Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Dakota ~ Swollen Glands

Dakota went to the vet 
today to have 
teeth cleaned and surgery for 
the skin tags. 
Dr. King checked him out and 
said that his glands
 are all swollen. They did not put 
him to sleep to clean
 teeth or do surgery cause they 
want him on Prednisone 
and a strong antibiotics then they 
want to recheck him then.
 Dr. King said that usually 
they fear the worst but 
his blood work was perfect. So they 
are hoping this helps 
take care of the matter. I will take 
him back in 10 days 
and they will do a recheck. We both 
need good vibes, he is my best
 bud, I don't want him to suffer if 
he is sick on top of that I can't 
take anymore bad 
news. I love this little
guy. Thanks.....

Thank you,

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

My Two Loves/ Surgery

If you have been reading my blogs
for even a little bit you
know I love

And being a new mom to 
three adult dogs there has
been some adjustments that 
have had to be made and 
cont on a daily basis to make.

these two hold a very special
place in my 

The pic above is Lily watching the
ceiling fan.

Tomorrow will be a big day for 
He will be going to the vet and he will
be updated on his shots,
nails clipped, bath, check up
 lab work done, teeth
cleaned and surgery.

A few yrs ago Dakota started
developing skin tags.
Dr. King said that some dogs just
tend to get them more so
then others. Dakota seems to be
one that gets some for him and 

Here is one on his belly.

This one is on his back.

Two on this leg.

Plus about 6 to ten more small ones.

But its the big one that is being removed.
It started out little and has 
grown. I removed his collar about a 
yr ago cause it was rubbing it.
This one is of course on the
side of his neck.

You can see how large it is up
next to my nail. 

He is also having this one removed, it is
on his back leg.

Although I was told the one on the neck
was a skin tag, it has grown and it looks
bad at times cause he tends to scratch at it and 
gets it bleeding. 
I am concerned about it.
Also, a tad concerned about some knots
I think I feel in his neck. 
Hoping it is nothing but still concerned.
Keep him in your heart tomorrow with 
vibes of love please.


Monday, February 25, 2019


Chasing Lily through the hall
playing with her the other
day and she jumps in a box I 
have in the hall.

She is really investigating
different areas at moms place.

Molly has become 
my best friend

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Two Barn Babes

One cold afternoon when I get to 
the barn to feed, I open the door 
and this is how I am greeted.

There is a shelve right around
that corner and Princess is just
sitting there waiting on me.

As I am feeding I look up and 
above one of the stalls
I see Tigress looking down at

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


A sleeping sort of day

with the yucky rain that seems
to just want to hang around.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Furbabes Chilling

Two of the sisters.
Chole and Cheyenne.

The older sis, Molly.

Oh my...the only BOY!

And of course the odd
one out ...the cat!
Lily Bit chilling with 
her brother.

They all dislike the COLD 
and rainy weather.


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Oh This Silly Girl is Hunting

I can't help it...
she just makes me smile.

And laugh.
Months and months ago 
I brought my moms plants
in from the porch.

Three days ago I noticed that there
was a plant that had been knocked
to the floor.
Thanks Lily.

Last night I found out why when I 
went down to see what
she was up to,
she was hunting.

Tonight I go back and 
see this.



Apparently its been living in 
a plant. So since it is
to cold for it to be out
and the ground is to frozen
for it to dig down...
I got it to the bathroom 
downstairs and put some plants
in there so maybe it will 
be okay.

While trying to catch it, it
jumped everywhere, Lily
caught it twice but mean old
mom made her let it go.

AW MOM...that is not funny.
She keeps me hopping
(no pun intended)

Friday, February 15, 2019


Oh Chey is a sweetie....
But she thinks she is QUEEN BEE.

She is the one I have worried about 
cause I am pretty sure she is grieving.
She is the only one that 
would not let us put her
on the bed with mom.

The other two laid with mom, they

Chey likes calling the shots but
she is learning, I don't play games.

The dogs will go out but when it 
comes time to come in, I open the 
door and they all run in but Cheyenne.
She likes for you to close the door and 
open it back up for her.
Only, if she don't come while I stand there
holding the door open and looking 
her straight in the face calling her,
then I shut the door and when
I DECIDE to go back, I will
let her in then.
She will learn.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019



My newly inherited (middle aged)

Curled up next to her
newly inherited mom.


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Rainy Days

The scene yesterday....

                                    haha~  and again today!

And several days last week.

It has really been a wet winter for
us in TN and not from snow.
So tired of all this rain and by the 
looks of the babes above, they
are over it too.


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Lost and Found

Mom has a screened in deck 
also. Lily thinks that is great with
the beautiful days we have had 
the last four days.

Like at home, I keep the screen
closed and latched.

Since it was so pretty last night 
I kept the door going to the deck
propped open so Lily could
come and go.

The dogs were on the other side of 
the screen, outside. 
I saw Lily run to the back room 
where the little box is at that point
I decided to go let the dogs in and
close up the deck.

I also propped the screen door 
open so the dogs could go straight
out later on. I did not realize that
Lily had come back out. 

An hour later, starting to bed I 
realized that she was not in the house.
I called, I balled, I cried, I searched...

On top of the day I had I just knew
she was gone. I got Dakota out of 
the fenced yard to sniff for her.
I got the flash light and went all around
the house and some of the neighbors 
yards....calling for her the whole

Finally I put the dogs up and the dog
up the street that kept barking must
have went in. While I sat on the deck
crying I would call out to her.
Finally around 9pm I heard a 
slight meow. I came off the deck and 
called again, once again I heard a meow.
I kept this up till I was across the 
street and then I found her.
Scared she was in the corner of
the window seal of the house there.

I was so happy.
I grabbed her and loved and kissed
on her all the way home. I know
she was glad I found her cause
she did not fight to get out 
of my arms.

She was so glad that she came
and got in bed with me and three
dogs. She was tired. 

By the time I found her, she had 
been missing for about if not 
longer than two hours.

My heart was so happy.
I was able to sleep knowing
she was with me and the other
I could not stand the thought of life 
without her. She brings laughs
to my life but I could not stand the
thoughts of her outside over night
by herself. 

This morning first thing she went
to the vets where my daughter works.
She is now a registered chipped cat.

I am also purchasing an orange collar
for her. I learned tonight that orange
means "convict" as in ~ 
So if you see a cat with an orange
collar, grab it up, it is an indoor cat
that is not allowed outside. 
She will also be wearing her name and 
my number on that break away collar. 

Precautions....but NEVER will she not
be hunted for again before I open 
that screen door. If she is out there
and the dogs need in or out, she
will be picked up and held while that
door is opened. 
My heart can't take things like that 

Hug your furbabes and 
take precautions to keep
them safe.


Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Furbabes and the Princess

My four DOGGIE furbabes.
Lily wanted NO part of this pic.

I tried again but still Lily
wanted to do her own thing.

Later I found her wrapped in 
the curtains looking out
the big window.
I went to our home and got
her bird feeder on the shepard's
hook so that she could watch her
bird friends.

Then she looked over at me.

She is so photogenic!

Think this one is a framing one.

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty