Tuesday, November 20, 2018

My Second Shadows

I am used to being followed from room 
to room, Dakota has done it all of his life.
When I go upstairs for a reason, if I will only
be a second, I have to tell him to stay, I will be
back! haha....and if I don't come right back,
he follows. So this is nothing new for me.

However, I am not used to having TWO
following me. But, I know that they love me.
Yesterday I went to the spare room that 
has not been redone and still has the green
walls. Still shaking my head and wondering
what I was thinking when I painted that room.
Anyway, while at the desktop
(I have a program
on that computer that will not work for
some reason on my laptop)..I hear a 
movement beside the desk and look
over to see this.

How adorable. She found a crafting
sponge and was holding it. 

After taking the sponge away from her
since she wanted to eat it I look over
and see her in the process of trying to 


While playing with my program....I was
actually sitting my Christmas card up
in a Christmas card form. Time to have
it printed, I look and find her here.

She gets around...
fast and in stealth mode.

Then all of a sudden....BAM on 
the back of my chair!

Dakota however is laying in the doorway
of the spare room just snoring. 
I did not have a pic to show but
I did pull an older one of him playing. 

My babes love me and I love them. The only
problem with this....getting under my feet while
I walk.
OH MY GOSH....they so need to stop that.


  1. at one time we had three followers, then 2 then 1 and now a big black follower. life without followers is no fun at all. Lily is the most fun to watch inyour photos

  2. Aw, and I linked this post to Happy Tuesday. They are both so precious and I know they bring you such joy.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. Scritches to Dakota and Lily. ♥

  3. You are so lucky to have themboth. Cheers Diane

  4. You have some darn cute followers though!

  5. Dakota and Lily are the cutest followers! I wanted to stop by an wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Pam!

  6. I have this sneaking suspicion that my ultimate demise will result from tripping over a cat and bashing my skull into the granite kitchen countertop. Heh... I thought Lily looked to be eating that sponge. Silly girl. These two are so sweet. You've also given me a fond memory of my mother calling our (at the time) three cats my satellites. Too sweet. Be well!


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