Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Lost and Found

Mom has a screened in deck 
also. Lily thinks that is great with
the beautiful days we have had 
the last four days.

Like at home, I keep the screen
closed and latched.

Since it was so pretty last night 
I kept the door going to the deck
propped open so Lily could
come and go.

The dogs were on the other side of 
the screen, outside. 
I saw Lily run to the back room 
where the little box is at that point
I decided to go let the dogs in and
close up the deck.

I also propped the screen door 
open so the dogs could go straight
out later on. I did not realize that
Lily had come back out. 

An hour later, starting to bed I 
realized that she was not in the house.
I called, I balled, I cried, I searched...

On top of the day I had I just knew
she was gone. I got Dakota out of 
the fenced yard to sniff for her.
I got the flash light and went all around
the house and some of the neighbors 
yards....calling for her the whole

Finally I put the dogs up and the dog
up the street that kept barking must
have went in. While I sat on the deck
crying I would call out to her.
Finally around 9pm I heard a 
slight meow. I came off the deck and 
called again, once again I heard a meow.
I kept this up till I was across the 
street and then I found her.
Scared she was in the corner of
the window seal of the house there.

I was so happy.
I grabbed her and loved and kissed
on her all the way home. I know
she was glad I found her cause
she did not fight to get out 
of my arms.

She was so glad that she came
and got in bed with me and three
dogs. She was tired. 

By the time I found her, she had 
been missing for about if not 
longer than two hours.

My heart was so happy.
I was able to sleep knowing
she was with me and the other
I could not stand the thought of life 
without her. She brings laughs
to my life but I could not stand the
thoughts of her outside over night
by herself. 

This morning first thing she went
to the vets where my daughter works.
She is now a registered chipped cat.

I am also purchasing an orange collar
for her. I learned tonight that orange
means "convict" as in ~ 
So if you see a cat with an orange
collar, grab it up, it is an indoor cat
that is not allowed outside. 
She will also be wearing her name and 
my number on that break away collar. 

Precautions....but NEVER will she not
be hunted for again before I open 
that screen door. If she is out there
and the dogs need in or out, she
will be picked up and held while that
door is opened. 
My heart can't take things like that 

Hug your furbabes and 
take precautions to keep
them safe.



  1. I would have died a thousand deaths while she was missing, twice Baby got out and ran the streets and we could not catch her. we could see her running out in traffic and I thought my heart would explode. so glad she is ok and did not have to stay out all night. my heart is beating hard thinking about it. on another blog I just wrote that pets belong inside and I mean cats and dogs. it is a little different like where the cats are barn cats but in housing neighborhoods it is a bad idea for then to run free at night.

  2. Oh yes, we're good about slipping out when you least expect it, but we're so happy you found sweet Lily!

  3. You have to watch kitties very closely. If they can get out they will and we have to try to be smarter than they are.

    Have a fabulous day. My best to your mom. ♥

  4. aww...cat get convicted....
    glad you found the cat.
    have a great day

  5. So scary when an animal goes missing I can just imagine how you felt I would have been beside myself. Take care, Diane

  6. How scary Pam!!! I'm so glad you found her! We had a similar scare with one of our cats who pushed the screen window out one summer morning. Poor thing was out about 3 hours before I heard a little meow, he was hiding in the bushes across the street, shaking and scared...good idea about the chip, collar and tags! I didn't know that about orange collars, mind you, nobody in this irresponsible village keeps their cats indoor, nor do they fix them. Sad but true.

  7. Orange collar? Interesting. I never heard of that. My kitties are chipped, as was Dillon the cat I was prepared to name Styx after he showed up starving, looking like a bag of sticks in our yard last spring. If he'd been wearing an orange collar, I would not have let myself fall so hard in love. Heh... I'm so glad you got her back home safe. If there's one thing that could break up my marriage, it's losing one of our cats to carelessness. I learned that right after my mother died and Jezebel sneacked out while I was on the phone with a friend on my way inside. True story. Be well, fur babies!


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