Monday, August 31, 2020

Dakota and Chey - ODD

 Mom accidentally calls me Dakota a lot. It don't bother me as much as it does her. She misses him, so does Lily and I. 

I have heard mom tell stories about Dakota in the past. She says that he was odd but he was really smart. 

Mom tells me I am odd also.

You see my other mom used to tell her that when she went to the back door to let us all in, I would let the others go in and I stood back. Not only did I stand back then I still do. My other mom used to have to pull the door closed then open it right back up to let me in. Mom now does not do that. She will open the door to let me in and I stand there looking at her, so she just shuts the door and makes me stay out longer. She tells me that she is not playing my games!

What games, I am the queen and I have to make my entrance, in my own time!!!

See the source image

(pic from internet)

There is another things I do that would tick mom off but I she did not understand till about a month ago that I was being polite. I will stand looking at mom on the couch or the bed. She never understood why I would not jump up when she patted the couch or bed.  Finally however she gets it. I am asking permission to jump up. When mom says, JUMP, it know that she is giving me permission. 

She is learning me a little at a time.


Sunday, August 30, 2020

Different Positions

 I sleep yet again. Since moving here from the other place I have chosen my spot. I sleep at the end of the bed on the side mom sleeps on. She is short so I am safe from being kicked. 

Mom is trying to take up reading at night before turning off the lights to help her to relax. So last night she was reading. Every so often she would look down at me to see if I had changed positions.

I can get so comfy in some different positions. But I bet Brian, Simon, Sister Seal and Dolly can tell you the same thing. We cats are funny sleepers. 

I woke up sometime late in the evening for mom to rub my head, went and got some water and then back to my spot on the bed. 

Hope you all slept well and so did your furs.

Lily Bit

Saturday, August 29, 2020


 We went to bed last night while mom read till she got sleepy. I had no problem going off to sleep while mom read, as you can tell. Mom uses a table lamp so it is not so bright.

Not long after this pic was taken mom turned off the lamp, curled up and went to bed. 

I slept well all night but I did get up a time or two to roam the house. You know how us cats are. 


Lily Bit

Friday, August 28, 2020

The Ride Around Critter

 Look at the critter mom has put on the back on her car!

My mom is so funny.


Monday, August 24, 2020

My New Spot

Mom tells me all the time that I blend in with everything cause of my color. The only way I would not blend so well is it I was on something white! She don't know it but when she is looking for me, she calls it "just checking on you", I lay there and just watch her look. She calls to me and I just sit there. She gets onto me later when she locates me and says that I need to answer her when she calls. But its more fun just watching. 

Yesterday she came on the deck to "check on me" and I was all wrapped up in something.....haha

 No photo description available.

I curled up in the puddle of the curtain and some how by rooting around I got all covered up, except for my feet. 

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

Mom did pretty good "checking on me" then cause she noticed the paws right off. 

Image may contain: cat

Then she peeked in on me to take a couple of pics.

Image may contain: cat

Yes, I was sleeping. I was not sitting back and watching mom look for me that time but I do it  all the time. Where does she think I am going to go? I come out on the deck and there is no way off. She keeps the door latched so no one can open it allowing me to escape. 

The pics above were taken yesterday morning however I was at it again while mom sat on the deck drinking coffee this morn. 

I really like my new spot. 

Image may contain: shoes

This time I covered up my feet too. 

Mom said the curved bump in the curtain told her that I was there. 

No photo description available.

Shortly after taking those two pics a big truck went up the road and I had to come out of hiding to check things out...

Image may contain: one or more people

I love my deck. The birds have been all over the feeders today. Mom says they must be storing up energy for the winter. Winter, I think that is the time of year that mom will not let me out on the deck! I hate to see that time coming. 

Anyway, been fun talking to you. 


Lily Bit

Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Yawn

 Before you scroll down and look at the pic of me, just know it is mom's doing! I was not posing for my pic, I was napping and I sort of woke up and was stretching......with stretching comes yawning.

Yep, that's me in the pic below, I was full on yawning!!!

No photo description available.

Full on! Mouth wide open, really wide open and I was feeling so good then I heard the snap of that phone camera thingy mom always has with her. 

This is the results. No biggie really, I went right back off to sleep.


Saturday, August 22, 2020

Chilling, Chilling and Chilling


Yesterday Chey showed you a pic of herself, and did not include me, chilling on the deck!

Well, I was there yesterday too so today I am posting my pic and leaving her out!

Image may contain: people sitting, table, cat and indoor

I had been on the deck rail but when mom went in the refresh her coffee I took over her chair, so when she came out she sat on the other glider. 

I chilled on the deck this morning by myself. It was pouring rain and mom was hurting so Chey stayed in with her. When mom checked on me I was on the chair again!

Are you getting any rain. It has poured all night here. Stopped for now but I heard a voice on that big box in the living room that we would get more today, some with thunder.

Lily Bit

Friday, August 21, 2020

Chilling on the Deck

 Lily and I were hanging with mom on the deck this morning. Mom was on one glider, Lily was in mom's chair and I was chilling on this glider. It felt amazing out this morning. 

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor


Monday, August 17, 2020

Earning our Keep

 Mom says that Chey and I need to learn to work for our keep. WHAT? 

She said she was out in the front yard working, she was hot, tired, sweaty and sore then she comes on the deck to see us laying around. Isn't that what we are supposed to do?

Image may contain: cat

I hope that she is not mad, and she feeds us today!

Image may contain: dog

Shhh, Chey wake up and go check on mom to see if everything is okay and she is planning on feeding us. Chey, get up.....

        Hey Chey! Stop ignoring me! Well okay, I will go check. 

Lily Bit

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Such a Brat

 I don't understand why mom calls me "such a brat"!!!

She basically only does that first thing in the morning when I want to get my day up and going. I want my bowl filled and I want on the deck. That is not really that much to ask!!

Mom called me that yesterday morning and again this morning. She took a pic of the clock yesterday morning when I asked her nicely to get up. She said something about the sun not even being up yet.

No photo description available.

I wanted to go on the deck. So I started by running across mom as she slept. She said, "NO, its not time to get up". Well, I felt it was for me but I can't unlock that back door by myself.  Mom just rolled over and closed her eyes again. But you see, I am a cat, and cats rule so I was determined that mom was getting up and doing what I wanted her to do. 

The running across her did no good so I jumped up on the dresser where  unfortunately mom does not keep a lot things cluttered up there. But there were a couple that I deemed light enough to push to the floor.

First went the wipes that mom cleans her feet with.

Image may contain: indoor

Well that did not make a loud enough BAM to the floor so I then decided that the smelly stuff had to go. BAM...that made a loud noise. I then jumped down to check out my morning fun.

Image may contain: indoor

Mom then called me a "little brat" and got up. We went straight to the bowl and mom filled it. Fussing at me the whole time. Then while I tasted what she put in the bowl to be sure it was the right stuff she unlocked the door and opened it just enough for my skinny body to slide through. I was so happy then. I love that I have mom wrapped around my paw and she never stays made long!

Lily Bit


Friday, August 14, 2020

Heard the Tear

 I was on the deck last night when I heard mom open a box!!!

I came running and found the box where she laid it.

No photo description available.

Can you see me?


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Loving the Boys and Amber

 I love the boys!

I actually love Amber and all the boys.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, living room and indoor

I got so excited when I was in the fenced yard the other day and a SUV pulled in the drive and they whole bunch of them piled out of the car. 

Oh, oh, there's Amber, and Caleb. Oh, there's the DJ and Braden....I love these folks. I remember them from when I was a young pup. I lived with them. I was living with them when I had my pups. Braden had just learned to walk. Now he is almost 10. I used to sleep with Caleb. 

When I see them mom says that if I am not careful I am going to hurt myself while shaking my rear so much. That's okay, I love shaking my rear when they come over.

Caleb stayed the night at mom's. This is me with him the next morn when he got up. I heard him get out of bed and I jumped down from the couch to greet him. When he sat in the chair I jumped up there with him. He's my Caleb Dude.


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Crazy Sort of a Day, and Naked Critters

Saturday was a different sort of day around the house. It started in the morning with these guys that came to the house. Chey has to bark and bark at them till mom lets them in the gate, then when they got in the petted on her and she stopped barking. 

But then another noise started. A loud, grinding, buzzing sound. Mom said they were chain saws. And this one guy was climbing up the tree, then jumping from limb to limb carrying that chain saw and then BAM part of the tree would fall to the ground. 

Before I knew it one big tree was gone. Mom said it was dead and it had to go before it came down in a storm. It was close to the house, right where our bedroom is and mom did not want it taking out the roof while we slept. 

Once they had it all gone and all that stuff cleaned up they moved to the front of the house. There is a big tree in the front and that guy he just climbed right up that one too. His nickname is Monkey.  Caleb was standing at the door and a big piece of the tree went down, we all felt it shake the ground. Caleb said a squirrel shot out of that piece that hit the ground and took off in a flash. I am so sorry I messed that. 

Later mom went out to talk to the guys and saw this. These little naked things were all curled up in one of the guys shirt and laying among it and leaves. 

Image may contain: one or more people, plant, outdoor and nature

If you look really close you can already see the claws on those little critters. Mom said that they are baby squirrel. They sure don't look like squirrel to me. 

Image may contain: plant, nature and outdoor

I heard mom ask the guy if the mom would come back and they all said prob not. Mom then told them that someone needed to take them then cause she was not feeding them a bottle. Mom loves animals, you all know this but she don't like squirrels at all.  The guys told her he was taking them, that he has raised some before. Mom then said, "great, let me get you a box"!!!!

I bet I could have had fun playing with them as they grew up. Guess we will never know now!

Oh, and remember I told you it was a different kind of day with the guys there, well to top it off those boys came over too. Chey loves for them to come but I however do not. That little one mom calls Braden is always wanting to pet me and hold me. I am not having any of that. I hid most of the day.

I was happy when they left. The biggest one named Caleb stayed but he is okay cause he don't mess with me. However, I was not a fan of the fact that he slept in my bed in the other room while he was here. 

Lily Bit

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Laying with Mom

Sunday after mom took Caleb home to where he lives mom came in and said she was not feeling well so she laid down on the couch.

Image may contain: indoor

We decided to jump on and join her. 


Monday, August 10, 2020

Flying Critters



Mom went out in the yard the other day to catch that thing that kept flying around her flowers. I think Lily got mad cause she wanted to go to, but mom said no.

Anyway, mom had her camera with her and took pics so Lily could see what she was chasing.

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: plant, flower, shoes, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

The last two pics are one butterfly, it has a torn wing. I wonder if that hurts them when that happens?

Maya Angelou Quote: We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has g


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Big, Big Cat

 WOW....that is one BIG


Mom saw this on FB.

Greenhills is a very nice

area of town 

A Bobcat caught on ring camera in the
middle of the day, Castleman Dr, Green Hills...😳

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Mom says we just keep building and

sending them out to live

among us.

Lily Bit

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Saving the Fur

Mom is writing the post
for this blog today...

I left the house Monday morn 
to pick up my groceries 
that I ordered on line. I 
came home and did not leave
again until Wed evening.
I made myself leave 
the house then 
cause I needed to go treat 
Shadow at the barn for fleas. 

No photo description available.
I say that I was going to treat
Shadow because I only 
had one treatment. I have 
more but apparently they are
in a box that has yet to be
unpacked! And since this
girl is HIGHLY allergic to
fleas I try to be sure she
gets treated. 

Shadow is the cat that showed
up when the other kittens were
3 months old. She was at some
point an indoor cat with beautiful
fur and well cared for. 

Anyway....moving right along....

I got out of the car and fed 
Arnold some cantaloupe rind. 
Arnold is the big pink pig
at the barn. I called for the 
other two but they did not
come so Arnold had his own
little treat. 
Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Shadow came up behind 
me telling me hi with a 
couple of meows. But it 
was the sound coming 
from the barn that got my
attention......a cat crying in 
distress. I looked in the
barn and there were two 
ladders there. One going to the top 
of the feed room and the 
other on top of the feed room going 
up in the rafters. There she was 
at the very top of the barn as
close to the tin roof as she 
could get, crying her heart little Ms Tigress. I 
called up to the house and Renee 
said she had tried to get her 
down with the ladders but could not
get up there....hold up 
and she would come down
to the barn and we would see
what we could do.

No photo description available.

Tigress was crying her heart out, 
she was next to that tin roof 
where I know it was hot and 
she was panting so hard between 
the cries. So I climb up the first 
ladder to the top of the feed room. 
This was not too high but it was up
off the ground, sort like you standing
on the ceiling to your living room.
Also, keep in mind, I am not a fan
of heights.

Once I was on top of the feed room
I looked at the other ladder....
OH CRAP...but that babe needed 
saving so I sucked it up and started 
to climb. I got a little over half way 
up and panic sat in. Panic set in cause
I kept looking down and the board that
the ladder was leaning on was not
exactly what I would call safe. 
One end of it had come un-nailed
from the other beams. I started to shake 
so I had to work my way down that
ladder,judging each step.
I took another deep 
breathe and decided that if I had 
to climb up to get Tigress I 
would have to do it with my
eyes closed.

Now would probably be a good 
time to also tell you that I was
up on top of the feed room 
without my phone. WHAT THE 
HECK! I had set it down in 
the hall area of the barn cause
I was afraid I would drop my
damn phone! Forget about the
fact that if I fell I might need it!!
DUH! Also keep in mind that 
Renee had yet to come down
to the barn!

Anyway,  I could not leave Tigress
up there. Renee brought in a long 
2x4 and handed it up to me.
I tried holding it up there 
hoping that Tigress would get on 
it and walk down. I had it right up
there with the end next to her
balanced on a beam. I think it was to 
big of a slope and she would not 
get on it. I could not hold it higher
on my end to level it out some for her. 
It was just too hard with me hold 
this long board up over my head
and I was just not tall enough to
get it higher on my end. 

At this point Renee looked out
of the barn door and called 
for Monkey. I have NO clue what
Monkey's real name is but he has
that nickname because he can
scale a tree like a monkey! He 
had actually pulled in behind me
when I came in the drive but he
bared off to the rental house 
and I to the barn. Renee yelled
at him and asked him to come

Monkey scaled right up the first
ladder and the the bigger ladder
with no issues. I told him to grab
Tigress behind the neck and she
not claw at him. However he had
to grab her around the middle. 
Bless her heart she must have
known we were there to help
cause she did not even try to 
crawl at him. He came right 
down that ladder and handed her
to me. Now like Lily, Tigress will
allow me to hold her, for a min 
then she pushes to get down. 
However not now...I cradled her
close to me and she was just
fine with it.

Monkey looked at me and 
asked me was I going to 
jump down off the feed room!
HAHA...I told him my flying
powers were not working. I
sat Tigress down, they get
on the feed roof all the time 
and I knew she knew how to 
get down. Then I looked at
Monkey and said, "AW hell,
how am I going to turn around
and start down"!?? Monkey had
already sat the big ladder down
on the barn floor so he raised
it up over the lip of the roof
so I could sort of just
walk on to it and I started
down. He said he was there
to catch me. HAHA....I think
I am a tad bigger then him and 
he told me that was not an issue
he would not let me fall. 

I touched BOTTOM!!!
Thanked Monkey and 
jumped into cat mode.
Tigress had come down
to the inside of the feed 
room and I ran and got 
her water. Renee said she
found her up there early
that morning, and it was 
around 6 when we got
her down. I knew that she
might even have gotten up
there the night before. I
knew that tin roof was 

I tried to love on her again
and she was over it. WOW,
cats sure are not grateful.
I was willing to risk my
life for her!!!

Sorry NO PICS cause I 
went into saving mode
when I saw her and never
even thought about taking
pics of the cat up there or
the ladders propped up. 
I just needed to save
Tigress. So, I guess that 
is the one way to get me to
put my camera down. 

Thankful that Monkey 
came along when he

I visited with Chris and 
Renee for a bit. Let me
also throw in here that
Chris was unable to help
with the cat cause just
a few days ago he had
a second surgery on his
shoulder. I did however
scold Tigress when she
came up on the deck and
Chris said that she prob
chased a mouse up 
there. I knew if had to 
be something cause those
cats have NEVER climbed
those beams that high
up. The ones between
the feed room and the 
ground they are pros at!

That would be my 
fur adventures of
the day!


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Hanging on the Deck

I love sitting on the deck.
Today I am on the ledge 
but most times I am 
on the top of the bakers
rack. I get a great view 
of the yard from there.

Image may contain: indoor

Then of course there is my
faucet box that I love. Mom 
comes out looking for me
and can't find me. She calls
for me and I think its fun
to not let her know I am there!!

Chey is not really the biggest
fan of the deck. She will hang
out there if mom is there but
she will not come out and 
hang with me if mom is in
the house. She also don't 
like it that Mom will not 
let her in the same chair
she is in. Mom's chair
that she likes is not 
a double seating chair
so there just is not 
room for her and 

Image may contain: people sitting

See, you don't 
look too happy!!
But I am always happy
on the deck. mom has
a bird feeder that hangs
in front of the deck and 
another one to the side.
I love watching those 
birds. Mom keeps
the feeders filled for me.

Do you have a cat?
Or are you a dog person?
Or are you like mom and
you one of each?

Lily Bit

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Why Waste a Bowl

Mom buys my dry food in 
a big bag and then pours it
in several different plastic
containers to keep it fresh.

She was doing that Sat. night 
and going back to the kitchen
for another container, she
came back to this site.

No photo description available.

Why waste a bowl!

Image may contain: drink

Man that was good.

Take care.
Lily Bit

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty