Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Biggest Furbabe~ Misfire something other
than the two little


Today I will try and get a better
pic of her. 
This girl has come a long way
in the past yr. 
She has been a loner for 
so long, she was never used
to folks messing with her
UNTIL me. 
I used to mess with her all 
the time when I house
sat for my brother
and that goes well back into 
the 90s.

Anyway, when I got her about 5 yrs
ago, she was used to be in 
the pasture. She did not want to 
go in the barn. UNTIL last 
yr when Jeanna and Tim realized
that is was to be one of 
our coldest winters. One day
they called me and told me
that Misfire was in the barn.

It took two of them to hold her
to put a halter on her.
She usually ran when you came
at her with one.
Basically, she wanted things
her way!

Anyway, her beautiful purple halter
was dirty, it had been on a yr and it
needed a good washing. I 
bought her this burgundy color
halter. She was not sure at first but
she calmed down and I removed the
old one and put on the new one.
even stuck her nose in it as
I was slipping it on!

By the way....two weeks and I have
only gotten her in the barn
three times. Twice she was alone
since the other 4 horses have gone to 
another barn. She liked to take my
arm off fighting me. That is when
I realized, she did not want to be
alone. She has been staying in 
the pasture with Brendas horses...
but temps are dropping and Brenda
will be bringing hers in. 
Misfire will follow then.
We put them up Wed. night
cause bad storms were coming
in, tornado warnings too. 
Put one of Brendas in and 
Misfire went with no problem!
Silly girl!


  1. She's a pretty one and I hope y'all are safe from any nasty storms.

  2. She'll be glad to be in the barn with the others when the storm comes. She would love it if you moved in when her. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to all the furbabes. ♥

  3. Hey, I wouldn't want to be alone, in a dark barn, either!!!!! :-)))))))


  4. A horse with a mind of its own can be a little difficult, I know all about them!!! Hope all is well, love the new halter, Diane

  5. I am so glad you figured out why she did not want to be in the barn, and that there are horses with her now..

  6. Misfire is a beautiful horse! I hope you are well, and please stay safe during the storms! Have a wonderful weekend Pam!

  7. She is a beauty. I don't envy you the ongoing chores, though. Take care!


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