized
that is was to be one of 
our coldest winters. One day
they called me and told me
that Misfire was in the barn.

It took two of them to hold her
to put a halter on her.
She usually ran when you came
at her with one.
Basically, she wanted things
her way!

Anyway, her beautiful purple halter
was dirty, it had been on a yr and it
needed a good washing. I 
bought her this burgundy color
halter. She was not sure at first but
she calmed down and I removed the
old one and put on the new one.
even stuck her nose in it as
I was slipping it on!

By the way....two weeks and I have
only gotten her in the barn
three times. Twice she was alone
since the other 4 horses have gone to 
another barn. She liked to take my
arm off fighting me. That is when
I realized, she did not want to be
alone. She has been staying in 
the pasture with Brendas horses...
but temps are dropping and Brenda
will be bringing hers in. 
Misfire will follow then.
We put them up Wed. night
cause bad storms were coming
in, tornado warnings too. 
Put one of Brendas in and 
Misfire went with no problem!
Silly girl!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Sweet Babes

haha....check out 
my babes!

Good thing I have a long
couch, between pillows,  quilts, 
me and animals we need
a big couch.

Dakota did not wish to 
have his pic made...never
He looked down and 
decided to lick his leg.
The black spots are skin
tags that he chewed off.

Next to me but by
all means not touching me is

She was dozing.

LOVE the crossed

I love my babes!
They sure keep me happy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Bud is Looking Old

My sweet bud is looking
See the white spots 
on the nose?

They were not there a couple
yrs ago....
course next bday he will
be 12.

His name was Dakota when
I got him from my daughter
but he has had several
Little Shit being one
I used to call him 
Yoda Dakota....
it was the ears when they stick
out he looks like Star Wars

He pretty much goes
by Kota Bug now but
for the longest I referred to 
him as the KING.
In his mind, he thought 
he was the KING.
That of course sort of 
changed when Lily 
came to live with us!

Makes me wonder


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Mommy Love'in

I wished I could pin point
why she decides to love
on me....two days in a row.

And why we go months
when she don't love 
on me...

Just can't pin point it!
She is a mess though.

Queen of the Back of the Chair

Misty seems to think she is queen of the  back of the new chair.   Well, I have news for her... never mind, I can't get up there anyway....