Sunday, May 30, 2021

Cool Morn Again

 It was another cool morning

on the deck. So Lily and Chey

were on the couch with mom.

I however like the cool temps.

The pic below was taken last

night in the house....

But I had to share with you cause

I look so cute, that is

moms words.


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Cold Morning

Morning folks. 

It sure is a lazy morn at
the Jackson's place as you can
see in the pic below.

We all got up like normal,
mom stops at the bathroom,
she fills up our bowls and 
then opens the back door
to the deck. 
Mom usually lays back 
down on the couch
and takes her morning nap. 

Usually Misty and I go on 
the deck. Chey is usually still
in bed however, Chey went out
with us this morn. Mom let her
out into the yard and waited
to let her back in. 

BURR it was cold!

Mom and Chey went to the couch
and after mom was asleep
I got up above her on the
cushion and Misty beside her.
Chey was already flatting out
the other cushion. 
Apparently, mom woke
and took this pic.
We don't normally all
lay that close but we were
trying to get warm!

Lily Bit

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Pics and Sucking

 I know that Chey told you
she don't like having her
pic made. Me, on the other 
hand, don't mind. 

Been having my pic made
since I was a little bitty
baby so it don't bother
me that much.

In these pics I was laying on 
moms chest.

In the last pic I am 
sucking and kneading.
I think I learned that when
I was a baby nursing on my
mom. That soft cover mom
keeps on the couch is what
I love to suck on.

I only do this when I am 
really tired and I want
to curl up and go night


Chey and Pics

 Hi everyone!

You have been stating that
you want to see more of

Well, mom tried to get a couple of 
shots of me and Misty but
I kept turning my head. 

Even though mom was calling
my name, I turned away. 

I just don't like to have my pic made.
Mom wanted me to tell you that
she will try again!!
HAHA, I will have the say in 


Monday, May 24, 2021

My Entertainment

 Visitors to the yard Monday morn.

And this critter came to the deck.

Sometimes mom calls it a 
squirrel and 
sometimes she calls
it an evil rodent.

I am not totally sure what to call it
but I wanted it!!!

Cause mom keeps me behind
this screen all I could
do was watch it.

I think it was looking for food.

Then it started moving on.
Right through moms
basil and through the 
oregano and onto 

the chives.

Now past the herbs it 
stops and looks up. 

Makes a leap to the ledge.

Takes off in a run.

Around the corner....

and its gone. 

Think I will move onto 
watching the birds now. 
There is a lot of singing
going on out here on 
the deck this morn.



Play Time with Lily

 I know you think mom don't love me.

But she does....I just always turn from 

the camera cause I dislike it so much.

However, Lily don't mind it. 

I think mom has been taking pics of

her since day one. 

In the pic above she was asking

mom to please play 

laser light with me.

Look at that face, how can

you turn that down?

In the pic below, Lily is hiding 

from mom.

Not for any reason other then

they were running through the 

house playing hide and seek. 

Lily made a mad dash under

the bed while mom acted

like she did not know where Lily was

cause Lily loves
for mom to say, "Lily,

where are you? I can't see you."

Then mom gets down and acts

like she finally found her.

I don't get it but Lily seems to 

love that game. Misty

don't seem to get it either,

but I think mom is okay with 

that cause this play time

is mom and Lily time.

How does mom play with me?

We go in the backyard and mom
finds me a small rock and

she tosses it to me.

I pick it up, toss it over my

head and run to get it again.

I don't care for balls.

How do you like to play?


Saturday, May 22, 2021

Friday, May 21, 2021


 On Friday mom was having a yard
sale with a friend, at the friends house. This

is the friends special babe. So glad she

was not for sale cause I bet she would

have come home with mom!!

One bring home is 



Thursday, May 20, 2021

Hanging on the Deck

 Mom turned on the fan 
for us today on 
the deck. 
It was warm. 

Mom hung clothes outside
on the line and when she
sat the basket down on 
the deck, Lily
jumped right in.

I however, laid down
to chill near the broom
that I knocked over.

Chey was just relaxing
on the cushion.

Mom went in.
She said that she
was not sitting out

Misty River

Misfire and the Halter

 Mom went to the barn yesterday to visit

with Misfire and to put a halter on her.

She has not been feeling well so 

the vet is coming out

Tuesday to see her, with

that she needs a halter on 


Isn't she pretty...
but BIG.


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Banana Bed

 I am not much on sleeping on my back...

But these little babes look comfy!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Other Animals


We really wished mom would
stop looking at
other animals, we 
fear she might decide
to bring them home. far other then 
Misty that has not 

So glad that she did not
bring the quackers
home for sure. 

I am sure the two in 
the car were fine 
living with those folks...
they look happy 
hanging out the window.

Lily Bit.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Nice Fresh Smelling Nap


Mom brought the laundry
in off the line the 
other day, sat the basket
down to fold the sheets on 
the deck...

I walked up, smelled
the laundry and thought
it would be comfy.

When moms back was
turned, I crawled in.

Nice nap...


Helping with Laundry


Look what mom had helping
her with laundry....



Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Long Lanky

 Mom says I am 
a long, 
lanky critter.
Apparently she thinks 
I have a long body,
long legs and a long

What do you think?


Bananas and Hanging


I don't eat a lot of 
human food...

But I love bananas.
Mom was eating a banana
for a snack Tuesday night
and feeding me some 
as she ate.

Then the next morn
she took this pic
of Chey and I hanging
with her while 
Misty was on the 

Lily Bit

Tuesday, May 11, 2021



Mom laughs so hard at 
us when we get in 
a running fit. Lily
chases me into the hall, 
then I chase her out. 
We wrestle a bit and 
then we crash.

Misty River

Monday, May 10, 2021

Sunday Afternoon and the Frog

Sunday mom laid around
watching movies with
me, Lily and Misty.

I was at the other end
of the couch. 

Misty of course was 
curled up on mom.

Lily was on the back cushion
of the couch..

Check out how she was 
Head down and butt up!
Silly Girl!!

Before that cold air blew
through last night mom
saw Misty running around
on the deck. She went out
to check on her to see
what was going on.

There was a frog, laying on its
back, still breathing but
Misty wanted to get at 
it and mom was holding
her back. 

Mom was not sure if Misty
had hurt it or not
but she sweeping it
out on to the other
part of the deck. 

She went back later and 
it was sitting on her
potted plant.

One save for mom so far
this year. Lily was napping
and totally missed
out on all the frog
finding and frog


Sunday, May 9, 2021

Play and Relax

 Mom and I were playing the other night

before bed time.....

Can you see I was in play
mode by my eyes?

Here was the next morning

when I was stretched out

enjoying so relax time.

Lily Bit

Sun Puddles

We were not really sure what
to call the sun light
coming in the house but
Brian over at 
Brians Home taught
us to call them 
Sun Puddles.
 We like that term.

Mom usually just has
the back door open
so that we can come
and go on the deck 
but the other day she
had the front door open
right as the sun came

I liked that sun puddle!

I said there for a bit soaking
in the rays...

Then I curled up for a nap!

Nice warm sun puddle. 
Nice warm nap.

Misty River

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty