Tuesday, February 26, 2019

My Two Loves/ Surgery

If you have been reading my blogs
for even a little bit you
know I love

And being a new mom to 
three adult dogs there has
been some adjustments that 
have had to be made and 
cont on a daily basis to make.

these two hold a very special
place in my 

The pic above is Lily watching the
ceiling fan.

Tomorrow will be a big day for 
He will be going to the vet and he will
be updated on his shots,
nails clipped, bath, check up
 lab work done, teeth
cleaned and surgery.

A few yrs ago Dakota started
developing skin tags.
Dr. King said that some dogs just
tend to get them more so
then others. Dakota seems to be
one that gets some for him and 

Here is one on his belly.

This one is on his back.

Two on this leg.

Plus about 6 to ten more small ones.

But its the big one that is being removed.
It started out little and has 
grown. I removed his collar about a 
yr ago cause it was rubbing it.
This one is of course on the
side of his neck.

You can see how large it is up
next to my nail. 

He is also having this one removed, it is
on his back leg.

Although I was told the one on the neck
was a skin tag, it has grown and it looks
bad at times cause he tends to scratch at it and 
gets it bleeding. 
I am concerned about it.
Also, a tad concerned about some knots
I think I feel in his neck. 
Hoping it is nothing but still concerned.
Keep him in your heart tomorrow with 
vibes of love please.



  1. prayers for Dakota surgery and that all is well with his health. Big watches the fan sometimes like Lily is doing. also prayers for you because the surgery is harder on MOM than on Dakota.

  2. Purrs and prayers for sweet Dakota, may all go well and easily!

  3. Sending love and healing scritches to Dakota. Please keep us informed.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend. Scritches to all the babes and especially Dakota. ♥

  4. Thoughts are with you and Dakota tomorrow, hope all goes well. Take care Diane

  5. I'm sorry those knots turned out worrisome. It brings me back to the spring of 2014 when a lump on my angel Luna's belly ended up being deadly breast cancer. We still miss that cat.


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