Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Dead Critter in the Water, Creamy White Stuff on the Nose

Mom went to the OTHER
house yesterday to do some
stuff. She showed me this
pic when she got back.
Said if I was an outdoor
cat I would probably
have chased this down
and caught it before it

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Last night mom had roast,
those white creamy things,
and corn on the cob.

She saved some of that
white tasty stuff for me. 
It had this brown liquid stuff
on it. 
OH MY....I wanted

That first bite was HEAVEN,
I even closed my eyes to
savor it. 
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Mom was laughing at
me as I ate....
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Cause of the white stuff
on my NOSE.
When done, she cleaned
my nose. 


Monday, March 30, 2020

Freaking Mom Out

Yesterday while mom was
taking a break from whatever
she was doing outside I decided
to try and freak her out. 

The hutch door was hope a
tad so I got up in there
and was making noise
as I moved around.
Mom heard the noise
and came to look
for me....

This is the sight I 
blessed my mom with.
Of course she did that
laugh out loud thing!

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I love making mom laugh.
So I try to do it a lot. 

Now....go play peek a boo
with your animal or a friend.


Saturday, March 28, 2020

BAW Moment and The Look

Last night, like every night
I had a BAW moment.
I can't tell you what 
BAW means cause mom
would be upset with 
me saying those words.

But during my BAW 
moment I had the best
running fit! Then 
just 3 mins later, 
I was OUT!

No photo description available.

Mom and Chey came
and crawled in 
bed with me then.
That is Chey in 
the pic below, and
that look is how she
feels about my BAW

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Lily Bit

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Quarantine and Napping

Most folks on FB and 
here in Blogland
know us through 
mom posting about us!
They pretty much love
us. They really loved
Dakota too.

A friend of mom's 
tagged mom on this pic.

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Yep, sort of looks like me!

Yesterday mom  had the door
open so I could come
and go on the deck. But only for a bit, 
it was way too cool. I came in 
and curled up so mom closed
the door. 

It just felt better indoors.

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I curled up in a ball and
went to sleep.

I was sleeping so hard that
mom said she saw my tail
tall but I never moved.
I was out of it.

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It was a great nap.


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Bed Time

About ten last night
mom moved the bedroom
to read a bit before
dozing off. 

I was still napping 
myself and Chey
fell right off to 
sleep so fast.
Miss Dakota but
I have to say that
Chey don't snore
like he did. 

Mom even said that
she missed that 

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Mom keeps a dog
pillow on the end of
the bed cause that is where
I like to sleep.

Tiger Lily (my given name)
Lily Bit (what mom calls me)
Lily Shit (what mom nicknamed me)

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Rug

Yesterday Mom took
this area rug outside
to WASH it. 

She laid it on the outside
part of the deck and put
water on it along with 
pine sol. She then took
a broom to it. 

After rinsing it off
and placed over the rail. 
It dried pretty much but
then since rain was
coming in again today
she moved it to under the
covered part of the deck
to finish drying. 
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Mom had kept the screen
and door open for Lily
to come and go but
she had to come let
me out into the yard.

She started looking for
Lily, knowing she was
either on the deck or
in the house...
But look where mom
found her!

No photo description available.

Silly Lily!

She does make life


Monday, March 23, 2020

Nose Butting

Some days I just feel
the need to let my
mom know I love 
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I was out on the deck
and that need hit me.
Here I am nose
butting my mom. 
She seems to like
that so I do it from
time to time. 


Sunday, March 22, 2020

Touching While I Sleep

I felt the need
to touch Chey last

No photo description available.

Mom cried, said
it was sweet but
it reminded her
of my first year of
life when I moved
in with her and 
Dakota. She said
and I remember that
when I slept, I had
to be touching 
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Image may contain: indoor

No photo description available.

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 No photo description available.
No photo description available.


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Nothing More to Do.

With all the rain, there
is not much to do but
lay around. 

No photo description available.

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Image may contain: cat

No rain today...
but its cold!
Come on SPRING.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Kindness and Support

Mom has some really
awesome friends.
Saturday when she was
moving the mailman dropped
off the mail at our new
place. Mom got her first
mail that day, at that address.

When she opened it, all 
that was in it was this 
cute key ring.

No photo description available.

Mom looked at the front
of the env and it just had 
the last night of the person 
that sent it. Mom knew right 
off that it came from an 
old high school friend. 
When mom posted this on 
FB and thanked him, Doug
said that just saying he
was sorry for Dakota's passing
just did not seem like enough.
He thanked mom for sharing
him with all her friends over the
AW, that was so sweet.

Then a few days later
this came to the old house.

Image may contain: flower and text
Image may contain: text

From Julie, James, 
Rain Drop and GiGi Leigh (dogs). 

On Tuesday mom went back 
to the old house and when she
pulled up there was a package
from Amazon there. Knowing
she had not ordered anything 
she was confused. 

It was from another one of
moms friends that she never
has met, Gail from Massachusetts.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

Each time mom got something 
she would cry....again.

Then yesterday, Wed, mom got
this card. 

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

Yep....cried again!
But mom has been touched 
by all the love and support
she has gotten over letting
Dakota go. 

I miss him. I have been 
a little needy. When I say
needy, I don't mean I want
to be held, cause I do not,
but I do want my moms attention. 
I am settling in at the new house
also. I just had a BAW moment 
right before writing this post. 
Chey is doing well. She seems to
be glad to be back at her old home.
More comfortable I think then she 
was at Mom's older home. 

Anyway, thanks for stopping in 
to check on Chey and I. 

Lily Bit

Night Time

The other night when the
kids and I crawled in bed.

A queen size bed but
Chey always has to 
be close, mostly

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And Lily Bit has taken to crawling
under the cover every so often.
That's new for her.

No photo description available.

Not sure if its missing her
brother or just not sure
about the move but she
has been somewhat vocal
lately. I try to reassure her
and love on her....course love
is not something she cares for
if it requires me holding her!
Such a brat!


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Sleeping, Investigating and Bumping Butts

Seriously this girl can
sleep anywhere, anyway,
any time. 

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The move I think has been
good for her. I am pretty
sure she misses her brother
but at this point, she is 
staying so busy checking
out the place. 

Image may contain: indoor

I can't open a door, a cabinet
or drawer that she is not in
it. She has been really 
interested in the garage
and basement and today
she shot through that 
door. There is so much 
in those areas that 
I have to go through and
decide where to put them
I was so afraid I would 
lose her. She meowed
me right to her. 

St. Patty's day after
some arranging, moving
and unpacking I decided 
to take a rest on the 
couch. Chey was right
there with me...


Image may contain: dog

HAHA...I know,
our pics are never boring!


Thursday, March 12, 2020



No photo description available.
You have been with me through so much, 
you laid with me when I was sick, watched 
over me when I had surgery, walked Caleb 
and I out of the woods when we were lost. 
You took to a kitten that I brought 
home for your pet and became the
best big brother she could ever

You brought me happiness and made me laugh. 
You will always be my best bud.
My heart is breaking but
I know Granny was there with
her arms open waiting to
take care of you. 

Image may contain: dog

Dakota's last ride.
I held him the whole time
and I held him after he was
Best FURBABE ever.


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

No Change

Four doses of steroid and 
no change. 

No photo description available.

I guess I have been hoping
that tonight's dose will change
it all. I don't think will happen. 

Lily took time to watch
out over her brother today.

Image may contain: dog and indoor

This is how Dakota and
I spent our day. 

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Still hoping for a change tonight. 


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Vet Visit

Dakota has been having ups
and downs for the last 
couple of months. 

In the past weeks I noticed
him shaking a bit. Then I 
noticed labored breathing.
My daughter told me to 
check his gums and see
if they were pale.
Since they were she
suggested I bring him
in (vet). So yesterday
Dakota and I went to 
the vets.

Image may contain: indoor

Normally he is all shaking and
trying to hide. He just sat
in my arms. At one point
he even looked up and licked

Image may contain: 1 person, dog

He's down 7 lbs. Anemic which is
making his breathing labored.
So...I had to up the steroid for him.
He is taking 2 a day for seven days
then one a day from there on out.

I knew it was not THE TIME.
But I needed to get him help.
Xrays showed that the tumors
have not grown into the lungs
but they did look not look
all that clear. 

Please keep him in your 
thoughts. He's my babe.


Monday, March 9, 2020

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Our Ride

Sometimes we just never know
what is really going on...

During the wee hours of
Tuesday morning mom
grabbed us all three up
and took us to the pantry.
She had doggie beds
in there for Dakota and
Chey. She had me wrapped
in my girly blanket and
was holding me close 
to her. Now I am not
much for being held
but I knew something 
was not right and I 
felt safe in her arms.
We stayed in there for
a little bit. 

Once we got out of
the pantry there
was no noise. That big
box mom leaves on for
us when she is gone 
was not spilling light
and noise out. There 
just was no noise. We
went back to bed.

Still none of the above
when that big glow
in the sky came out.
Mom left for a bit but
like always, she came back
to us. However later she
said she had to go to 
granny's house and she
said she was taking us.

WHAT, did she say 
GRANNY'S house? 
We have not been there in
a year. It was the same, but
so different. 

Dakota was not feeling good
last Tue. evening so he
just laid in the back seat
of the truck. Chey and I
wanted to see it all....

Image may contain: cat

Here we are on our ride
to Granny's house.
I let loose, I ran through
the house like a cat
with my head cut off!!

Lily Bit

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty