Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Furbabes and the Princess

My four DOGGIE furbabes.
Lily wanted NO part of this pic.

I tried again but still Lily
wanted to do her own thing.

Later I found her wrapped in 
the curtains looking out
the big window.
I went to our home and got
her bird feeder on the shepard's
hook so that she could watch her
bird friends.

Then she looked over at me.

She is so photogenic!

Think this one is a framing one.


  1. You sure look sweet there Lily!

  2. She really is photogenic and you also take great photos of her. Hope you are well Diane

  3. She's a princess for sure! The dogs melt my heart! :)

  4. Don't you just love how good these sweet babies make you feel! Love the pics, so sweet. Happy Valentine's Day.......

  5. Purrrrrrfect!!!!

    Remember, Google+ is 'going-poof' soon.

    When are you going to change, so your name click-able link, takes readers, to your blogs? Or to your Blogger Profile Page?

    Happily I never wanted to jump on the Google+ bandwagon. I could never see the use of it. So I don't have the problem.

    But Google+ people, have it.

    Tick tock.... Tick tock... Time is running out... :-)))

  6. Thank you for visiting my March garden. These are such sweet photos. Your post made me smile!


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