Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Sweet Babes

haha....check out 
my babes!

Good thing I have a long
couch, between pillows,  quilts, 
me and animals we need
a big couch.

Dakota did not wish to 
have his pic made...never
He looked down and 
decided to lick his leg.
The black spots are skin
tags that he chewed off.

Next to me but by
all means not touching me is

She was dozing.

LOVE the crossed

I love my babes!
They sure keep me happy.


  1. That is some darn happy snuggling!

  2. Oh yes, that crossed paws "pose" is precious. I'm sure it's comfy. But it also seems as if the cat knows, that it looks soooooo neat, that way!!!!

    Such a delicate look. :-)


  3. What's not to love. They are both adorable and I love those crossed paws too.

    I finally put this blog in my feed so I'll know when you post new content.

    Have a woof woof and purrfect day you two. My best to your mom. ♥

  4. Beautiful photos.

    Re your comment on the wild animals in Botswana - they are really wild wild, most of the game reserves are not fenced and the animals can wander anywhere. It seems though many seem to know where they have safer sanctuary in certain areas. There is so much hunting and poaching going on in Africa that even the safest of places is not so safe anymore. Cheers Diane

  5. love the purrrty paws crossed and love you babes to

  6. Awww.... They love their mamma :)


  7. The crossed paws are so cute. We can't all fit on our little couch, but we can JUST squish into the queen sized bed with the six pets lol! Usually they are more comfy than us though!! :)


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