Saturday, May 29, 2021

Cold Morning

Morning folks. 

It sure is a lazy morn at
the Jackson's place as you can
see in the pic below.

We all got up like normal,
mom stops at the bathroom,
she fills up our bowls and 
then opens the back door
to the deck. 
Mom usually lays back 
down on the couch
and takes her morning nap. 

Usually Misty and I go on 
the deck. Chey is usually still
in bed however, Chey went out
with us this morn. Mom let her
out into the yard and waited
to let her back in. 

BURR it was cold!

Mom and Chey went to the couch
and after mom was asleep
I got up above her on the
cushion and Misty beside her.
Chey was already flatting out
the other cushion. 
Apparently, mom woke
and took this pic.
We don't normally all
lay that close but we were
trying to get warm!

Lily Bit


Needing a Break too

  Like mom, sometimes I just need a break from being, well, from being ME... Lily