Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Bud is Looking Old

My sweet bud is looking
See the white spots 
on the nose?

They were not there a couple
yrs ago....
course next bday he will
be 12.

His name was Dakota when
I got him from my daughter
but he has had several
Little Shit being one
I used to call him 
Yoda Dakota....
it was the ears when they stick
out he looks like Star Wars

He pretty much goes
by Kota Bug now but
for the longest I referred to 
him as the KING.
In his mind, he thought 
he was the KING.
That of course sort of 
changed when Lily 
came to live with us!

Makes me wonder



  1. He is still young for a small breed I hope you have many more happy years with him yet. Take care Diane

  2. oh no, now I am trying to figure out what my dog named me??? gray is good, I have LOTS of it myself

  3. He is just so handsome though!


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