Saturday, February 16, 2019

Oh This Silly Girl is Hunting

I can't help it...
she just makes me smile.

And laugh.
Months and months ago 
I brought my moms plants
in from the porch.

Three days ago I noticed that there
was a plant that had been knocked
to the floor.
Thanks Lily.

Last night I found out why when I 
went down to see what
she was up to,
she was hunting.

Tonight I go back and 
see this.



Apparently its been living in 
a plant. So since it is
to cold for it to be out
and the ground is to frozen
for it to dig down...
I got it to the bathroom 
downstairs and put some plants
in there so maybe it will 
be okay.

While trying to catch it, it
jumped everywhere, Lily
caught it twice but mean old
mom made her let it go.

AW MOM...that is not funny.
She keeps me hopping
(no pun intended)


  1. ha ha keeping you hopping, love it.. love Lily tooooooo

  2. That hunting sure had to be fun!

  3. Hope the frog makes it. Thanks to Lily you found it. Have a good week Diane

  4. I hope this fellow survives. That is way too cool. Please keep us updated.

    My girls make me laugh, too. Jezebel went nuts for a little while this morning after getting some canned food from my husband. She goes to him for that, and me for dry kibble and playtime. Silly cats. Be well!


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