Monday, September 28, 2020

Zu, Mom and Loving

 You people remember Zuzu don't you? She is the cat that lived in our den for seven days while her mom and dad (Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark) went to Florida. 

Well mom said that when she was at their house on Monday that she saw Zuzu sticking her head out around the door frame of the bedroom. She called to her and then went to see her. Mom picked her up and was loving on her and she was all good with that.......UNTIL....................................

Mom walked in the living room holding Zu, and then she hissed at mom. 

She only does this sort of thing when she don't want Kim and Mark to see her letting my mom, her aunt Pam love on her. She will greet mom at the door of their house and roll all over the place, then loving on mom only if Mark and Kim are not home. If they are home, she will not come out of hiding. 

She just don't want them to know that Zu loves my mom.

Lily Bit

Kitty Love

 Mom came in from Uncle Mark and Aunt Kim's house smelling like KITTENS. 

Apparently mama kitty had some more. They are two weeks old. 

Mom said two looked like the mom and 

two look like the dad. 

They are adorable in these pics. Not sure I would think that if they were here. 

Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark caught mama kitty moving them this morn. She was moving them up high and they were afraid that the kittens would fall off since they are moving all around. So they brought the kittens in. Mark said the trap, and put a kitten in there, hoping for the third time to catch mama cat. NOPE...that did not work. Matter of fact mama cat reached right in, pulled out the kitten and did not even touch the trigger point to close the trap. Mom said this is one smarty cat. Three different times Mark has sat that trap to catch her and she has out smarted him all three times. Mark is setting up the coolers again with straw in them and going to put the kittens back out. 

However I heard mom tell someone that she had been in Kitten Heaven getting Kitty love. 
I am not a fan of mom coming home smelling like any other kind of animal. 


My Vet Visit by Lily

 I have never minded a carrier. Mom introduced me to it when I was just a babe, right after she got me. So Monday morning when mom brought out this carrier, (I have only been in this one once), she opened the side and told me to get in....and I did. Mom is so proud to tell people that she tells me to go in and I do it. A lot of folks tell mom that is really unusual for a cat. 

Here I am in the car seat in my carrier on the way to an appt. mom had made for me. 

I have been puking and hocking up some major hair balls, very unusual to me. Mom said she counted six last week. I guess that is too many. So mom wanted to have me checked. I have not had a check up in a long time. 

Here I am waiting out front for the vet people to come get me. Mom hated me going in alone but I really was not alone, Amber came out and got me. 

Amber sort of likes me but she has major allergies if she spends time with cats....haha and she works where cats come in all the time!

Anyway, Doc King says I am very healthy. Not sure what is going on with the amount of hair balls but I now have this delish stuff that I licked off mom's finger, it is to help me get those hair balls up easier. But apparently, while hocking up (mom taught me that term) that much a little throw up comes up too and that can make you a tad dehydrated. To help with that and nausea feeling I have some not so delish meds. I was not crazy about that stuff and mom said I have to have it three times a day for a couple of weeks. YUCK....
good luck mom getting that in me. I plan on fighting you when med times come. 

Mom was excited though that I was so healthy. Mom also told them that if I needed any shots to give them to me. But Doc King said that since I don't go out and I just visit the deck that I don't need any shots.....YAY.

Mom was proud of how well behaved I was. I meowed once on the way to the vet and once on the way home, mom realized why on the way home....She had stopped at a red light and I did not like that. 

We made one more stop on the way home, I got to go in Lowes Home Improvement store. That was interesting, esp on the way out when that big dog was coming in. 

Lily Bit

Vet Visit

 Oh no!

I need to go and hide! Mom said I have a vet appt. this morning. 

WHAT? What is that all about?

Mom said it is cause I have been hocking up all sorts of hairballs. She don't like that it is a BUNCH. In the past week I have had several spells of hocking, mom is finding them all over the house. Plus she said that I have not had a real check up since she adopted me. I don't get shots cause I never go out but since I am going for a check up mom said shots will probably be doable. OUCH!!!

I don't want to go!

Please stop mom from taking me. 

At least Amber will be there with me, she is mom's daughter so she will be sure I am taken really good care of. Although, she is not fond of cats she knows if I get hurt mom will whip her!

Report later....

Lily Bit

Friday, September 25, 2020

Worn Out Looking

 Mom said that you would think by this pic that we had worked been busy working hard all day for us to be this worn out looking!!!


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Cooler Temps and Snuggles

 Mom says that she loves when the temps change outside.

Why? Cause she loves that I snuggle more with her!
Do you see me peeking out from behind the laptop?
I was comfy and warm. 

Lily Bit

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Mama Spider and the Circle of Life


Mama Spider came up missing after she did the egg sac, so Mom went out the garden and found her body the other day...

The circle of life continues.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Being with Mom

 Hi all...

its me, Tigerlily


Lily Bit

This morn mom got up to go to work and after her shower she chilled on the couch a little bit before putting on her face (mom calls it that). 

I had gone out but it was cool so I came back in and I curled up with mom. I heard her tell someone that there was nothing better then having a fur curled up next to you and having that nice relaxing purr sound going full blast. 

I like being near mom but I don't want to be touched. If she takes a bath, I will sit on the side of the tub while she is there. When she puts on her face I am sitting on the sink. This morn, I wanted to be close but like I said, I don't want to be touched. However, Mom put her arm out over my paws and as you can see, I fixed that issue....and I moved my legs and paws to be on top of her arm. 

Here at the end I let mom lay her hand on me.

It was nice. Chey was still in bed so it was just me and my mom.

Lily Bit

Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Sac

 For those that don't know this about our mom, let me share it, she is so afraid of 


This morning she was even cheering on Lily as she chased a Granddaddy Long Legs across the deck.  Mom said that she allows this spider, a Argiope spider, an AKA Writing Spider, to hang out in the yard cause they don't come in the house. haha

This morning mom noticed this thing hanging around.
Mom then posted it on FB and tagged her friend P2 on the photo cause P2 is mom's go to critter person. Now I know you must be wondering who P2 is? Well, her real name is Pam like mom's, mom and P2 went to school together (along, long time ago). Mom calls her P2 cause her maiden name was Mossack and mom's was Montgomery, and Montgomery would come before Mossack, making mom P1 and the other Pam P2! I think I got all that right! Were you able to follow all that?

Anyway to get to the point, P2 said it looked like a Argiope egg sac. Mom looked it up and sure enough, that is what it is. Makes sense cause the spider is on one side of the wooden fence and the sac on the other. Mom's spider is going to be a mom! Hope they don't get on the deck cause Lily will go wild chasing them.  

I would not want to see that myself.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Oooey Gooey Worm

 Mom said that she was 
glad that I can't get out in 
the yard!
Because she said she would
freak if I brought one of
these worms in the house!

This is a Tomato Hornworm.

Mom went out to check on 
the last of her cherry
tomato's and found what was
eating on them.
Then freaked more when she
saw another one. 

She did not know what the oval
things on it were so she posted
on FB and asked a friend of hers.
She sent mom a link to read
about it.

Mom found that the oval thingys
are larvae of the braconid wasp.

Larvae that hatch from the wasp’s eggs, which are laid under the skin of  the hornworm, feed on the inside of the hornworm until the wasp is ready to pupate. Such “host” hornworms should be left in the garden in order to conserve the beneficial parasites. The wasps will kill the hornworms when they emerge from their cocoons.
At the end of the article mom was reading it said that if you see one on your tomato vines it means your garden is ecologically balanced, thanks to your non-use of pesticides.
No wonder mom's flowerbed did so well....
its ecologically balanced!

As for the worms, they have not moved
in several days. Mom poked one with a stick and it moved some. 
Just now Mom was wondering if these worms become butterflies...and they do. They become Hummingbird moths, this case since the wasp have laid the larvae on these, they will not produce a moth. 
Mom said CRAP
when she read that.

Mom is glad that she takes so many pics cause she took the one below on 
August 15th, a Hummingbird moth.

That answered Mom's question on where did the worms come from.

wonder how they taste?
Mom wanted me to share this poem with you. She taught this poem to her kids when they were little.

Oooey gooey was a worm
And a mighty worm was he
He sat upon a railroad track
And a train he did not see,
Oooey Gooey!

Lily Bit



Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Mad, Ticked and Probably Pissed

 Hi! Oh my gosh, yesterday Lily got in a lot of trouble. That is so different cause she usually just hangs here or there and doesn't really do anything to get in trouble. But she was on a row yesterday because mom was late getting home to feed us. We usually eat at two but it was a little after three when she got home. 

She opened the back door, I met her there. She went over to the screened door and let me out in the yard. She called for Lily to let her know she was home. Lily came out on the deck and mom went in the yard to pick 4 o'clock seeds. 

While in the yard Lily started MEOWING.....LOUDLY. Mom told her that she would be done in a minute. Lily kept yelling MEOW. Mom finished up what she was doing and went into the house to fix our dinner. I went in with her. While mom started to prepare our dinner I sat on the kitchen floor to wait. Lily however was still being a brat. She jumped up on the bar mom made and one by one took her paw and started swatting tomatoes in the floor. Mom heard the plunk of one hitting the floor and turned to see what was going on. She got all over Lily and ran her out of the kitchen. 

No photo description available.

Mom turned back to the stove where she was cooking my chicken to mix with my dog food. All of a sudden she heard a plunk again, turning she saw Lily on the bar again and there she was swatting tomatoes in the floor again.

Mom was stunned cause Lily never behaves like that. Then it hit mom, Lily was ticked cause he meal was late. You see Lily had not been eating her wet food very well all summer. When mom realized the issue and corrected it Lily started loving her wet food again. She loves her wet food so much that she wants it on time and she gobbles it down all at one time. 

Oh when mom realized what Lily's issue was mom started calling her a big brat.

Mom got home from work today around noon and since we don't eat till two, Lily has been behaving just fine. Mom is going to wait to see if Lily comes to tell her that its time to eat and see how she behaves. 

She is a mess.


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Awake or Asleep

 What is it that makes her so cute?

 Image may contain: people sitting, cat and living room

Image may contain: indoor

Shes cute awake and shes cute asleep.


OH CRAP....It's an Ant


That is one big ant that I would not go out after if it crawled right past me!

Wait, wait a is faking me out, its not real!

Image may contain: grass, shoes, plant and outdoor

She just wanted me to see how her Hummingbird vine was taking over her METAL ant.

Glad the vine has it cause like I said, I would not go after it!!!

Lily Bit

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Playing Cute and Halloween

 Mom stripped down the bed the other day to change sheets. 

Image may contain: indoor

I heard her getting on to Lily, saying that she was having a hard time making up the bed when Lily thought the fun part was crawling up under the covers to play at being cute. 

Image may contain: one or more people and cat

I am so glad that mom is not making do an outfit for Halloween but she is going to make Lily wear one. She found it at the Dollar General store. Lily is going to be a witch. 

No photo description available.

Not sure she is going to like that.

Chey Anna

Catch of the Day

 So Wed. night I had an amazing catch.

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

That mom took away from me. 

It was after dark, Chey needed to go out, I was on the deck and mom noticed I seemed to be stalking something. This something happened to be a green tree frog. I caught it and ran towards the back door. Mom noticed I caught something and she ran to the back door on my heels. She was saying, "No Lily don't take that lizard in my house". HAHA....fooled her, it was not a lizard this time. 

I ran down the stairs, mom right behind me but by the time she got down there I had dropped this critter in a box of craft stuff mom had sitting there. Mom started hunting in the box for it when it jumped out at her, scaring her, she screamed out and jumped back. She grabbed a plastic cup she uses in painting for cleaning her paint brushes. She put that cup over the critter, slipped a piece a paper under the cup and took my catch outside to get rid of it. 

I am so tired of mom catching my prizes and putting them outside so I don't get to enjoy it. 

Lily Bit

Little Black Critters

Lettie finally went home Monday. I was okay with that. Not that she is not nice or anything cause she is okay but its just that she is a strange dog in my, our house. 

Image may contain: dog 
Mom is a little put out with Lettie's mom though cause she brought Lettie to stay with us without mom's okay till it was too late but more so cause she brought Lettie with visitors. FLEAS. 

I have only had fleas once and I did not like them. I started itching a bit so mom treated me yesterday. Seems to have helped.

Mom saw that Lettie was itching and she asked Holly did she have fleas and she said no, she has on a flea collar but there is no telling how old that was. Mom gave Lettie TWO baths and bought her a new flea collar. On the first bath mom counted twenty little black bugs in the tub when she got Lettie out. 

Now Chey is itching like something is biting her. Mom gave her a bath yesterday but last night she had a really hard time sleeping so mom is going to pick up some meds for her at the vets. 

Mom sure don't like those little black critters that love to ride around biting on furbabes. 

Lily Bit

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Vet Results

 Here are some pics I found on mom's phone. Apparently she decided to take pics of me while I was napping. 

Mom seriously things I don't know what she is doing but I have her number so the saying says. What I mean by that is, I know what she is doing. All of a sudden I started getting cheese and maybe a bit of meat or two for breakfast and again before bedtime. I know it is cause mom puts meds in those so called treats. I know they are in there but I don't seem to chew into them. I heard mom tell Amber that she had a crusher and she was crushing them.....

See my eye? Well I have allergies and apparently once a day mom is giving me 1/2 a Zyrtec. But cause my skin has started turning dark that also shows I have allergies also. 

Image may contain: dog

I am taking an antibiotic and another pill cause there is an issue with my liver enzymes. They are in the 300's and should only be in the mid 100s. So Amber asked for mom what would be causing this and she was told there were several things that could cause it but when she heard what I eat she said that was it. Mom is feeding me what my other mom always fed me, chicken. This mom however has been putting rice and peas or carrots in with my chicken. According to the vet by never eating dog food I am not getting the nutrients that is in the dog food that I need. So basically feeding me what my other mom thought was healthy for me is not really as good as she thought. Mom has some chicken cooked up for me so she is going to start cutting that back some and adding dog food with it, until I am down to just dog food. I don't even eat dry dog food. Mom keeps some in a bowl for me to snack on but I hardly ever touch that. I think mom thinks this changing the way I eat will be easy but I have to tell her, it probably will not.

No photo description available.

Anyway, with the change in my eating, I am to go back to the vet in a month and have my levels checked again. Mom says that she will get my eating changed cause if not I will have to be on meds the rest of my life. I heard mom tell Amber that was not happening, and I would either learn to eat different or I would starve. I like food to much. Mom did say that she would give me chicken from time to time but mostly a good can of dog food. 

No photo description available.

I don't think mom realizes that I HEAR her (see pic below) when she talks about me.

Image may contain: dog

haha.....that was funny.


Monday, September 7, 2020

Smell the Flowers and the Visitor

 I know moms pics are not the best in this post, she said it was cause all the lights are off in the living room and she is not using the flash on the cell.

Anyway, just enjoy the cuteness and over look the bad pic. The first pic is me being caught smelling the flowers.

Image may contain: plant, flower and indoor

Well that dog is back!!!! You know that one that came and stayed a few days once before. She came on Saturday and is staying till Monday. Chey seems to be okay with it but I am not so good with it. She even slept in the bed with mom Saturday night so I slept in the guest room.

In the pic below I am just letting Letti know that I am in charge.

Image may contain: indoor

I think she got it.

Lily Bit

Sunday, September 6, 2020


 Okay so mom and I have a good relationship. We understand each other. 

She knows I hate being picked up and being loved on. But even though she knows this once a day she has to do it. She just has to love on me, hold me and kiss me on the head. I give her that cause she seems to need it. But she gets a few seconds, I push away then. And cause she knows this she then gives me that kiss and puts me down.

Image may contain: cat

Mom understands also that when I run across her in the morning, I am wanting her up. We also have a routine. When she gets up I walk in front of her to the BR, then down the rest of the hall to my fed corner. I then tip my head and butt the container that holds my food. Mom knows that means, "fill my bowl up". She fills my bowl and then unlocks the back door and checks to be sure screen is shut all the way and she leaves me be while I go out. Mom understands I love the deck.

Mom understands that when she hears a low, pitiful meow that I am sitting in front of the door that goes in the garage and I want out. Mom tells me no and although I understand that word, I continue my low meow. After about three times mom yells at me and tells me NO again, that I am not going out and to get back upstairs. I come then. 

Mom understands what it means when come and look at her, but I do not sit down, I stay alert. She knows that means I am asking her to play with me. She then says that she is going to get me and I run. 

See, we understand each other and I think I have mom trained really well. But there is one thing we have had an issue about. My wet food. For over three yrs mom has given me my wet food with water mixed with it. She says she does that to be sure I am drinking extra water. Months ago however I stopped eating my wet food. She brought about five other kinds home and I tried them all. I did eat more of one kind then I did of the other so she figured that was the one I liked. Its good, I like it okay but I still was not eating much. Mom thought it was my missing Dakota but that was not it. Mom was throwing away more then I was eating. 

About five days ago mom decided for some reason to feed me my wet food without water. I gobbled it all down. A light went off over mom's head, I saw it. The next day she gave me my wet food without water again. I am gobbling all my wet food down when mom feeds it to me, no more waste. She was excited that she finally figured it out. Took her long enough! Now we understand each other about my wet food.

Lily Bit

Friday, September 4, 2020

The Vet Visit

 I got so excited the other day cause mom put on my harness and a leash so I knew I was going somewhere. I don't go places so it did not matter where I was going it just meant mom was letting me go somewhere with her.

Oops....I know that Dakota used to hate to go to the vet and I know that he would shake and try to hide in the vets office. However, I on the other hand get so excited when I go to the vet.

Image may contain: dog

Why do I get excited? Cause Amber works there. I love seeing Amber so since I am excited to see her I don't think about where I am. Mom dropped me off with Amber and Amber took me in. I hung around in her office with her till Dr. King wanted to see me. 

First Amber weighed me, that was not pretty. I weigh in at 25.4 lbs. Mom, Amber and Dr. King says that is way too much. But my weight has not changed since I lived with my other mom. They say I don't get exercise. Mom says that we are going to have to change that and start walking in the evening. Never done that before so this should be interesting.

My blood work came back yesterday and my liver enzymes are higher then they were last yr so Dr. King is going to put me on some meds. Great, I hate taking meds and mom hates giving them to me. I also have allergies. My eyes water all the time and my skin has gotten darker. Mom says its okay, she will take care of me and make sure I get my meds.

Chey Anna

Note from mom~

Hi folks! As Chey told you I took her to the vet the other day. I knew she needed a check up and I had somethings I wanted them to check out. She is over weight and I am going to try and make her and I walk in the evenings. Be good for us both. I had been giving her Benadryl for the allergies but she was getting wise to the pill in the cheese. Dakota got wise to it when he had to take it for allergies also. But with Dakota I would open his mouth and put it at the back of his throat and hold his mouth till he swallowed it. I will not even attempt to open Chey's mouth and shove a pill in her mouth. But I got where I gave her the Benadryl in her afternoon meal by making a hole in her chicken and sliding the capsule in there and hiding it among the other chicken. 

Doc changed her allergy pill to half a Zyrtec, which is not a capsule. I have a pill crusher that I crush those pills up and just sprinkle on her food. Bam, she never knows! Hoping that the meds I pick up today will be the same. 

I did joke with Amber about Chey having gastric bypass surgery cause her liver enzymes being high. That is what happened to me, mine were high cause I had a fatty liver. Oh well.....crazy. Maybe if she gets on meds and walks, drops some poundage then I hope that will help. 


Silly Made up Songs

I am not sure how other furbabes mom's are but mine is silly.

She dances through the house and she makes up silly songs about silly things. One of the things that she makes songs up about are us furbabes. 

The song that she sings about Chey Anna is this~

Chey Anna Bella, 

Where is your fellow?

Oh Chey Anna Bella 

you sure do smella!

 Image may contain: dog

Mom sings that about Chey cause she sits next to mom every night and passes gas. Every night. Mom says she is HORRIBLE. 

I don't pass gas. Let's just get that straight right up front. 

Image may contain: cat and indoor

But that is not what I am going to discuss today. Today I am talking about the songs my mom makes up and sings as she goes through the house. Sometimes she dances too. 

Anyway, here is the song she sings about me~

Lily Bit, my sweet little Lily Bit.

Lily Bit you are my little sh--!

My little Lily Bit.

I had to put dashes in that song cause although mom says it, sings it I am afraid that she would clean my mouth out with soap for saying it. 

No photo description available.

Mom used to have a couple of songs about Dakota. She says that he was so funny about going to granny's everyday on her way to work. She said he knew that was where he was going everyday. He was a creature of habit and he knew that every Mon thru Friday he was going to granny's. 

Anyway, when mom would turn into the subdivision she would start singing and Dakota would get all out of shape. He would start jumping all over the back seat, excited. The song that mom would sing was~

Kota's going to go see the girly girls.

Girly girls, girly girls.

Kota's going to go see the girly girls 

and the girly girls want to see him.

Mom sure has been missing Dakota a lot lately. She has also been crying some about missing granny too. I miss Dakota too. Chey will not even play with me like he did. She likes to growl while playing and I don't like that. 

Don't go around growling today,

Lily Bit

Pretty but Yucky

I have not seen this up close but I saw this pictures that mom took. She took these with her new camera.  She said it freaked her out cause mom does not like spiders. She said without the zoom lens on she had to get up close and in the spiders space. 

A writing spider. 

Mom said its pretty and she is so glad they don't come in the house!!!

This pic mom took the next day with her cell phone. 

Image may contain: outdoor

would freak me out too.



Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Vet Visit

 Seriously how many dogs do  you know that gets excited to go to the vets?

Image may contain: dog

Well, Chey Anna does. She loves going in the car but when she sees Amber, she gets all out of shape. 

Image may contain: 1 person, dog

She totally loves Amber and the boys also. I left her there and these are pics Amber took of her.

She had a check up, blood work being done, sugar level is great, weight is to much but she really don't eat that much but she gets no exercise and had her back side gland cleaned out. Has not seemed to help however I can't tell a difference since she is laying beside me and passing some terrible smells.....



Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Drenched Critter

 My mom started putting little critters, stuffed like critters on the back on her car after the lockdown started. She did it cause there was this thing going around about helping to make kids feel better about being out of school, away from folks they know and so on by posting bears in your windows or your yard. Mom of course, thinking outside the box decided to put a stuffed animal on her car. She did not have a bear at the time so for months a monkey rode with her. 

However the other day she said she stopped at the Dollar Tree and found a cute little bear. This bear was only riding around with mom for a day before it got totally soaked by rain last night.

No photo description available.

Mom went out this morning and found this drenched rat....I mean bear. So pitiful looking. 

But fun of mom to do this.


Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty